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[Sega 32X]Cosmic Carnage/Cyber Brawl

The Magic Toaster

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Cosmic Carnage, known in Japan as Cyber Brawl (サイバーブロール?), is a 1994 2-D fighting game released for the Sega 32X add-on for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis developed by Givro and published by Sega. It was one of the few original titles created for the add-on during its short lifespan.


In an uncharted star system, a group of prisoners en route to a celestial space mine overpower the ship’s guards and take control of the ship, but during their breakout, most of the ship’s controls are damaged.

After days of drifting, the criminals realize that their only hope is to hijack another ship and use their distress signal to bring a military ship to their aid. They then trick the ship by ramming their own vehicle into it. The impact however badly damages both and destroys all but one of the escape pods, as well as killing all but four from each ship (eight in total). The few survivors fight for the final escape pod and a chance of survival.


There is 8 chracters in total.

1.Cylic – An anthropomorphic red ant that is very fast and agile and uses a number of projectile attacks. His Light Armour special attacks are Energy Smasher, Gravitation Crush, and Energy Blast; his Heavy Armour special attacks Machine Gun Knuckle, Energy Thunder, Grenade Attack, Double Needle Kick, and Neck Throw can be used in both armours. In the Japanese version, he is a brown-haired soldier named Jake (ジェイク?).

2.Zena-Lan –a female soldier who’s head is constantly on fire just like the Human Tourch from the Fantastic four or a Super Sayian from DBZ because of her flame-like hair, wears a military uniform and has electric attacks as well as good speed and agility. Her special attacks in Light Armour are Fury Punch, Bloody Spiral, and Riding Crusher; in Heavy Armour they are Lightning Ring, Knee Blast, and Blazing Charge, and in both armor styles, Flying Lariat. In the Japanese version, she is a blond-haired soldier named Ray (レイ?). Her name is very likely meant to be a play on or derivate of the name of the homeworld of Marvel Comics character Silver Surfer, which is called Zenn-La.

3.Naruto (鳴門?) – Again, Naruto’s portrait is that of a simple shadow being such as DC Comic’s Shadow Theif or Obsidian, yet his in-game sprites dress him in colorful armor with elbow blades and a sword. His forte is martial arts and aerial moves. In Light Armour Naruto has the special attacks Naruto Slice, Spinning Kick, and Whirlwind Kick; in Heavy Armour, Spinning Double Slice, Whirlwind Blast Kick, and Double Hammer Blast, and both Dash and Drop Throw regardless of which armor he wears. In Japan, he is a brown-haired boy.

4.Tyr (known in Japan as Carl (カール?)) – Tyr’s character portrait makes him look identical to Jack Kirby’s drawings of the Silver Surfer, however his in-game sprites are of a man wearing samurai like armor bearing more of a resemblance to the Turrican design. Presumably, his character portrait is how he looks nude. His special attacks in light armor are Atomic Hammer, Dash Hurdle, and Breast Charger, and in Heavy Armour, Mega Buster Drop, Mega Cyclone Wrecker, and Mega Cannon, as well as three special attacks regardless of which armor is chosen: Super Press, Tornado, and Super Whip.

5.Talmac (known in Japan as Bolt (ボルト?)) – a tall, dark, sinister figure with a skull-like face, spiked red hair and sharp claws. Apparently, no one is sure if he wears a mask or not, because no one has gotten close enough to find out. He resembles Megabyte from ReBoot and his character portrait is similar to the Terminator His special attacks are Gale Wall, Gale Wave, Pile Dragon, and Gale Arrow.

6.Yug (known in Japan as Wishbone (ウィッシュボーン?)) – A gorilla-like humanoid who slightly bears a resemblance to Apeling from the Transformers, Beast Machines comic books and toys; he is possibly a robot who relies almost entirely on his powerful arms for his attacks (punch attacks and throws). His special attacks are Spinning Double Strike, Blaze Hold and Strangle Hold.

7.Naja (known in Japan as Stere (ステア?)) – A female serpent-shaped siren, with a cobra’s head and a long tail, instead of legs, that she uses as a battering ram. Her design is derived from the typically evil Naga deity of Hinduism and Buddhism. These beings were often depicted as having humanoid torsos in sculptures and drawn art. Her very name "Naja" is an obvious play on the word "Naga" thus denoting the inspiration for her character. Her special attacks are Back Whip, Winder Rush, and Tail Squeeze.

8.Deamon (known in Japan as Finisher (フィニッシャー?)) – a vicious alien who bears resemblance to the extraterrestrials of the Alein series of films with large talon-like claws and a scorpion-like stinger attached to the back of his head. His special attacks are Whirling Thrasher, Hammerhead Whip, and Rolling Claw.

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