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  1. Power Rangers Series

    Suxks that there's not enough Sentai stuff for Mugen to have it's own section :(
  2. R.I.P. Justin "JewWario" Carmical 1971 - 2014

  3. Raging Akuma

    My copy of raging Akuma somehow got corrupted and I was wondering if anybody has him so I can re download him for my screenpack!
  4. Asuka From Draglade [Made by Gopal]

    Can somebody re upload this character? the link is down!
  5. Asuka from Draglade

    I am going to be making this character, Asuka from Draglade for the Nintendo DS! I'm not very sure about the introduction sprites for where the character makes his/her entrance before the fight but I think that I have everything correct I hope!
  6. Anybody know where the sprites for intros are stored on the sprite sheet in fighting games? Whoever ripped the sprite sheet I downloaded needed to do a better job!

  7. Can't download because the ad shrink links are telling me to enable cookies in my browser!
  8. Editing music tracks for Mugen stages that I downloaded!

    1. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      I love to do that....

      Da rain......

  9. Putting a basic Mugen stage together is more frustrating than it sounds! Happy new year everybody ^^

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    2. Sir Lord Alpyne

      Sir Lord Alpyne

      then help him out, ya dweebs!

      oh, HNY & chizz.

    3. Demitri


      ^Help him out doods.

      They are right though,"basic" stages are easy

    4. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      use Cybasters Tuts on MFG, he himself is a total Dick Bomb but he knows things about mugen and what not