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4MLS ( Tampa Florida Skyline Night)

Lord Batros

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*In Game*

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ok i know this isnt the best looking stage by far,& i will only be releasing it here so MFFA exclusive :=D: but bare with me, my wife got some distressing news today & she needed cheering up.so i thought doing this would maybe put a smile back on her face if not for a few moments

Fun Fact: The Bridge in the Background leads to the island that my Brother & Sister n law live on

[Copied from the Def File]

Game of Origin : My Head & Her Heart

; Resolution : 320 * 240

; Mugen Version : Mugen 1.0 only


; CREDITS : To My Wife For Giving me a Reason to live & Breath Her, & Our 2 Children Lilly & Joseph Jr"Joey", i know u miss your home so maybe this will make u smile

ok to the info

Super Jump: Check

BGM: Yup..... Underoath, Reinventing your Exit......some members from Tampa fyi

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you should try the red blue green method. my stages looked very blurry before i used it and made the backround clearer. ryon will probably explain it in a video eventually.

I use this method as well. Although, it looks like you used the jigzaw method(which usually yields the best result) I think in this case, maybe the source picture wasn't that good. Each of the 3 methods(RBG, Imagesplit, Jigsaw) have their advantage. No one method is entirely better than the other, so maybe try the other two. While you're at it, how about seperating the floor, enlarging the scale, coding some parallax, add a helicoptor and...oh...wait...my bad. Sorry. These ideas have been floating in my head for about a week now... :goodmood:

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