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[Wii] Brave


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Now I know this game is also for PS3 and Xbox360. But I felt the Wii version deserves its own spotlight. Here's my story. I started playing it today, solo, and while figuring out the controls and stuff I was impressed by the graphics for a wii game, its excellently done. the game trys to lock in 60fps during most times. the feel of the games platforming engine makes me feel like i'm playing a PS3 game, its smooth, responsive, and works excellently. combat feels great all considering you have to play with the Wiimote + Nunchuck. and the voice actors and music are also top notch. This is good proof that a movie based game CAN BE GOOD, if made by the right people. (Disney) I want to do a full video review of the game, but I gotta find time.
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