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╰  The Dojo's main center, play live streaming Mugen online against other members here.   Any Ikemen game goes in the Open Ring, including Mugen Mayhem and private builds.  

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EVOLVƎD IKEMEN DOJO                   ◥◣__________________________________


_____________________________________________________________________◢◤  Enter the Dojo  



 Sensei ~ Essentials

   Live Stream  Open Ring    Discord ~ Text & Voice Chat


_________◢◤  EVOLVƎ

   An Evolve account and the client app are the only things you need for the dojo.

▶ Download Client App

Open Chat Party



   Open Broadcaster can record or live stream your matches, no Twitch account necessary.  

▶ Download Open Broadcaster


_________◢◤  IKEMEN SHOPS

   In the Forge you'll find the Ikemen Shops, where you can download full games.
Ikemen Shops

( Shift + mouse wheel to scroll sideways! )  

    Stream Key:   live_sub_6e8f10fc4c983eb5dcedd420b89e9f2a0a9f0055    
 Crowds ~ Open Matches    Map ☛ All Dojo Sites & Downloads           

____◢◤  HELP                                                        ◥◣ ADD YOUR MATCH VIDEO◢◤

Red Monks



___◢◤   EVOLVƎ

  Evolve provides a gaming chat room with a LAN server for Ikemens to connect to.

Sign Up Group  
 Open Chat
 League Chat

Tourney Chat


___◢◤   RANKADE

  Rankade is the league's leaderboard site.  Login with your GoogleTube account.

Sign Up thru GoogleTube
 View Rankings
 Watch Matches
 Add New Match

___◢◤  YOUTUBE 

 • YouTube is where the fight vids are stored.  Add your own videos to the dojo's playlists.

▶ Sign Up thru GoogleTube

 The Dojo on YouTube

 Grandmaster's Ring
 MFFA's Channel


___◢◤   DISCORD

 Discord is our chat haven.  Links, channels, and it can overlay Open Broadcaster.

Sign Up

Dojo on Discord

OBS Integration

MFFA's Server


___◢◤   TWITCH  
Twitch provides all the live streams. Sign up to chat and export videos to YouTube.

Sign Up

 Open Stream
 League Stream
 Tourney Stream



 • All of the dojo's officially supported downloads.  Evolve is the only one you need.

Evolve Client App

Open Broadcaster 

Discord Client App

OBS Discord Overlay 

 Audience ~ Thumb Fu League    Audience ~ Tourney Tower








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