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  1. Win Pose Idea for Ed: Becames himself in Dee Dee Costume from Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Halloween promo and Laughs.

  2. Sad moments...


  3. BigLuigiGuy211

    Characters hard to find request

    For the request, Those Characters are hard to find becuase I couldn't find the it: Ed by Unknown Author (probably the First Ed ever Made in MUGEN): Bluto and Popeye's Nephew: Porky Pig (Eagar Young Space Cadet):
  4. In Just in time After Incredibles 2 is out, the New edit of aperson98's Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl Edit is Released for Mugen. It's Showtime! Download Link for Mr. Incredible Here Download Link for Elastigirl Here
  5. Hello The 14th Doctor, You look so boring and cute.

    1. RMaster007


      Someone I had the feeling that this guy was some sort of internet buttstalker. Take about ten steps away from his buttcrack.

  6. BigLuigiGuy211

    Hugo Simpson updated by Warner

    There's no Intro with Hugo on Dr. Hibbert, Only just standing instead of it.
  7. Angelmouse, Sergeant Stripes, Sooty, Maisie Mackenzie (Meeow!), Archie (Meeow!), Cleveland Brown (Family Guy), Tom Tucker (Family Guy), Adem West (Family Guy) (R.I.P), Rosie (Rosie & Ruff in Puppydog Tales), Ruff (Rosie & Ruff in Puppydog Tales), Scratch (Rosie & Ruff in Puppydog Tales), Sniff (Rosie & Ruff in Puppydog Tales), Crystal Tipps and Alistair, Doris, Marlon (Doris), Franklin (Schoolhouse Rock!: Interjections!), Mio and Mao (Mio Mao), Archibald the Koala, James the Cat, Carl Wheezer (Jimmy Neutron), Bobby's World Characters, Steve Smith (American Dad), Mixels Characters...
  8. BigLuigiGuy211

    Roger by Warner

    I hope Warner will make Chris Griffin and Update Homer Simpson and Bartman.
  9. BigLuigiGuy211

    New Characters Edits

    I just gotta make someone to edit some Characters: Dangermouse - Fix Sprites, Bug Fixes, Animation State Fixes, New Intro added, New Sounds added, Sounds Fixes and New Hyper added. Count Duckula - Fix Sprites, More Female Characters added on VS. Female Characters Intro, Bug Fixes, Animation State Fixes, Hitsparks and Guardsparks Fixes and Replaced from Default Hitsparks, New Intro added, New Victory pose added, New Sounds added, Sounds Fixes and New Special Move added. Luigi (aperson98) - Fixing Bugs and Debug Errors, Not Controling Him after his Intro, More Specials and Hypers added, More Sounds and Voice Clips added, Get Electrocuted, Be Frozen, Be Bloated and Babality states from Warner's 2017 Updated Luigi, New intro from Warner's 2017 Updated Luigi added and Poltergust 3000 counter added. Wallece and Gromit - Fix Sprites, Animation State Fixes, Bug Fixes, New Intro added, New Victory pose added, New Sounds added, New Special Move added and New Hyper Move added. I Hope someone will edit each Characters.
  10. BigLuigiGuy211

    Better Edit of Lasher's Grover Released

    Ha-ha, yes, it is I, Grover! I Presented and Released a New Better Edit of Lasher's Grover (Still Buggy). DOWNLOAD THAT BLUE MONSTER HERE!
  11. Behold, The Newest Edit of The14thDoctor's Homer Simpson and Giant Chicken was Released for the Fight! Mmmm... Chicken... Download Homer Download Giant Chicken
  12. New Finisher for Ed: Little Blue Ed


    Also, Happy 15th anniversary to the Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode "Little Blue Ed".

