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Cosmic Baton Girl Meteo-san+ (Plus) Updated

Toshio Tenma

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Updated log:


a) Added new sounds.

B) Updated Star Power Blast (new effect).

c) Updated Mook Bakudan Nage (new effect).

d) Updated "Ikari no Jitan da" (Thanks Muirtower for the help)

also fixed a bug which both Meteo and p2 were stuck in animation

if the move hits a airbone enemy (thanks BoyBoyz for finding out).

e) Updated "Meteor Smash".

f) Added intro against Cometto-san+.

g) Updated Castanet Storm.

h) Updated Shobatsu Meteor.

i) Updated Dash/Evade.

j) Added compatibility with Henshin Mahou.

k) Added compatibility with Midnight Bliss.

l) Added special win screen.

m) There are two supers.cns, the supercheap.cns will affect Shobatsu

Meteo, which the P2 will always be hit (cannot evade, just guard)

Open the meteo+.def to select which supers.cns you like to use.

Posted Image





To make the intro against Cometto-san+ works, download the cometto-san+.rar file, then extract in Cometto-san+ folder.

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