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DC Comics New Collection


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New update:


-Batman from "The Brave and the Bold" (Nintendo Wii) under "DC Classics".

Three new spriteswaps of Professor Onslaught by Carpa5: Andrew Bennett, Aztek and Rising Sun.

Main section: 

- Batman (The Dark Knight Returns) edited by Vic77

- Cyborg by Animaraz

- Doomsday by Ax, Colosse and Gart, 2020 update.

- Firefly by Apofhys (sprite/paletteswap of Boh's Solo)

- Godspeed, edit of Sic-1 Flash. By Josebueno

- Grid, edit of zvitor's Cyborg. By Josebueno

- The Joker by Sic-1, edited by Lugi1276

- Two Face by Ax, edited by Lugi1276.



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I came to learn that there's Artemis character (as far as I know, she's edited from chuchoryu's Pink Ranger) in mugen*rchive. Since I can't access that site, can anyone please upload it here?

Thank you in advance 🙂

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Well, we have a big update right now! (I hope I'm not forgetting anything):


- Apollo by Carpa5 (floating character)

- Arsenal by Jinky (both versions)

- Artemis by Apofhys

- Batman by Varo Hades (POTS style)

- Batman by Alucard and Kenshiro, edited by Lugi1276

- Beastboy by Joy games (Teen Titans Go version)

- Bronze Tiger by Apofhys

- Catwoman by Ax, edited by mx903

- Dr. Mid-Nite by Carpa5 & Shining

- John Constantine (movie version) edited by Freud

- Jonah Hex by Josebueno

- Mera (updated) by Josebueno

- Robin (Teen Titans cartoon) by Lugi1276

- Scarecrow by Ax (original unedited version)

- Sportsmaster by Apofhys

- Starfire by The Big Bro Small Bro (Teen Titans Go, ULTRA CRAP)

- Static Shock by Josebueno (just a palette swap of Gambit with some electric effects added)

- Superboy edited by Idpp

- Superboy edited by Gartanham, with a new stance animation

- Swamp Thing by Plexo19 (horrible palette swap of Acey's Killer Croc)

- Talon by Raijjin

- Two Face by Raijjin

- Two Face by Shining & Yifferman

- White Cannary by Apofhys

- White Dragon by Josebueno




- The Joker (Batman The Brave and The Bold) by Lugi1276

- Superman (NES) by Caddie

- Superman (Sega Master System) by Smee


3d chars:


- Batman (Injustice) by Jose Cuervo

- Batman by Lugi1276


JUS characters:


- Superman Prime by Planeptune Arte & Drex123

- Wonder Woman by Chickennuggetprime


Plus some broken links repaired.

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Link to all the characters below in a folder: https://mega.nz/folder/kQcUkbjL#iJCbA8-4zGTT3hhx2-VxCg
Arkham City Joker made by Luigi1276

Metamorpho made by Johnny DC
Amazo made by Cravd and Johnny DC
God Bizzaro made by Orochi Shin (The Original God Bizzaro)
Doomsday made by Lord Sinistro / Patched by Adrian
Deathstroke MvC made by Chuchoryu 
Bane made by maxximus & ALEXZIQ (Old)

Secondary Link for the characters below (Download the whole folder since I made a mistake unzipping all off them): https://mega.nz/folder/lI0zADYK#qF1_a6dpC_37Q6aZnXepVA
Clayface made by hrd2016

Doomsday (TDAROS) made by (Cliff-A)

Golden Age Cheetah made by Animaraz

Synder's Cut Superman made (JUS) by Planeptune, edit by Unknown

Superboy (TDAROS or JLTF) made by Pseudoingles

SuperMan / Superman (NVTW / JUS) made by Soulfire / Diogo Menegão
Superman (Christopher Reeves, MKP Style) made by Unknown

The Shadow made by D, The Red Cloak
Batman (NVTW / JUS) made by Soulfire / Diogo Menegão

