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  1. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Another first-time character! This was another one where I had all the elements I needed - just needed to figure out what to do with them that wouldn't be too repetitive.
  2. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Sprite Comic Book Covers Hey all, I'm a longtime comic book fan, and all the DC and Marvel characters available for MUGEN have inspired me to come up with sprite comic book covers, just for the fun of it. Unfortunately, I don't have the talent for making my own sprites (although I have done some practice with making my own palettes), but a lot of folks have so far been okay with my using their work, which I very much appreciate. These were my first, more of an audition than anything else: Then I started getting a bit more ambitious. (I may want to redo this one now that we have a better Daredevil)
  3. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! I've been wanting to use these characters for my covers for a long time!
  4. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Trying to up my sprite editing game a tad...
  5. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Trying to up my sprite editing game a tad...
  6. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    This one could have used a bit more prep, both in terms of palette creation and a better understanding of the characters, but given what a following these guys have, I couldn't put this one off.
  7. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Have I mentioned how much of a fan I am of the Golden Age?
  8. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Have I mentioned how much of a fan I am of the Golden Age?
  9. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    In brightest day, in blackest night, new Silver Age Green Lantern cover's posting tonight!
  10. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    New cover! I didn't like New 52, but I'm really into DC's Rebirth. So as a tribute... Also, here's another Cap cover - I've been looking for an excuse to use this Mr. X palette swap of what's meant to be a World War II era Baron Zemo, and I finally came up with something for it!
  11. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    I've done enough covers of the title characters being all awesome and badass. I think it's time to put them through their paces a bit.
  12. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    I seem to be on a vintage team book kick lately...
  13. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Thanks! Glad the JSA cover was such a big hit - so glad, that I want to assemble something similar...but maybe a bit more dynamic.
  14. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Thanks! Here's another one of those I've really been wanting to do for a good long while - it was all a matter of finding the right elements!
  15. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Time for some more Golden Age action, featuring a character more than overdue for some attention!
  16. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    I've been meaning to do another Green Lantern cover for a while, but wasn't sure which one to do. So...
  17. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Thanks! Now that I've dealt with some old business, time for new business - and a new cover!
  18. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    So even though I said I wouldn't, Photoshop's...antics...have given me the excuse to rework some of my older covers that I wasn't that happy about to begin with and which I like even less now. In some cases, that meant removing text and word balloons, and in others, it meant changing the villain altogether. Just for comparison's sake, if you're curious, I'm reposting the old covers, followed by the new covers, so you guys can see what changes I made (hopefully for the better). And yes, I will be going back and fixing the now-broken links.
  19. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    A tad darker than I usually get, given the character involved, but I was messing around with Red Hood palettes and got inspired...
  20. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Back to basics!
  21. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Soooooo...who remembers the movie Mystery Men?
  22. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Just for a little bit of a change of pace...
  23. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Three new covers! Golden Age DC... Bronze Age Marvel... And, as a special treat to thank you guys for all the encouragement, and because of how well my last crossover cover went...
  24. Sprite Comic Book Covers

    Another Marvel cover!
