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Andore's Arena UPDATED!

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Maybe throwing in some of the characters sprites from the first Final fight i guess. Maybe like have Andore in the middle of the stage like this: http://scrollboss.il...ndore_taunt.gif

Maybe with Damnd on the side like this: http://scrollboss.il...aughjessica.gif

Hmmm...great suggestion. Maybe...

for some reason, i could see tha images.....

anywho, if you add'em, do'em as objects that can be turn'd on or off, for those that might not wanna see'em on tha stage.

nice re-tweak of tha stage bud Posted Image

Thanks, homie. If I do add the images, I will most likely employ your idea...

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sure does look like it, lol

:omg: Huh!? I went right in. But if I try to log in it doesn't work. Anyway im replacing my old link with that one. Thanks Mr KOtik.

I just remembered that this one isn't the updated one. Oh well. Maybe I'll update it later.

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you'll do no such thing mofo. you had your chance, & you choose tha clean-cut route of Metro City Arena [which isn't shoddy at all btw], so fall back sucka. leave tha job of dealin' with tha grimy world to a real G like me, lol.

How'd I miss this one! I can't believe I let that slick talk slide, nigga! lol! But for real I'm in the process of snagging ALL my old stages that I lost when my hardrive busted back in May. Expect to see some resurrected glory...you heard it here first.

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