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So I’m gonna get to the point as simple as possible and introduce you to the characters.

Basically the story takes place between the two other parts of the Chaos Project. Where a life form from another planet named The Last One enters earth threatening to destroy it. He holds a tournament for the strongest fighters that earth can offer. If the strongest fighters can’t destroy him he will destroy the planet as he threats, however if they do defeat him earth will be spared and the winner gets a wish of his/her choosing.

The gameplay is combo based with good defense options as well as a simple to understand structure that both veterans and newcomers can both pick up. It runs on three gauges with five different styles. The gauges include Hero, Villain, and Neutral. The styles are Rush down, Zoner, Trap, Grappler, and JOAT (Jack of All Trades). The hero gauge gains health but gains meter slower than the other 2, The Villain gauge gains attack power but lacks health, The Neutral gauge lacks both attack and health but gains meter faster than the other 2 and has better defense options. The Rush down character is a character who’s pressure depends on keeping the opponent on the ropes(or corner), The Zoner is a character who’s pressure depends on staying back and throwing projectiles and/or finding different ways to keep the opponent away from him/her, The Trap is similar to a Zoner but instead of keeping away the character lays traps all over the field for the opponent to run into or depends on set ups, The grappler is a close range character who rely on grapples and other close combat techniques, the JOAT doesn’t have an objective but uses whatever he/she has to use in the current situation. Each player has his/her own set of specials, supers, and a system called The Animator which depending on the character is either their strongest super, it changes their gameplay dramatically, or it powers them up. Animator can only be used once per round when the A-Gauge is full(takes a while even for the Neutral characters).

Now off to the character by category:

Rush down

Hero: Gun-Ju

Gun-Ju is an angel that was born in a clan full of samurai. Because he is part angel he has the ability to wield one of the three legendary swords Skuld. Because he is the current champion from his clan he was sent to fight for the protection of Earth so that he can raise his family in peace. (Design was based on DBZ because the saiyan armor reminded me of samurai armor.)

Posted Image

Villain: Tony Eswallow (the sub boss of the game)

Tony comes from the Eswallow clan, a clan where bodybuilders and brute strength is their only achievements; anyone who doesn’t meet those standards is considered a disgrace. He is responsible for the disappearance of most of his clan. ¾ of his clan is gone due to the love of his life Krystal, even though he loves her deeply and is still with her he puts a little bit of the blame on her because of what her EX did to his clan. He enters the tournament to restore his clan and hope to kill her EX in the process.

Posted Image

Neutral: X-Demolition

Demo used to be a villain in the town he came from. His original goal was to become the greatest villain that ever existed, but he gave that dream up because he fell in love with the superhero that stopped him. He now decides to enter the tournament to save Earth and hopes the love of his life accepts him. (He was made out to be a Saturday morning cartoon villain so he acts really cheesy. Also its still undecided atm but the reason he was called demolition was because he uses dynamite as a weapon choice but that would’ve made him a zoner)

Posted Image


Hero: Judge Mars Maylee

Mars is a wolf furry who along with her sister Jupiter are orphans due to the loss of their parents were at a young age. Mars being the tough sister became an officer immediately after graduating high school. She was the best cop in the force since day 1 which gave her the nickname “Judgment Wolf”(a parody name of Judge Dreed). After a few years in the force she retired to become a judge. After hearing about the tournament she joins the other heroes to stop The Last One plan of destruction and save Earth.

Posted Image

Villain: Eliminator Type-F

Eliminator is a robot who was built by the UN during the Great Furry War. His whole purpose was to destroy and kill nothing but furries. Given a second chance a veteran from the war reprogram him to destroy The Last One, but because the vet rushed the process of reprogramming him Eliminator still has the mission to destroy all furries. The Vet realizes he was too late to fix the problem and hope that Eliminator would complete his mission of destroying The Last One.(He was somewhat of an attempt to make a megaman character mainly a maverick from the X series.)

Posted Image

Neutral: Tofu Lialot

Tofu is a girl from a rich family who is spoiled by her mother and father to get anything she wants. She one day wanted to learn how to fight but didn’t have the body for it. Running out of options she gets a custom umbrella which shoots out projectiles and learns to fight from there. She is spoiled up to the point where if she loses a fight she will call other people to fight for her. She hears about The Last One and the tournament has holding and decided to join. She now journeys to destroy all of her opponents and make the wish of making everyone she hates and/or doesn’t like poor.(She was one of my first characters that I made around 2007-2008 and it was hilarious when Skullgirls was announced and they showed the trailer of Parasol. So at this point idk if the character is based on Parasol or not.)