  25. The Johnny Cage Action Collection

    The Johnny Cage Action Collection The Man. The Legend. The Mayhem! He's mastered the martial arts. He's shattered box office records around the globe. He's defended our world in the Mortal Kombat tournaments. And now, you can own the ultimate collection of thirteen of his greatest films, from cult favorites to box office juggernauts, all in one DVD/blu-ray box set! These films have been digitally restored so you can relive every action-packed moment in their full glory! NINJA MIME In his action packed debut, Cage is silent but deadly! Danny Omerta (Cage), a street mime, is recruited by the mysterious Silent Brotherhood, an ancient and feared ninja clan. But when Omerta learns the Brotherhood was responsible for his father's death, he's out for payback! EXITING THE DRAGON OF DEATH When his fellow student is killed in the Dragon of Death, the ultimate underground martial arts tournament, Sean Bronson (Cage) is determined to restore his master's honor. In order to exit the Dragon of Death alive, Bronson must train like he's never trained before and face one merciless opponent after another in ferocious fights to the finish! DRAGON FIST Billy Draco (Cage) is a one-man-army for hire, and the CIA has recruited him to take down the criminal empire of drug lord Kham Keung. But Kham has some surprises waiting for Draco, such as the lovely Delilah, who may be friend or foe, and the ruthless Major Jake Talon, an old enemy of Draco's. It's a never-ending martial arts action-fest in one of Cage's biggest roles of his career! DRAGON FIST II Billy Draco is back, Delilah's at his side, and the stakes are higher than ever! The evil General Chupong (Channie Jack) is embarking on a campaign of conquest, and he's taken hostages to ensure the world powers bend to his will! Draco and Delilah join the fight, but there's an entire army between them and the hostages. As if this wasn't enough, Chupong has a new ally - Draco's old enemy, Jake Talon, with some deadly new upgrades, and his hatred for Draco stronger than ever! MASSIVE STRIKE Dr. Zoru, disfigured in an accident during a government experiment, is now seeking revenge and threatening global armageddon! It falls to special agent Matt Rehnquist (Cage) to defeat Zoru and save the world in one of Cage's wildest action-spectacles ever! SUDDEN VIOLENCE In the movie that won Cage an Oscar and took cinematic martial arts to brutal new levels of reality, Sudden Violence pulls no punches in attacking bigotry and senseless hatred. An old friend of Sergeant Jack Logan (Cage) is the victim of a brutal hate crime. When local law enforcement sides with the murderers, Logan brings his own brand of justice with his two fists of iron! But all the vengeance and righteous fury he can muster can't change hearts and minds. TIME SMASHERS Based on the comic book mini-series, Hardwire (Cage) was raised in an apocalyptic future, the result of a robot invasion decades ago. What remains of mankind fights for survival in an anarchic wasteland where might saves life. But when Hardwire discovers a gateway to the past, he decides to risk it all to fight for the future! THE GIST OF MY FIST (aka DOUBLE DARE) Cage takes on the Muscles from Brussels himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme! After a breach of security at INTERPOL, the top suspects are Paul Noiret (Van Damme) and his partner, fast-talking Nick Savoli (Cage) - and they both suspect each other! Is one of them guilty? Can they find out the truth before the criminals responsible strike again? Can the silver screen contain this much awesomeness? AQUATIC ASSAULT Captain Robert Ross (Cage) and Lieutenant Andrea Summers(Camille LeBlanc) of the US Coast Guard battle modern-day pirates seeking to get their hands on the navy's newest defense systems! It's yo-ho-ho and a bottle of all-out action! IRON CLAW A Soviet assassin, code-name Iron Claw, has turned up in the jungles of South America. An elite team, commanded by Alex Mercer (Cage), has been dispatched to hunt down Iron Claw and terminate him before he can cause any more damage. But Iron Claw is no ordinary assassin, having been genetically engineered to be the ultimate killing machine! 24 KARATE GOLD Mark Donovan (Cage), archaeologist and adventurer extraordinaire, has been hired to find a vast treasure, once hidden by the last Ming emperor to protect it from the invading Manchus. But Donovan has a change of heart and fights to protect the treasure from a bloodthirsty mercenary hoard! It may not have struck box-office gold when it was released, but you'll treasure the jaw-dropping stunts and pulse-pounding martial arts! SEVEN POISONS Max Taggart (Cage) has made a promise to his now-deceased martial arts teacher: to hunt down seven of his former students, the Seven Poisons, who have united to form an international crime syndicate. However, each Poison is a master of their own martial arts style - not to mention their own death squad. Is Taggart's training up to the task? CAGE MATCH Cage faces his ultimate opponent - himself! When Special Forces operative Andy Carlton (Cage) was killed in action, a secret program created a clone from his DNA, designated Omega - but Omega has gone renegade! Now the team that created him must try again, and hope this new clone, Alpha, is a match for his predecessor! *** Also included in this set are tons of special features, including deleted scenes, commentary tracks, behind-the-scenes featurettes, an best of all, a sneak peak of Johnny Cage's upcoming blockbuster Mortal Kombat, Cage's triumphant return to box-office domination! Order today, while supplies last!