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  1. Ok, Sure thanks :)
  2. Does any one have any Ironman ver. 0.8 by Zvitor this version was released before the AvX Full Game, Can anyone help me?
  3. Hi, Can I Request for Apocalypse by OnslaughtX & Kung Fu Man's version, it seems this version is no longer available to other websites can anyone help me on this one?
  4. Thank you This is Great I Appriciate this :)
  5. Thanks man but I can't seem to download it keep saying Paralled Download Can I request to upload this to other uploading website like mediafire I'll greatly appriciate it
  6. Hi, Can I request a character named JUGGERNAUT by MGMURROW, Can anyone help me?
  7. Hi, Guys Elecbyte has released Mugen 1.1 Beta 1 Check it out its super cool :
  8. Thank you very much for this you have been a great help :)
  9. Can I request for a Character Hulk by Mgmurrow It seems that the link to this character is down and I'm having trouble finding one can anyone help me?
  10. Thanks a lot you have been a great help :)
  11. Hi, I know Mugen 1.1 Alpha 4 was released or leaked but I'd like to request if there is anyone out there who has a Mugen 1.1 Alpha 3 version? Can anyone consider my request I would be very greatful :)
  12. Guys, I have to ask does any of you manage to hide or remove the small number seen on the upper right corner of the screen of alpha 4? I tried to disable the debug mode in the Mugen.CFG and hide the development banner. but it is still there.
  13. Does anyone know how to hide or disable the fps Number. on the upper right screen?
  14. Mugen 1.1 Alpha 4 can be Downloaded at this Website:
  15. Thanks E.B.U, I Appreciate it you've been a great help :)