Posted Image

Trap characters

Hero: Nurse Jupiter Maylee

Jupiter is a cat furry who is mars sister. Being the caring one she decides to become a nurse in a nursing field. At first she was happy but sad when she had to assist Dr,Der Tod. Having to learn the dark and twisted ways from Der Tod became nearly like him. Using poisons, potions, and other dangerous drugs Jupiter develop a style of fighting that uses medical items to defend herself. Her main goal is to become strong enough to defend Yuki and the world, so she joins her sister to defeat The Last One.

Posted Image

Villain: Diamond Cutter

Diamond is a convict in jail for manslaughter and murder. Before she was caught she was all over the news as a serial killer who killed people for her own enjoyment. Her lover tried to change her ways but denied the help thus the girlfriend(yes Diamond is a lesbo) turned her in. She hears about The Last One’s tournament and decides to break out of jail, her goal is to become immortal so she can cause pain to others for eternity.

Posted Image

Neutral: Ms. Mad

Teletha is a superhero who’s duty was to protect her city, she however develop feelings for her enemy X-Demolition. Because of this she started betraying her morals so she did things such as killing her foes secret. She enters the tournament to protect Demo from getting killed.

Posted Image


Hero: Charlotte

Charlotte is a member of the SWAT team and former girlfriend of Diamond Cutter. Nobody still to this day knows about the relationship that happened between the two but wants to forget it. She felt sad that she couldn’t per sway her lover to start over but she knew that her only option was to kill her. After hearing that Diamond broke out of jail to enter the tournament she enters to kill her and end it all.

Posted Image

Villain: J

J is from another planet not too far from Earth. His father was the current leader of his people but because J failed a majority of his missions his father banished him in what his people calls “Unarmed Execution” J lost his arm and lost his connections to the planet thus landing on Earth. Years later he regained his techniques of his people which allowed them to copy peoples DNA. However because it wasn’t at full strength he can only use it where his arm is missing from. Now that he has a fighting chance he hears about the tournament and decided to enter it only to gain the wish of becoming ruler of Earth.(The planet he comes from is called “Regiongilleon” and his people are called “Reigonalities”. The thing on the helmet is actually their eyes.)

Posted Image

Neutral: Yuki Katyuga(Sub Boss)

Yuki is a lion furry who served in the Great Furry War. Born as an angel he was given one of the three legendary swords “Urd” a scythe which allowed him to send people to the afterlife in one swipe. He lived a bad life due to, abandonment at an early age and given to a human from his mother, his father tries to kill him, abandoned by the human that was raising him, betrayed by many people close to him in general. He has lived a life where he gets betrayed by anyone thus developed bad habits such as not trusting everyone and alcohol problems. He enters The Last Ones tournament to make the world his harem.( This character is in fact my fursona. He has powers to control thunder at will and control his own bloodstream and use it as a weapon. Because of the two powers given to him he has little to no reason to use Urd nor his angel powers in 99% of his fights. The one on the right is the non playable sub boss version while the one on the left is the playable version)

Posted Image

Jack of All Trades

Hero: Ryo Wolchia

Ryo is a Wolf furry who was considered one of the most feared fighters in the world. He was born an angel and because of this he wields the legendary sword “Beldandy” or Bel for short. Even though he doesn’t look like it has actually one of the nicest people you will ever meet. During the Great Furry War Ryo was caught and corrupted by the UN’s failed experiment, because of this he became in the Man Slayer cult which killed everybody and anybody no matter what culture, race, or condition the victim was in. After the Man Slayer cult ended he was no longer corrupted making a vowel not to kill anyone unless it was necessary. After hearing that the world is in danger he joins his friends (Gunju, Jupiter, and Mars (his lover)) to save it from destruction. (The one on the right is his angel form. Other relation he has is Yuki being his older brother).

