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  1. sorry guys forgive me I didn't update you guys I found a coder who love to work on crossbones and he will be doing him next month
  2. cool
  3. crossbones is doing really good somebody is code in him I don't know what to make and Mugen I'm just thinking to be honest with you guys I want to create more black people and black mantis is on pause right now
  4. hey guys I'm back I've been thinking a lot about mugen
  5. good news I found a coder his name is GIAXO77 thank you so much now I'm going to give crossbones a break and work on a new character
  6. I just tried that and nobody to help me
  7. can somebody help me with the coding
  8. I just need help with the coding
  9. I'm sorry guys I've been trying I've been trying trying but I realized it's not going nowhere and I give up I'm done getting stressed out I hope you guys don't get mad at me
  10. what do you guys think about this
  11. I just finished machine gun I hope you guys like it
  12. I called this to Victory pose what do you think about this I'm finished with it now
  13. hey guys what do you think about this I'm not done with it yet
  14. I'm trying to copy this punch I like it alot
  15. what do you guys think about this is like a ryu sure you can