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Lots of Holiday Updates Coming to the Forum 2021


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Insert appropriate seasonal greeting here!

I have some pretty big changes planned for the holiday season, so welcome to the hype thread. This year the wrapping paper is clear, most of it anyway, and you get to see the new things in advance. Feel free to comment on this stuff, discuss, make suggestions, ask questions, throw your ideas out there, whatever you want. The entire point is to make this place better for you lol, so if you want to tell me how to do that, I'm all ears. So, anyway what's under the tree?


You will soon be able to get and give awards. Mostly get. There will be various Onion Tokens (look like arcade tokens) awarded for things like 100 posts, or 10 best answers to questions etc. In total there will be about 21 tokens you can get. There will also be various colored Onion Cards which members can award each other with, for all kinds of random social stuff. Beyond that there will be trophies for things like character creation, stage creation, cotm etc. 


Upgrades to the forum software have done away with our old ranking system, which was based entirely on number of posts. We now have a points based Ranking economy, where various numbers of points are earned for various activities, like 10 points for a new post, or 5 points for a reply, or 2 points for a react, etc. Points can be gained in all kinds of ways, and they will advance you through 30 levels of Rank.


Members will be allowed to create Groups, and there will also be some "site official" groups. Groups have leaders, moderators, members, and varying levels of accessibility all determined by their creator. It's possible to make a group for pretty much anything, they don't have to be Mugen related. All of the content on the front page under the Ikemen Dojo, and above The Castle / Staff stuff, will be moved into individual Groups. Those groups will be looking for mods too, so keep an eye out in them for mod threads if you're interested.


There will be new reaction choices. We've gotten rid of downvoting, the 3 reaction types that increase the posters reputation will be "like", "rep-up", and "thanks". There will also be animated emoji reactions which do not increase the posters rep.

The timeline is getting a css overhaul that makes it look more like other social media sites, and less like an eyesore. Again, this was something that was done a while ago, but a major update to the system software killed the old version, so a new one was/is being created.

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