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Fast Foods & Soft Drinks Collection


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Rules are: no cheap edits. That is all. Feel free to contribute or correct me on any of my mistakes!



Ronald McDonald by kishio, edited by DarkDonald1/Sennou-Room/Sennou-Room(older)/Jaskdonald/fruitjuice/ronaldfighter/JtheSaltyy/Y77+/Milt Jr./"Donald EX"|Evil Donald by PineappleProducer, edited by NeinCatAGK|Shadow Donald by DarkDonald1|Exercise Donald by yupi|Donald (ZETA Mix) by ZETA|Ice Donald by hayate606|Sweets Donald by fruitjuice



Ronald McDonald from McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure by VictorEVERMEHREN1011



Grimace by goemon, edited by TYOwwOMAww/furfang40X



Colonel Sanders by peg, edited by Sennou-Room/IkuTronHD/Milt Jr./ghiacio"Colodio Brando"/Alexander"The Animated Colonel"/XBrosion"Weird Colonel"|Fire Colonel by Viola





Jack (in the box) by Pasta Boi



Burger King by Jay_High19



Pepsiman by namasu, edited by DuckSS|by Suteneko, edited by Brergrsart, twice, thrice?-(1.1)-A-Series/by The Pepsi In The Comments, new version/by Basara-Kun|pepsi by Donald M. Kendall,Herman Lay and Caleb Bradham



The Coca-Cola Bear by Y's Kumao edited by The Pepsi In The Comments



Cool Spot by fer619RoySquadRocks|Fido Dido by Warioman, edited by WlanmaniaX



Chester Cheetah and The Noid by RoySquadRocks|yakisoban by ZETA(not pictured)

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7 minutes ago, jo19sh92 said:

Coca-Cola Bear is just Kumao from Dungeon Fighter, also the author's name is "Y".

The edited version (which is Coca-Cola Bear himself) is by The Pepsi In The Comments.

Could you link to that?

5 minutes ago, Laharl said:

upon further inspection this collection is breaking one of our rules.


No linking to sites requiring signing up to download. Please rehost these thank you.

Ah, sorry about that. I'll rehost the links right away, sir!

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7 minutes ago, katsup said:

Umm.... that's the same file I have, dude...

Yeah, what I was saying is that this character is originally from Dungeon Fighter, its simply an edit of "Kumao" by Y, and that the edit was originally uploaded to AndersonKenya/AK1. If you're looking for "Kumao" by Y, then you'll have to view the Dungeon Fighter collection on here. Otherwise, I'm sure you can find it elsewhere. But overall, you'll have to re-upload this character to a drive somewhere and host it, that way you don't direct link to AndersonKenya or any other site that requires for you to sign up. >_< My apologies for the confusion.

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1 minute ago, jo19sh92 said:

But overall, you'll have to re-upload this character to a drive somewhere and host it, that way you don't direct link to AndersonKenya or any other site that requires for you to sign up. >_< My apologies for the confusion.

Yeah I rehosted everything already

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3 hours ago, Walker212 said:

Pepsi Cola by num_kirby,cuddlesnam/somari_taken - https://www.mediafire.com/file/4h8bl24y29pcgfh/Pepsi_Cola_Sprites_on_MUGEN_by.zip/file



Also, do you allowed stages in this collection?

No, sorry.

4 hours ago, Basara-kun said:

Hi, I got 2 more Pepsiman to be added here:

-True Pepsiman by The Pepsiman in the Comments

-Saint Pepsiman by Basara-kun (yeah, me XD)


Oh, and there's a Wendy's by AntiMrjonnybh666 but it's offline (since it's hosted on MA)


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I think in this case someone should make the "Ronald/Donald McDonald collection" as it was suggested before, and only left the link to the original character and the link to the collection... and of course if there're other Ronald in MUGEN not based on him (like the ones from McDonalds videogames)

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8 hours ago, LATER HERO said:

Well, as it seems MA download links are not allowed here... But I guess anybody can download characters from that site and THEN reupload them to another host file service, right? I wonder why Mugen Archive has so bad reputation? 

That's the idea, indeed. MA had gained their bad fame by many ways: using shortener links, ads and even asking money to their users, admins that are whiny and block you at the minimum chance (not ban, direcly block your IP), etc. I probaly was blocked from there just for being a "Guild guy", I didn't even post there and I just use it to download stuff and reupload to anywhere else... but ironically my creations are still uploading there

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Well, now I must apologize with MUGEN Archive. I, as a user of Mugen Archive must apologize for defaming the site.  As it seems there's is a large history about attacks against the site. And, with my comment, now deleted I fostered the hate between these 2 sites of MUGEN I mean MUGEN Archive and MUGEN Free For All. Absolutely it weren't my intentions and I regret for talking about facts that  even I don't know. I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart.

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