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Aaron Roulette by 2010LifeGame


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Oh god.

(blatant self-advertising mode activated)

This video tells/shows all you need to know about this character.

From description.

"2: Aaron Roulette, by 2010LifeGame. This is one of the worst characters I've ever fought, full stop. It's a spriteswap of Homer Simpson, with several moves outright stolen from Pepito or Iori. In addition, it possesses bloated stats, coupled with regenerating health and a hitbox job worse than AngryNoahs' Noah. "

(blatant self-advertising mode deactivated)

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I know. I wanted a more recent version of him, because I had a early version that was WAY cheaper than the one in that video. He had super armor, and could immediately counter out of hit stun.





EDIT: Just thought I'd share this: mugen000_zps6f8941dc.png

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