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  1. Hi, all gknux19 here with my latest character the bunny chick from waka waku7 made her way into the vs style. Enjoy. http://www.mediafire.com/file/3ccl5gpbvbcy6n0/arina.rar/file ============================== MOVELIST ==================================== Arina Beam : D,DF,F + Punch [AIR OK] Renzoku : B, D, DB + Kick ;Tap kick button after attack. Arina Tornado : D, DB, B + Kick [AIR OK] Arina Crush: F, D, DF + Punch HYPER COMBOS: Hyper Arina Beam: D, DF, F 2 Punches[AIR ONLY] Hyper Arina Tornado: D, DB, B 2 Kick Suppa Arina : D, DB, B 2 Punches [LEVEL 2 Buff] ; Buffs attack & defense for a short time. Hyper Arina Crush : F, D, DF 2 Punches Hyper Arina Carnival : F, DF, D , DB , B 2 Punches Arina Special : D, D 2 Kickes [LEVEL 3 HYPER COMBO] ======[SYSTEM MOVES]: Super Jump: D, U [Only "U" after you hit a launcher] Dash/Hop Backward: FF/BB Advancing Guard: 3 PUNCHES in Guard
  2. Hi, this is my first edit,I want see what you guys think. Feed Back is always welcome . Added Ex Attacks Added Down H.Kick similar to M.Bison/Vega Added Air Specials Added Push Block Added MvC2 like Counter Added Reversal Added New 9000,1 & 9000,0 Tweaked some of her basic attacks Fixed hit boxes Fixed her Dodge,When she dodge Sally can get grabbed similar to King of Fighters Fixed Taunt ,she can taunt more than once enjoy. http://www.mediafire.com/?fpmdadmmzetwuo1