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  1. Before release this compilation, you have asked to the authors of characters/stages/screenpack/lifebars? let's talk about the feedback: - Encrypted with Molebox. - Extremely slow at loading... we talk about of a 1.9Gb of game...not like Kof awaken with only 150Mb. - Some chars are too much OP. - Different graphic style between chars. - Different gameplay style between char. - Strange edit... O.o i feel like not complete, dunno why. - Too much different stages(some from MB, ut2004 etc). - Why you dont try to edit a bit the screenpack? - 4 hours of download for nothing... I appreciate someone who works at own compilations, but this does not reach a sufficient level, especially if it is encrypted. This is the mugen and we all agree. But releasing a compilation in alpha stage yet is almost an insult to those who created the characters / stages / screenpack. My advice is to remove the link, update your game decently, ask the permission of the authors to make edits, and then release it. I created a compilation with my screenpack and my characters, but I can not release it for the simple fact that I should ask permission from hundreds of authors. : P Soon will release a video of what I'm talking about. Do not take my feedback as an offense. I appreciate your effort in creating a compilation, but if you want to encrypt it need to put something original and the same for all characters (ex. fighting the same style / same balance etc.) continues to work on your project and optimizes the whole thing! See you soon!
  2. Anyone got mighelle monaghan? if anyone got this, can send this char to me? Thanks in advance!
  3. Yup! me too looking for Electric Krizalid! If anyone got this can send to me? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi all! :) Any1 can upload this? damned FBI -.-