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  1. Helper Spark issue Hey guys. Sorry, if I wasn't online on here for a while, but I was mostly using MugenGuild and I had a ton of work to do. But anyway, I'm having an issue with a helper state I have. This is supposed to be a Captain Commando Striker I have in which he uses Captain Fire. If he doesn't hit anyone, the spark goes normal. But if the spark hits the opponent, it just appears behind Captain Commando's Arm. I was wondering if anyone knows the issue and how I can fix it.
  2. Happy Birthday dude 

  3. Sorry for not being online very long. But you all know how much I'm a busy person, especially since I have to go to school early. So, I won't be online that much. But anyway, here are some of my projects. Many of you may remember the MSHvSF Norimaro Update post I made like a couple months ago. Well, it is almost completed and some new things added. One thing that I finally manage to put was a Perfect Message when ever you win a match with a perfect. And yes, that same message will also be on MSHvSF Ryu. I also fixed the Taunt issue in which you are actually able to move during the taunt. Sadly, I could not add the extra win pose since I could not make the winpose be assigned to female characters. And speaking of MSHvSF Ryu, You will might notice that I swapped those SFA3 sprites with MSHvSF Sprites I ripped. I even added a new intro and new moves like Shakunetsu Hadoken. I am also updating the SNES SSF2 Ryu. I added a new Turbo mode and I also ripped the Hit Sparks which took me a while. And I am have finally decided that I should release MvC Skunk despite DarbyHearts still not updating his SFA3 Skunk. What I am doing is improving some of the animations to make it feel more like MvC. I even improved some of the normal attacks so that it is able to combo better and faster. I am almost finishing up converting this character into MvC and will be released sooner or later. And yet another stage from Final Fight. But this time this is from Final Fight CD. Since I finally found out how to rip sprites from Sega Genesis, 32x and CD, I decided to rip the sprites to Metro City Slums. I still have more stuff to put for the stage, however. And finally, yes that is who you think it is: Goat from Pig Goat Banana Cricket. And yes, those are the sprites from Super Brawl 4. You are probably wondering how I was able to get the sprites and sound effects from Super Brawl 4. Well, its a little something I like to call Google Chrome. And I used inspect to find the game files. I plan to rip all the stuff from the game but that will take too long. Even though I have the sprites to the character, there are some sprites I have to make myself. I made some sprites using Photoshop but because the image blurs when I rotate it, I have to recolor what I rotated or resized. And on top of all that, when I ripped the sprites, I had to fix the edges cause they were all messed up. Here is the stance to the Goat Character: I will try to finalize the edges more so it would look alot better. And also I am making Banana and probably some other character that I ripped from the game but I'm not to sure about that. So those were my W.I.P.S. I hope that I will release these soon or maybe I would be able to upload all of them "At The Same Damn Time."
  4. Finally, I completed this character. Sorry for the many delays of the character, but I was really busy during the past days. What struggled me was the Shinkuu Hadouken and a whole lot of palette issues. The problem was that when I ripped some of the sprites, the palette gets messed up, so I had no choice but to use the pencil tool of Fighter Factory to fix it and I had to alot of sprites. Andalso I attempted to make 1.0 A.I. for this character. However, it dosen't work the way I wanted it to work. For Example, Ryu jumps majority of the time and the character refuses to combo. I hope one day I would make better 1.0 A.I. I plan to make updates like MSHvSF Ryu and SNES SSF2 Ryu.
  5. Hey guys, its me again. Im sorry that I could upload anything for the past weeks. I was really busy with work and I didn't have time to work on the MSHvSF Ryu and MvC Shingo Characters. They will be released sooner or later, but for now I bring to you yet another stage. This is the Bay Area Stage from Final Fight. This is a higher resoulution version of the stage. The way that I did this was that WinKawaks had a filter which made the sprites more hi-res. So, I ripped the sprites with the filter and this is how it turned out. I also used the song from Final Fight: Double Impact. This is probably one of the longest stages I made. I only made this in just 2 days. Hope you guys will enjoy it. And again I apologize for all the wait for MSHvSF Ryu and MvC Shingo. Credit to Elecbyte and Capcom.
  6. I forgot to mention these are for 1.1 only.
  7. So, I recently came across these fighting games called Fight n Jokes and Dong Dong Never Die. And I wanted to make this one character from Fight N Jokes, that character being Ryno, the Ryu clone. And I want to make a lot of Dong Dong Never Die Characters. And I got the games but I don't know how to access the sprites and the sounds. All I found on Fight n Jokes were .ARM and .SF files. And on Ding Ding Never Die, there is just a .character file. So, can anyone please help me on getting the sprites and sounds.
  8. Do you know how to rip sprites from games like Street Fighter EX Plus α?
  9. Hey guys. I finally completed Kim Maree's stage from Jackie Chan The Kung Fu Master. I was originally going to release Thorsten's stage as well but I cancelled it since someone else already made the stage and I just felt I didn't need to make it and plus the stages will look exactly the same. So, instead I am going to make a different stage from the game. But anyway, here is the download:
  10. Happy Easter everyone. :) I am working on a few projects right now and I am really busy. These are my first stages based on an arcade game. These are stages based on the game Jackie Chan Fist of Fires. I even ripped the whole soundtrack to the game, which I plan to release. I also plan to make characters from the game but I have to do alot of sprite ripping. So, these stages are almost finished, I just need the animations to the stages.
  11. Here is my first sprite that I edited. Even though I can't make sprites, I can edit sprites. This is Ebenezer Mittelsdorf from Grim's Toy Show. I watched Grim's Toy Show for a long time and I am a huge fan of it. So, I decided to make this sprite. This is a sprite edit of Terry from King of Fighters or more specifically the sprite is from Capcom vs. SNK 2. I will make many more sprites of Ebenezer. Will I make him for M.U.G.E.N.? Well, Yes I am planning to make Ebenezer Mittelsdorf for M.U.G.E.N. as well as Grim, MyPalAlex, AttackSlug and probably Uncensored Superpop.