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    Characters by Ark

    Thanks for the help, i really appreciate it! (And now, being for me a full day at work, i'll wish you simply a good night XD) ops, almost forgot: ANSWERED
  2. MagmaBehemoth

    Characters by Ark

    Hi all. It's been a while i don't came here... Mainly being busy in RL, i suppose Btw, sometimes i simply forget to start a request. And now, finally, i'm able to do it I'd like to have Celica Sylphil and Vermillion CD Heiz by Ark, the latest versions if possible (2013 i think). Thanks in advance for the help. If you like to send them to me via mail, here's the address: [email protected] (a new i did and use recently) If you like more sending me a link, just post it (sendspace lately is doing a good job with this). Thanks again!