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Name: Rio

Author: Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)

Version: 1.1

Mugen Version: 1.0

Release Date: 9/22/2012

Series: Draglade 2

Description: Rio is an electric dagger-wielding melee fighter who uses quick strikes and evasive maneuvers

to stun the enemy and take them down.


Rio has a unique system that's got a really simple concept behind it.

A, B, and C are his light, medium, and heavy attacks respectively. Rio uses something

called "automatic supers." For lack of a better term, I call them that. What this means,

is that after 4-5 hits have been made, a super is activated that does a bit more damage to

your combo and resets your hit counter. There are three variations to this, 1 for each type of state you're in.

If the last hit of your combo was in a standing state, you'll activate his standing super. This goes for Aerial combos

as well ending the combo in a crouching state. The activation of this super costs 500 power

and acts as a limiter. As you attack, you gain power, once you do a 4-5 hit combo (or higher),

500 power will be sacrificed for the super. If your don't have at least 500 power, no super will

activate. Simple, no?

Chaining: Since single button combos are not available in this character, you may be wondering how to chain attacks and make

successful combos. He can chain almost any attack that isn't on the same key. For example: A,B,C or C,B,A,Down+A. These

are only two examples of possible combos. Some good timing is required on some attacks. For example, C,B,A won't work if you mash

the buttons. The final attack of "A" would need to be timed to chain properly.

Hit Counter: That brings us to the hit counter. All hits are retained per attack until an Automatic Super happens. The activation

of an Automatic Super will clear the hit counter and essentially complete your combo. To get the most hits in, start your combo

with low energy and throw a grapple in to the mix. Low energy means that an Automatic Super can't happen yet and that your combo count

will continueally increase until 500 power is gained and you're in a viable state for an Automatic Super.

Grapple: Rio has two variations of his grapple. It can be activated by either holding forward or backward and pressing A, B, or C

when you're close to the enemy. Holding forward will keep your direction and stab the enemy forward. Holding backwards will turn the enemy

around and stab them in the opposite direction. You can chain out of this grab upon a successful hit.

Stand Spinning Upper: This move is a helper move that gets you into the air in the middle of a combo. It has no explicit command

and can only be done while in the middle of a combo. Pressing or holding "Up" and pressing A, B, or C while attacking in the middle of a combo

will make Rio spin up into the air, slashing the enemy 3-4 times along the way. Most aerial combos can be achieved this way. The easiest

way to use this is after a successful grapple. The enemy will be paused from the shock for a small time, allowing you to easily get all

4 hits in and finish in the air with an Automatic Super.

Forward Dash and Backwards Hop: Forward dash, activated by FF, allows you to dash past the enemy and attack from behind. You can chain out of this

before the Dash ends and the cooldown, stop animation plays. Backwards hop, activated by BB, serves a similar purpose: evasion. Hop away from the enemy, but also regaining control

and allowing you to retaliate with an attack once succesfully in the air.

Roll: Pressing "x" will allow you to roll towards the enemy. In the air, it serves as a good

method of transportation by launching your across the stage. On the ground, it's more of a quick way to dodge attacks and move forward.

You can chain out this roll into any basic attack, either in the air or on the ground.

Phat Beat - QC(F or B) + (A, B, or C) - 3000

Description: Rio places both of his daggers together to form a spear. He then spins it like a staff and launches himself

into the air. When he lands, huge bolts of lightning crash down from the sky.

Note: This move has varying damage and can potentially do about 700 damage if all the bolts successfully hit.

Rio jumps to the enemy from any distance.

Due to the massive potential of this move, it's very easily interrupted. When Rio is spinning his

combined daggers, he's completely vulnerable.


I've never played Draglade 2, but just the look of the sprites were enough to make want to make him. Doesn't he just ring "FUCKING AWESOME!" ?

Well I know that's how I felt. In any case, I took some time thinking of a new system to provide for him. I wanted to make something

that was different, yet easy to use and still very fun. I've met that goal and hope you think so too. Enjoy.

Update 2:

- Aerial A and B no longer knock down a standing oponnent

- Made the grab startup a bit shorter and moved his quote to the "success state"

Grappble now stuns the and cripples the enemy.

They can be more easily comboed this way after a successful grab.

Grapple startup can be canceled into attacks.

Rio is now invincible during the entirey of his success state.

- Added directional influence to his rolls. Hold the direction you want roll to and press "x."

- Removed Fall Recovery on all but light attacks

- Changed the velocities on Automatic Supers so that they are a bit more successful.


- Changed Grab Mechanic.

If the grab was successful, the player is invincible during it.

Also lowered the startup time on success.

The attempt still leaves you vulnerable.

Holding back while grabbing will allow you to turn the enemy around.

Increased damage from 40 to 70.

- Changed Hop Backwards mechanic.

Added 3 invincibilty frames at the start of the hop.

Player now gains control and can attack once in the air from the hop.

- Move his Roll commands to "x" and added Crouch/Aerial Light Slash to "a"

Increased the roll distance on the ground.

- Remapped Phat Beat to QC(F or B) + (A, B, or C)

- Increased the command buffer time to 5 to allow for easier combo'ing.

- Update Readme

- Added some victory quotes.

- M.U.G.E.N 1.0

- Scalable A.I.

- Glowing Electric Daggers :)

- Sparks, Lightning, and Electricity of all kinds.


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I didnt know you finished him already! Freaking badass, I'm testing now. EDIT: Upon playing with him, he doesnt really do much does he. but now you see why i give cross and zeke those elemental bullet systems. for what he does do, you obviously doing it very well especially the phat beat combo. although i feel which he strikes up he should be able to knock the enemy into the air, and then jump up and land on the opponent with the spear and shock them.

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