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Creeper (Minecraft)

Super Nicholas

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Hey, Super Nicholas here! My brother recently found a Creeper character for MUGEN.

It is a hi-res joke character. The character itself is EXACTLY how it is in Minecraft. Its only means of attacking is hissing for a second and blowing up. It even goes as far as flashing red when you hit it, as well as its death sequence. It even uses the same sound effects from the beta version of Minecraft. If you choose palettes 7 to 12, it becomes a Charged Creeper and becomes more powerful.

Its attack is generally an instant kill on most characters and its damage varies depending on how close you are to the opponent. It can't really KO characters like The King unless it is really close to them. Characters like Reshiram or Kool-Aid Man can't be KO'd by the explosion at all, even if it is charged. Evil Donald won't even take damage because of his ability to counter instant-killers. The Charged Creeper's explosion takes up practically the whole screen.

Note that the explosion will damage your partner if it is a team battle.

If you play as the Creeper, you have to hold the a button to explode. If you let go, you can cancel the explosion in case you are too far away from the opponent.

If the explosion KO's the opponent, the Creeper is left with 1 health so it wins the round, but if it doesn't KO the opponent, the Creeper is KO'd and it loses the round.


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