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Deledelon by Exclamation_Question


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No doubt this guy was meant as a joke character. Everything it does depletes life. If he punches, he loses life. If he kicks, he loses life. If he even WALKS, he loses life. He is also very slow and cannot jump. It is near impossible to win using MUGEN character. This should only be used as a novelty character.

This is my first time creating one of these topics, actually. This was requested by Sho, to be exact.

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Maybe it's the site I used to upload pictures with. I'll try another later. Edit: Forgive me, Grim. I know you told me not to use the Sprite Database uploader, but it is the only one that works for me. PhotoBucket doesn't work for me, TinyPic doesn't allow viewable forum images of any kind, and FreeImageHosting.Net is where I'm getting the resizing problems. The Sprite Database uploader is the only one that works, allows viewable forum images, and doesn't re-size my image. I'm only going to use it for this one instance. Those sonic cards in my Sonic the Hedgehog Project don't seem to be effected so I will continue to use FIH for those. I'm probably not going to make any more of these topics, as this was a request made by Sho, so I probably won't need to use the SD uploader any longer. But if someone would like to suggest a different sight, by all means do so.

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