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  1. but thanks anyways, let's add this to the complete request section.
  2. yeah, but no i mean anyways, i do remember when someone (that wasn't like her) from an older verison of nijikaku that has the old mojipittan sprites of os-tan dancing like in Stepmania.
  3. and yeah, i know she was not included in any nijikaku anymore.
  4. the nijikaku mugen character pack including her was deleted in 4shared, when someone had nijikaku character packs that included her, reupload it or something.
  5. Finally it's complete, it's SST by Woman.
  6. Don't forget here's also Wakamoto Man by KY Waka Moto Man by KY
  7. Good News I fixed the background transparent and make the blue stickman icon to black stickman icon. and with all the things i had fixed, on the readme -also there's a patch of him, where Pocket Stick is big -Now his Real Name is Ray, found in the readme Big Size Screenshot: Download Him Now: http://www.mediafire.com/download/lmi30obc16p40r6/Pocket_Stick_%28Fixed%29%282%29.rar
  8. My Stickfigure made in 2012, a long weeks ago to make this since 2016. Download Link http://www.mediafire.com/download/n6nkxfc12f9g6vi/PocketStick_Released.zip Screenshot:
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