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Central Highway Stage (Rockman X)

Toshio Tenma

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Name: Highway Stage.

Date of creation: July, 1st, 2012

Description: This is a simple stage based in Rockman X1, it's halfaway from the stage to be exact.


Release log:

a) Some minor changes are made in the sprite 0,0 to fit better on mugen.

B) The sprite 1,0 is based in the halfportion of the stage (sometime before facing Vava).


How to install?

a) Put the stage in your stages folder.

B) After putting the stage, enter in select.def and write the stage name like this


rockmanx, stages/highwaystage.def

If you don't wish to use that stage for a certain character, then write stages/highwaystage.def after the [ExtraStages] line.

For example:


;Put extra stages here. They will be available in VS and Watch modes.


To install the BGM: Extract the theme song to your sound folder.

Special thanks:

a) Muirtower

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