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Mortal Kombat: Cartoon Edits


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On 1/9/2022 at 3:28 AM, Emaserranista said:

Some characters:



Shang Tsung MK11 by Chuchoryu https://mega.nz/file/8l9CBSpK#bAl_MCQ2QKwaMX180uwIADKMX6_TtIogRRJF8ChLB-0

Shao Khan Mk11 by Chuchoryu (I don't know what happened with the previous link because it was in my mega folder, anyway, I reuploaded it)


Sheeva by Leyan https://mega.nz/file/851ykQBS#hACikFsRIlrTTf1IhyhHxarZOsXFaDwtOTzxKqEUIKc

Scorpion UMK3 by Chuchoryu https://mega.nz/file/J41QWaKJ#A76Onikr0zSFOQ-yTumXKcTp-cdguBP0cqbbLpWaSwg

Sub-Zero UMK3 by Chuchoryu https://mega.nz/file/lpMikDKY#fCeJHcsOczka_0iZHaa8sz8opQHePNkBdm71cn20aEA

Tremor by LeoCobainJr https://mega.nz/file/s1sG3a5T#qI4Tyx1fjhA04Ozra7vqdaAaVaVBxng42GRWDMMFdDw


And these two:

Mileena by Tem(a). Has NSFW commands and sprites, so I'm not sure about the character



and Reptil Verde by Cesarsombra. Seems to be a spriteswap of SF1 Mike by Mike Obrecht using Khany Pham's Reptile sprites:




a few of these creations have been added to the first post. I didn't add Mileena because I wanted this collection to be clean lol. Cesarsombra's stuff on the other hand are all spriteswaps.


also deleted Marth Belmonth's creations as they're pretty much the same as Juano16's/Obrecht's stuff, only with different sprites

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Baraka by BurningSoul (uses LESSARD's sprites) : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AispdDQgkFaaoFbbnrNBw8j9IYRk?e=oK54pd

Ermac by Mallboro Games, edited by BurningSoul :


Updated link for Nexus Games's Liu Kang : https://www.mediafire.com/file/mr6og9lgn71fbwq/Liu+Kang+Supers+Fixed.rar/file

Btw Gui Santos and Gouki Machine's edit of the above Liu Kang uses Chuchoryu's sprites.

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Updating the Noise Factory collection, I found some interesting stuff for this one:

  • Found all AngelM's MK Ninja chars in one link, taken from his old website that results it has this MF link still working
  • And about AngelM, here're other working links from there: Kung LaoCyraxStreet Fighter Ninja
  • Aaaand from the same site, here're the hosted chars by Teeno: Mileena and Kitana (there's also Reiko, but it's on Sendspace, so it's offline)
  • Rain and Trevor made by Unknown were made by God, to be changed the names on the collection
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