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  1. Battle Cry(Compilation)

    Before release this compilation, you have asked to the authors of characters/stages/screenpack/lifebars? let's talk about the feedback: - Encrypted with Molebox. - Extremely slow at loading... we talk about of a 1.9Gb of game...not like Kof awaken with only 150Mb. - Some chars are too much OP. - Different graphic style between chars. - Different gameplay style between char. - Strange edit... O.o i feel like not complete, dunno why. - Too much different stages(some from MB, ut2004 etc). - Why you dont try to edit a bit the screenpack? - 4 hours of download for nothing... I appreciate someone who works at own compilations, but this does not reach a sufficient level, especially if it is encrypted. This is the mugen and we all agree. But releasing a compilation in alpha stage yet is almost an insult to those who created the characters / stages / screenpack. My advice is to remove the link, update your game decently, ask the permission of the authors to make edits, and then release it. I created a compilation with my screenpack and my characters, but I can not release it for the simple fact that I should ask permission from hundreds of authors. : P Soon will release a video of what I'm talking about. Do not take my feedback as an offense. I appreciate your effort in creating a compilation, but if you want to encrypt it need to put something original and the same for all characters (ex. fighting the same style / same balance etc.) continues to work on your project and optimizes the whole thing! See you soon!
  2. Oktavia von Seckendorff released by ouchi 1/4/2012

    Anyone got mighelle monaghan? if anyone got this, can send this char to me? Thanks in advance!
  3. S-nakoruru by E-FRY updated 14/03/2012

    Yup! me too looking for Electric Krizalid! If anyone got this can send to me? Thanks in advance!
  4. Shiny Diamond

    Hi all! :) Any1 can upload this? damned FBI -.-