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Street Fighter I


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Another remade collection, but this time from Big Green, another one who's MIA since years and his collections became abandoned. So it's time to make something again.

Red is offline, Blue is edited/custom, Yellow is WIP, Green is different gameplay and * needs an image.


Playable Characters


Ryu: Falchion22 - Lows 9.0 / MASA / Unknown / DCelso / Lord Sinistro

Ken Masters: Falchion22 / MASA / Unknown / DCelso


Enemy Characters


Adon: Falchion22

Birdie: Falchion22
Eagle: Falchion22
Geki: Falchion22
Gen: Falchion22
Joe: Falchion22

Lee: Falchion22
Mike: Falchion22Mike Obrecht
Retsu: Falchion22 / Zion

Sagat: Falchion22 / GUMHOY (Buthead Sagat): 1.1 - 1.0



Bonus Stage: DCelso


Edited Characters


Angela Anaconda: GTAguy

Bootleg Ryu: DrKelexo (old ver.)

Charlie/Nash: Legorulez49

Dan Hibiki: Jessica Smoke

Evil Ryu: M

Gou Hibiki: Mugenmonkey

Gouken: Mugenmonkey

SHINGOMELTAKI: The Crib Killa Fellas


CPS2/CPS3 Edited Characters


Characters by David_Bazbal

Geki: Zero de Armentis / Alejoma (pass: alejomapesgeki) / CwdevineDuracelleur (KOFA)

Joe: Sky79 / Alejoma (pass: joeydukepes) / Trololo

Lee: AlejomaDuracelleur (KOFA)

Mike: Duracelleur / AlejomaTrololo

Retsu: AlejomaDuracelleur (KOFA)



Birdie (SFA): Mazamerald

Birdie (SFIII): GM - Bajm627 (HD)*

Geki: Chuchoryu

Joe: JustNoPoint & SeanAltlyTrololo

Joe (KOF): PuskasYashin & Trololo

Lee: Chuchoryu

Mike: Chuchoryu

Retsu (CvS): LESSARD / 0megaturb0

Retsu (KOF): PuskasYashin & ThedgeAnimugenZ


Other MUGEN Stuff

Stages: The Grate Uno / Kung Fu Man / SpanThedge (Retsu) / The Valkyrie Project / Dark Saviour / Cenobite53 (Amiga) / 0megaturb0 / OldGamer / Gabito

Fullgames: Falchion22 - Gui0007 (1.0+) / The Valkyrie Project (SF One) / Capcomunications (SF One Upper)PuskasYashin (CVS Remake) / Mugenation (SF One)

Portraits: Yawackhary



Sprites: Yawackhary (Arcade - Amstrad CPC) / jin315 / Sil3ntJ (CPS2)

Sounds: xxxJohnnieWalker2005

Music: Video Game Music

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