Posted Image

Villain: Men-Tail Crazy

Men-Tail is a man who suffers from every phobia in existence, because of this he became mentally ill and was sent to mental hospital. After staying in there so long he learned how to use his phobias as a tool for destruction thus breaking out of the hospital. Now as a free man Men-tail joins the tournament just for the hell of it. He can’t think straight to blow up the planet, blow up someone up, or just cause destruction. (He is supposed to be the joke character and was also an attempt to make deadpool impressions or simply act as the deadpool of the series)

Posted Image

Neutral: Badass

He pretty much doesn’t have a backstory. He was an attempt to do flashy moves and be a combination of everyone that people usually considers badass. Throughout the story he doesn’t talk but is always doing some type of action move cheesy or not. Like how the creator of Blazblue explained that he wanted to see other people’s imagination of Taokaka I want people to do the same for Badass. If the game did get published there will be an option to either keep that name as default or change it to the player’s gamertag.

Posted Image

Other characters

The Last One (boss)

TLO came from a planet of near immortals called Star Killers. Their purpose is to take over planets and own them as their own or destroy them if the people refused their offer. He was currently the 3rd strongest Star Killer of his whole race.

Posted Image

The Fallen (secret boss)

Currently has no backstory but the purpose of making him was to make a what if fusion of the most common rivalry superman and goku.

Posted Image

forgot to draw these with the other two characters:


Posted Image


Posted Image


Explanations of the Legendary Swords: There are three legendary swords that were said to have the power of God’s Wrath in them each containing their own abilities. They’re so powerful that only Angels are allowed to pick the weapons up, anyone else would die the moment they touch it. Beldandy is held by the Angel of Love Ryo Wolchia, the sword weights over 10 tons but Ryo could swing it at ease. It can cut through almost anything except for the boundraies of the other two swords. The Skuld sword is held by the Angel of Warriors Spirit Gun-Ju, the sword is a beam sword that has the ability to stretch far distances. The Upgraded version can ripple through space and time. The Urd scythe is held by the Angel of Death Yuki Katyuga. The sword as explained above could instantly kill nearly anyone who gets hit by it. Because the scythe is so powerful it cannot be used at any given time which means Yuki cant use it at will but only to send people to hell. Misuse of the scythe can result in the scythe not working or the temporary loss of Yuki’s powers.

Further details of how every character works

Gun-Ju: Has the longest reach out of all rushdown charcaters. Can be used similar to Sol Badguy or Ragna the Bloodedge.

Tony: Has the biggest hitbox in the game supposed to be used similar to the Juggernaut in MSH.

X-Demolition: Supposed to be the beginner character of the game so I would say similar to Ryu.

Mars: I would say due to the arrows she’s supposed to be similar to hawkeye but at the same time I don’t want to give her the same 0 frame start up bullshit that hawkeye has.

Eliminator Type- F: he can work in three ways. Zone out similar to how you would with the typical projectile zoner, use him like megaman, or stay in the air and shoot projectiles that way.

Tofu: she can zone using projectiles but you can use the umbrella to keep your distance away from the opponent. I would say a mixture of Parasol and Nu.

Jupiter: She relys on stuff like poisons and other drugs so her main goal is to slow down and poison the opponent to death along with other things such as disabling moves.

Diamond: Her gameplay revolves around setting up bombs and other traps so she cant start up combos without the opponent falling into one first.

Ms.Mad: If you like Dhalsim, Necro, Vice, Scharl(AH3) or other characters similar to them Ms mad is the character for you. She uses her whip for lure people in. it can go in any direction possible.

Charlotte: She a reverse grappler so if your character in KoF is blue mary or someone similar in any other fighter than charlotte is your sol mate.

Yuki: He is a semi grappler who relays on mix ups and set ups so Abel players, clark players, King(tekken) players, Kanji players, will love him

J: He’s the average grappler that doesn’t have much going for him outside of strong damage from his grapples. However he is somewhat similar to rogue only because his annulation can steal his opponents signature move.

Ryo: think about jin but instead of freezing people you set people on fire.

Men-Taile: Think of wolverine if he had more defense options, without the claws, and can teleport, but not as bullshit.

Badass: Pretty much Dante similar gameplay without the sword.

The Last One: remember when you fought Gill and he pissed you off cause he can regenerate health. Think of that with other things to worry about *cough* OHKO*cough*

The Fallen: undecided however he’s gonna remind you of shao khan mixed with SF2 akuma. Minus the taunting.

Tony(sub boss version): what do you think would happen if the hulk can teleport?

Ryo(Sub boss version): First round will be his regular form and the second will be his angel form. Plus he doesn’t have the disadvantage of the hero gauge and he has the advantage of all three gauges

Yuki(Sub Boss version): most of his attacks loses frames and super armor stays on the whole match. Projectiles will not affect him.

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