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  1. Curious, did you base these off the partially fixed version that I had a hand in a long while ago? I remember what we did was mostly fix sound files
  2. Holy crap everything is different now. I need to stop taking such long hiatis' 

  3. That did it! Thanks for the help! :D
  4. Yeah. No matter what character, if they can backflip, they will. If it's a floating character (ie Master Hand) they'll just fly off North-West. It's as if the keys for Up and Left are constantly being pushed
  5. Hey all, Seems like I'm having nothing but problems, eh? Today's problem is when I booted up my MUGEN, I cannot go Up, or Left with P1's controls. Rebinding the controls to other keys on the keyboard does not help, as it produces the same result. P2's controls are just fine. When going into battle, P1 will do nothing but constantly backflip. My keyboard is working! (Using a laptop) The only thing I have yet to try is a joystick. Any advice? Thanks folks, RyGuy
  6. I sometimes feel like everyone knows the best MUGEN characters but me

    1. JokerintheButt
    2. BrawlTheMan


      I can so relate to this. I feel like for every flaw I find in a character, someone else has found forty-eight. I'm always worried people will judge me for picking what could be shitty chars.

  7. Please revive with new link
  8. Hey, I hit my 201 post. And I've been here longer then a lot of people. I feel like I dont contribute enoughj

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    2. Arya Chan ☆

      Arya Chan ☆

      dont go for it ry it's a ban trap!

    3. RyGuy176


      They can't ban me! Okay, they can, but everyone loves me!

    4. Doomguy


      How much did I post again?

  9. Hey everyone. Those who know me, I took a small break from MUGEN. I decided to pick it back up again and dust off my old game. Turns out, a bunch of my characters .snd files are now randomly crashing the game. Characters that worked before. Anyone know what's up? Or do I have to go out and redownload all of those broken characters?
  10. I'm still here. I think

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    2. llyyr


      I remember you bruh

    3. Erroratu


      Welcome back I guess

    4. RyGuy176


      College is busy stuff. Thanks for the warm welcome

  11. Beautiful looking screenpack! Alas, I don't know how to convert so I cannot help there, but thanks for sharing this! And also, 2000!? I don't even have 2000 normally let alone just women!!
  12. I assume for size she should be about half the size of Ryu or two Uran's tall. Does that make sense?
  13. Lovely stage. Are those original characters?
  14. Hello everyone! Today, I am proud to archive a good find! It sure took me forever to find this, as Google was no help at all, but I came across it and here are the files for your convenience! I have anamochi's MUGEN Hyper Day's 640 screenpack and MUGEN Hyper Day's 800 screenpack. These are /very/ sexy screenpacks, and it's a shame they haven't been on here before. Only problem is with 800, the resolution is 800 x 480, so only it's lifebars are compatible, and it will require some playing around to get just right to your specifications. Well that, and the font of the Character Select Screen is missing an 'H'. The other is just your average screenpack. But enough of my rambling, here's 640 and 800. MUGEN Hyper Day's 640 DL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1j216ldcl6db87r/MHDs640.zip MUGEN Hyper Day's 800 DL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j8bygmb6vwchcv9/MHDw800.zip Original Website here: http://gsoa.sakura.ne.jp/mugen_Add-on.htm