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Yuhazaki Towa beta release

Toshio Tenma

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Release log 1/11/2012:

a) Updated jump.

b) Updated Crimson Slayer (landing).

c) Added Assault Spike.

d) Added Heat Grave.

e) Added Crimson Needle.

f) Added win pose 2.

g) Added win portrait.

h) Added roll escape.

i) Added Power Kick (can also be made in air).

j) Added Special Upper.

k) Added Guard Cancel.


Known issues:

a) Headpos and midpos aren't correct, not sure how to fix it.

b) Crimson Gae Bolg have explod issues.

c) She still lack the lv3 and lv4 supers.



Posted Image




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oh, i didn't known that.

You're used to play with low-res characters, so you may think she is "big".

Making her smaller will decreasse the quality and also bring errors in all sprites, animations and coding itself.

I take no responsability in any change made in the localcoord since she is mean to play in 640,480.

also can you please add names to the animations?

It's a waste of time and effort.

You should care about command names rather than that.

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