Bye Bye Bluehost, Hello zFast!


To my indescribable relief, we've finally left Bluehost in the dust.  And with them a host of problems, not least among which was the infamous logout but, caused by their built in caching system.   We've moved on to zFast, which is a UK based host with excellent reviews and actual tech support.  (Seriously, click the links to both hosts).  We'll be using them in tandem with Cloudflare for a CDN which will help speed up the site, lessen the load on the server, and add an extra layer of security.

To celebrate this most un-mind-fucking migration, we've freshened up the look a little bit.  New board icons, a cleaner widget layout, other small tweaks here and there, and you can expect other small visual improvements to creep in over the coming weeks as well.

Here's to leaving a crap load of un-necessary downtime and glitches behind, and moving on to a fresh start with a clean install of the software on a new host with a CDN 🙂