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[Needless Char./ Anime] Eve By Sankiti


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ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yo! It's Ya Boi CAH Here Bringing Back Some MUGEN Characters That Were Lost In Time To Never Be Seen Again Or Are Hard Access Nowadays! Today, I've Found Some Extra Motivation To Help Hunt Down These Fighters That Might Find A Home In Somebody's MUGEN Roster. The Fighter Eve aka (Eve Neuschwanstein) Is From An Anime Series Known As "Needless". I Noticed That The Link To Sankiti's Skydrive Is Dead So I Ventured Off To Find An Alternative! Luckily I Was Able To Find A Source In Which Eve Was Updated (09-15-12) Compared To The Old Link Which Was (12-05-11)! Not Only That, But The Other Good News Is That This Link Also Has Sankiti's Other Older Works As Well! This Includes Black Magical Girl That You See On The Right Of The Picture Here! Moving Forward, Lets Help Preserve Some Of These Characters And Remember The MUGEN Creators Who Got Dem Mad Skillz! Enjoy, Have Fun, And Caring Is Sharing!



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