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  1. Are there any directions on how to actually make the portraits?
  2. Can you link me the font so I can make some new portraits? I can't seem to make any without them.
  3. I've looked all over other Mugen sites, and download threads to find Devil Jin for Mugen 1.1, but on Mugen Archive, it completely restricted my access to it saying I didn't have the proper privileges to be able to download it. So if it isn't any trouble can someone link me a site with Devil Jin for Mugen 1.1?
  4. I looked up several tutorials, read the typed instructions on MFFA, but still no luck. What specifically mean by optimizing my image is that I want it to have the character, but with no background color, I want it the background the be nonexistent. The image I linked from a screenshot of trying to edit color when setting the picture as my Portrait for Goku, NOT setting it as the icon. To be more specific I want to change the picture of the character when selected, not when you're deciding who to select. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/my-drive So I'd greatly appreciate if someone would help with this part specifically if you can either let me know what I have to do at this part of the portrait change or take screenshots of yourself doing it I'd really be thankful for your help. And yes my profile pic is the Meme Lord himself, Filthy Frank.