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Cosmic Baton Girl Meteo-san+ (Plus) Updated

Toshio Tenma

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Updated log:


a) Updated intro against Comet, her voice will don't play if the intro is skipped.

b) Updated Meteor Smash.

c) Fixed a infinite with her Medium Punch.

d) Fixed a issue with Castanet Break which allowed players to grab airborne enemies.

e) Added compatibility with Aiko's Midousuji Betsu COMMAND Gyaku Mawashi.

f) Removed default mugen effects.

Note: There are two supers.cns, the supercheap.cns will affect Shobatsu

Meteo, which the P2 will always be hit (cannot evade, just guard)

Open the meteo+.def to select which supers.cns you like to use.


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