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Look at the clumsy girl (Doremi Harukaze updated)

Toshio Tenma

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Update log: 18/07/2012:

a) Updated Odango.

b) Updated Haguu Jaku (new command).

c) Added compatibility with Aiko's henshin mahou, Midousuji Tou Betsu and Meteo's Ikari no Jitan dA.

d) Updated Magical Stage.

e) Updated all versions of Poron Upper Kyou.

f) Updated Dash Kogeki C.

g) Removed needless default mugen explods.

h) Fixed Aerial Starter.

i) Fixed wrong animation during super jump.

j) Updated Tetsugeki Dokkaan.

k) Updated win quotes.

l) Updated intro (now she gains one powerbar).


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