  13. Hey Everyone, My Idea for Somebody Else will be the Edit of Madoldcrow1105 and Dylanius9000's Toro Inoue Edit. Changes for Him: Bug Fixes Hitboxes Fixes New Sounds added New Sprites added New intros added: Normal Toro Inoue, SMB2 Toro Inoue (Parody of Warner's Luigi's SMB2 Luigi Intro), Toro Jackson Moonwalk, Neo Toro Inoue Intro (Parody Of ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH's Mario's Neo Mario Intro (Matrix/Neo Palette Only), Star Trek Teleport and Mr. Bean Show Intro (Parody of WlanmaniaX's Mr. Bean's Fall From A Beam Of Light Intro) New VS. character intros added: VS. character intro against Captain.Cat.Kit (Captain.Toro.Kit), VS. character intro against Some Females Characters (Love Females Intro), VS. character intro against Some Mario Characters (Exepct For Some Female Mario Characters) (Pipe Intro (Parody Of ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH's Mario's Pipe Intro), VS. character intro against Some Scary and Creepy Characters and Giant Chicken, VS. character intro against Qoo, VS. character intro against Cinnamon, VS. character intro against Jailbot, Robotic Operating Buddy (AKA: R.O.B), Bender and Other Robot Characters (Exepct For Destroyous) (Robot Toro Intro (Parody Of DDR's Fat Albert's Robot Brown Albert Intro), VS. character intro against Some Giant and Big Characters, VS. character intro against Some Dragon Ball Z Characters (Kakkatorotto Intro (Parody Of Judgespear's Homer Simpson's VS. intro against Some Dragon Ball Z Characters), VS. character intro against Cipitio (Cipitoro Inoue Intro) and VS. character intro against KingPepe's Hammer Bro (Hammer Toro Intro) New Win poses added: Nya Nya Dance, Toro's Creepy Face, Cipitoro Inoue Dnace, Nyan Toro and Kuro Teases (Inspired by Peter Griffin's Quagmire Scores Win Pose) Winquotes New portrait More portraits More icons Compatitables states added: Electric Shock, Burned, Frozen, Midnight Bliss, Turned Into Stone, Hell Dunk, Screen Hit, Bee Stung, Vertical spinning, MY TOE!!, Wedgied, Atomic Wedgie, Pantsed (Note: Not Going Looping), Final Memory: JAM, T-Shirt, Hit By Chun-Li's Love Letter, Jailbot's Pac-man compatible, Inked, NES Mario K.O, NES Megaman K.O, Doremi's Hair (AKA: Odango), Hit by Ibuki's Top Spin, CM (TV) by Cinnamon, In a Cup by Cinnamon, Tychoon Heads, Apple For You, Backbone (Used by Goku), Iya-Iya Dance, Henshin Manjou, Moused, Cursed, Fatalities compatitables, Last Supper, Passare, Ponytion, Killed by Chou Kamehameha, Barrel Cut, Give me ya soul, Smashed by Jinmen, Squished, Attacked by Jin Saotome's Cyclone, Pitfall, MK Slipped (AKA: Slipping), Inflated, Hit by Deathmask and Hammer thrown with CLSNs (for Blizzard) New Specials added: Psychoro Crusher, Acrobat Flip, Matrix Teleport and Butt-Stomp New Hypers added: Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken, Dragon Breath, Raging Toro combo, Flame Toro and MATRIX UYA icon added (Credit to Madoldcrow1105 for the UYA icon)
  14. BigLuigiGuy211

    The New Edits of Taz and Bloo

    Hey Dudes, the edit of aperson98's Taz is Ready to Spin and Released for Mugen of the Fight! Also, the New and Better Edit of Stickman14's Bloo had been Released to Re-Join the Mugen Fighters! Download Taz, Our Favorite Looney Tunes Character Download Bloo, Our Favorite Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Character
  15. YABBA DABBA DOO! The New Edit for aperson98's Fred Flinstone Edit is Released for Mugen. And also, the Edit of Madoldcrow1105's Broccalon is Released for Mugen Too. DOWNLOAD FOR FRED DOWNLOAD FOR BROCCALON
  16. BigLuigiGuy211

    nodog's requests again

    My Request: Spongebob Squarepants by an Unknown Author - His Sprites are from Skulper34's Version and Seen in the Video (Homer Simpson vs. Spongebob and Garfield vs. Spongebob), Like Idiot's Kung Fu Sponge, He keep Saying "Oops!" when attacking.
  17. BigLuigiGuy211

    English Voicepacks for Warner's Marge and Leela

    And Aperson98 is Retired Mugen after releasing his Peter Griffin Edit. But I Hope someone will make a Better English Voicepack for Warner's Peter.
  18. BigLuigiGuy211

    Arnold (Hey Arnold!) Edit Released

    Move it Foolball Head! The New Edit of Arnold is Released Now! DOWNLOAD HERE!
  19. I updated, fixed and improved the sprite for your update george.



  20. BigLuigiGuy211

    English Voicepacks for Warner's Marge and Leela

    I hope someone will make a English voicepack for KomoD's Cinnamon?
  21. I guess I hope that somebody will make the sprites of some characters. My Requested Characters for someone else: Maisie MacKenzie (Meeow!) Chris Griffin (Family Guy) (Warner Style) (Traced off of his idle from the American Dad vs. Family Guy flash game) Sergeant Stripes Mio and Mao (Mio Mao) (More Shadded and 3D; No Outlines) Schoolhouse Rocky (Schoolhouse Rock!) Angelmouse James the Cat
  22. BigLuigiGuy211

    RELEASE: Spongebob Edit

    Introducing, the new edit of The 14th Doctor's Madoldcrow1105's Spongebob Squarepants! Now it's time to Bring it Around Town! RIGHT HERE! Original:
  23. BigLuigiGuy211

    RELEASE: Spongebob Edit

    Update Him: More Hurt Voice Clips added and Freeze in Air State added.
  24. BigLuigiGuy211

    RELEASE: Peter Griffin Edit

    I release and edit The 14th Doctor's aperson98's Peter Griffin, This is going to be my greatest victory ever! RIGHT HERE! Original:
  25. BigLuigiGuy211

    RELEASE: Peter Griffin Edit