Batman Gadgets (JUS) made by Planeptune, edited by Trafalgarlawz

Batman (Smash Mod) converted by Nostalgic Collector

Kid Flash (AI Downgrade) downgraded by Vendigo

Reverse Flash (Arrowverse) made by KlingoftheCastle

Reverse Flash (JUS) made by Planeptune, edit by CROW

Reverse Flash (JUS, EDIT) made by Planeptune, edit by CROW, AI edited by XShadowTSM

Flash (JUST, EDIT) made by Planeptune, AI edited by XShadowTSM

Total characters: 23

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On 6/8/2022 at 6:29 AM, FatalArtics0555 said:

Link to all the characters below in a folder:


Wow, that's an amazing compilation you got there. Thanks a lot!


Metamorpho by Johnny DC is already in the collection with the author quoted as Chak'z, the same goes for the MVC Deathstroke which is listed here as "MKvsDC" Deathstroke, because that's how Chuchoryu named it, even though its gameplay is more MVC-ish. Cheetah by Animaraz and The Joker by Lugi1276 were also already here. And for The Shadow, as far as I know, the character doesn't belong to DC.


Nonetheless I added the rest of the bounty, thanks again!

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Pack of characters: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/sdq7y8radn8t2/DC+Chars+for+DC+Collection+in+MUGEN+Guild

Superman made by Hannibal/Kal-Elvis and Friends + Vensen
Superman Prime One Million made by Hannibal / Kal-Elvis + Odin123

Cyborg Superman made by Angelus_Silverhead, JARRO77 and borewood2013

Overdose Superman made by JARRO77 + Orochi Shin

Superman (Future End Billy Batson) made by Angelus_Silverhead and JARRO77

Superman (Eradicator Armor) made by Angelus_Silverhead and JARRO77

Superman JUS (MOS) made by Planeptune + tj_tj_tj_tj_tj

Superman JUS made by Planeptune + Leofer93
SuperMan / Superman (MKP) converted by Unknown

Superman Beyond (Super Smash Mod) converted by thatguy

Batman (MKP) made by guerro

Starfire (Super Smash Mod) converted by Stocking Rose

Parasite (Super Smash Mod) converted by Nostalgic Collector

Missing characters I found but can't seem to find a download:
Batman Beyond JUS 
Sinestro JUS

Both possibly made by D2TD

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Character Pack #2 (Click the authors name to get to the download links)
(Also I keep on messing up MugenLJN to MugenJLN, they are the same just typos)
Atrocitus: Acey & Blagoy & Unknown

BizarroKal-Elvis & Buyog2099 + Orochi Shin ||| Hannibal + Orochi Shin (Old)

Black Lightning and Metamorpho: Unknown

Brainiac: 1% + MugenJLN + Shining ||| Ledernieraztlan + 1% + MugenJLN (MVC) ||| MugenLJN + Ledernieraztlan + 1% ||| Ledernieraztlan (Old) ||| Ledernieraztlan + Unknown (?)

Brimstone: Hertainnenspade

Deathstroke: Polyakov Peter ||| Chuchoryu + MegaTroySmith (MK LEGACY 2.0) ||| Chuchoryu + Jacutinga ||| Chuchoryu + (Possibly) Comorep (MVC) || Chuchoryu - SSonic

Huntress: Odin123, & Vellrrath ||| maurizeurgo (Pallete-swap of Scarlet Witch) ||| Odin123, & Vellrrath + MugenLJN Edited / Update ||| skhsato123 + MugenLJN

The Joker: Donald Nemesis (Cheap) ||| MDPlays (Joaquin Phoenix) ||| DarkKnightDetective (Brazilian Portuguese) ||| Mr. Giang + kater15 (Converted to 1.0)

To this day I still haven't found Brimstone made by an unsigned person, Joker HD, ETC.
And the author of the MKP Joker is either x.DarkGlacius-74.x が科ヒ or tigregoods.

(I also I think might have made a mistake with some of the Brainiac characters.)

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