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Some game soundrips


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These are some rips i compiled.


Street Fighter V : Champion Edition (Download)

Sound files of the playable characters from the latest update. Includes both languages. DLC folder contains "A shadow falls" content like lazy audacity rips of the DLC movie files and the recommended special battle dialogue (i.e  Ryu vs Necalli)


The folders include:
_CHRSTR_E  = English Story dialogue (in-battle)
_CHRSTR_J  = Japanese Story dialogue
_COS_00    = Default costume sounds (prayer beads, chains, etc)
_CV_E      = English character voice
_CV_J      = Japanese character voice
_SE        = Special effect sounds   
IllustDemo = Story Illustration dialogue (including other characters)


Samurai Shodown 2019 (Download)
Sounds of all of the characters in the latest update including Shizuka, the final boss. Common battle sounds (sword clashing, blood splatter, WFT start, etc) are in a separate file.
Had to lower the volume of some really loud sounds. Unaltered versions are in the "original" folder HEADPHONE WARNING


The character folders include:
_v      = Battle voice files
_select = Select Screen voice files
_s      = Battle SE
_w      = Story and win screen voice files
title   = Character saying game title


Tekken 7 (Download)
Sounds from the latest Lidia patch.


-"7__other characters" includes Devil Kazumi, young Kazuya and Tekken Force Soldier.
-"7__story dialogue" includes the special chapter dialogue like Akuma vs Heihachi.


Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (Download)
Soundfiles of the Street Fighter update.


Included are:
-Character sounds (voice and attack SE)
-Zord sounds
-Common sounds (ie announcer and hitsounds)


SNK Heroines (Download)

Sounds of all the characters, default announcer and common sounds


Soulcalibur VI (Download)

Sounds from the latest update. Includes both languages, weapon sounds, announcer and other soundfiles. Everything has their original ID name.


_E                      = English voice lines
_J                       = Japanese voice lines
_SE                    = Unique weapon sounds (There is a folder with the Critical Edge sounds assembled in stereo files. The original files have the 6 channels separated)
Dramatic_Voice   = Chronicle's battle voice lines (If they have one)


The CaS folder contains the "Create a Soul" voice files in both languages.
sc6__common sounds.7z contains common SE(ie. kicks, hitsounds), foley (chainmail, leather armor, etc) and system sounds (KO hud sound).


Fighting EX Layer Sounds (Download)

Sounds from the latest version, including the announcer.


-Character 7zip     = voicelines and unique sound effects.
-Common sounds = shared sound effects and system sounds.


Devil May Cry V Character Sounds (Download)

Sounds of the 4 playable characters: Nero, Dante, V and Vergil. Sadly no ID on the files.


The character packs include:
-EN          = English Voice
-JA           = Japanese Voice
-SE           = Character Sound Effects
-Weapon = Unique weapon sounds (V has familiars including dual audio Griffon)

Common sounds include slashing sounds, elemental damage, stylish ranking, etc.
Dante and Vergil are kind of a mess because they have 2 versions, playable and boss. Expect some overlap and hundreds of unnamed files.


Jump Force Sounds (Download)

Sounds of the current roster. No file ID but the sounds follow an order (first voicelines are intros and supermove SE follow the sequence).


-JF Original folder contains the OC: Kane, Galena and Prometheus.
-3 characters have extra voicelines: Yugi has Dark Magician Girl, Naruto has the Ninetails and Giorno has Requiem.
-Some characters have a lot of SE in their original folder, others none. The missing ones should be in "JForce__Common Sounds" but that file is a mess.
-The last section of voicelines are some kind of vocal test.


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Renamed all the Tekken 7 sounds with their internal ID-name. This allowed the next changes:
-Redistributed character specific sounds among the cast (ie. Akuma has all of his SE in his folder now)
-Also removed some duplicate item files. Old common folder had 545 unnamed files, it has been reduced to 350 named files and separated in 4 folders.
-The announcer files are separated now.

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