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  1. It should be better if the title was "[AI Patch] Rolento by Acey, Vega by MMR & [email protected]", its better for see what you are posting. Also you could provide the link here so we didnt had to go on youtube just to get the link.
  2. Wait, who made Joe? I didnt see an accurate version of him yet.
  3. Thank you guys for helping me, love you all! (No homo)
  4. Thank you very much Kaze! Now i need to find that Hokotomaru!
  5. Psyqhical by Zelgadis: http://www.4shared.com/rar/WVkKPHBj/psyqhical.html
  6. Looking for these chars: Hokotomaru by 119way Kain Heinlein by 119way Kim Dong Hwan by 119way Kim Jae Hoon by 119way Yuki by 119way Rick Strowd by 119way Basara Kubikiri by TightRiam Suija by TightRiam Mina Majikina by P-Tan Lynn Baker by Ikaruga Billy Lee by Ikaruga Thanks in advance!
  7. Need Sie Kensou KOF XI version made by Bug, anyone have it? Thanks.
  8. Here: http://www.4shared.com/rar/ZiYAXLiH/Lien.html pass: mugeneros.activoforo.com
  9. I want this char so much, if anyone have please share with me.
  10. http://dasutovaisu.html.xdomain.jp/ List of Chars Updated:
  11. So you will have to open his cns file, and change all palno = 8 to palno = [1,8]. That way ALL pals will have the batzarro features. You can also replace the = 8 to a specific pal you want.
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