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  1. Back on more familiar territory... And just because I couldn't resist...
  2. Sprite Comic Book Covers Hey all, I'm a longtime comic book fan, and all the DC and Marvel characters available for MUGEN have inspired me to come up with sprite comic book covers, just for the fun of it. Unfortunately, I don't have the talent for making my own sprites (although I have done some practice with making my own palettes), but a lot of folks have so far been okay with my using their work, which I very much appreciate. These were my first, more of an audition than anything else: Then I started getting a bit more ambitious. (I may want to redo this one now that we have a better Daredevil)
  3. Another first-time character! This was another one where I had all the elements I needed - just needed to figure out what to do with them that wouldn't be too repetitive.
  4. I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! I've been wanting to use these characters for my covers for a long time!
  5. Trying to up my sprite editing game a tad...
  6. Trying to up my sprite editing game a tad...
  7. This one could have used a bit more prep, both in terms of palette creation and a better understanding of the characters, but given what a following these guys have, I couldn't put this one off.
  8. Have I mentioned how much of a fan I am of the Golden Age?
  9. Have I mentioned how much of a fan I am of the Golden Age?
  10. In brightest day, in blackest night, new Silver Age Green Lantern cover's posting tonight!
  11. New cover! I didn't like New 52, but I'm really into DC's Rebirth. So as a tribute... Also, here's another Cap cover - I've been looking for an excuse to use this Mr. X palette swap of what's meant to be a World War II era Baron Zemo, and I finally came up with something for it!
  12. I've done enough covers of the title characters being all awesome and badass. I think it's time to put them through their paces a bit.
  13. I seem to be on a vintage team book kick lately...
  14. Thanks! Glad the JSA cover was such a big hit - so glad, that I want to assemble something similar...but maybe a bit more dynamic.
  15. Thanks! Here's another one of those I've really been wanting to do for a good long while - it was all a matter of finding the right elements!
  16. Time for some more Golden Age action, featuring a character more than overdue for some attention!
  17. I've been meaning to do another Green Lantern cover for a while, but wasn't sure which one to do. So...
  18. Thanks! Now that I've dealt with some old business, time for new business - and a new cover!
  19. So even though I said I wouldn't, Photoshop's...antics...have given me the excuse to rework some of my older covers that I wasn't that happy about to begin with and which I like even less now. In some cases, that meant removing text and word balloons, and in others, it meant changing the villain altogether. Just for comparison's sake, if you're curious, I'm reposting the old covers, followed by the new covers, so you guys can see what changes I made (hopefully for the better). And yes, I will be going back and fixing the now-broken links.
  20. A tad darker than I usually get, given the character involved, but I was messing around with Red Hood palettes and got inspired...
  21. Soooooo...who remembers the movie Mystery Men?
  22. Just for a little bit of a change of pace...
  23. Three new covers! Golden Age DC... Bronze Age Marvel... And, as a special treat to thank you guys for all the encouragement, and because of how well my last crossover cover went...