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Nijikaku Uploader Archives (12GB)

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With the death of the Nijikaku uploaders here's something special I wanted to share years ago, it's a massive 12.24 GB motherload of Nijikaku related files from the Nijibox uploaders I've downloaded and organized including many versions of characters & updates, stages, fullgame packs, pictures, videos, sounds and various other files and everything else never before seen from the fullgame! 

I want it to be preserved as Mugen history as it's full of interesting stuff if you have the memory. 

This truly is a special archive that I'll always cherish forever!

https://mega.nz/file/sNBDQQzB#ddh4gObTbvR_iy92pve8cwoJBZjgobphomQAmTbu2Zw oKmSIJs.gif

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You have no clue of how much I've been waiting for this! 😂

Nijikaku was definitely one of my favorite mugen fullgames as well, and really brought my attention to play mugen a lot more often now. It may be dead, but this'll surely live on to its name and glory. Thanks a bunch!

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This is mainly thanks to my high school's connection cause I wouldn't have able to download any of this stuff if it wasn't for their internet as with my home connection it was just impossible to download anything from the official site but with their proxy I got every file except from the ones at Nijikaku.net as that server was already shut down unfortunately.

As I've obsessed over this game for the past few years I promote it and wish it would become popular in general with so many unique and creative characters no one knows about.

I absolutely love discussing and teaching people about those characters, their origins and discovering them too. 

This website has their origins and even more interesting memes & characters: https://6nxruvqt44pfsdmy3t5icfhkvq-adv7ofecxzh2qqi-w-atwiki-jp.translate.goog/2jiwiki/pages/559.html



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