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MVC Green Sonic release!


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There hasn't been much improvement at all since The King


-Messy Palettes


-Inconsistent style


-Invalid Actions for Super Jump/Liedown/Super/Hypers


-Spammable attacks


-Messing up Fantastic, and Marvelous Announcements


-Literal sex


-Target being unable to do anything until hit after said sex


-PalFX/Explode lasts too long after said sex


If you're gonna throw sex in, at least warn us in some fashion.


-Crappily recolored still of AOSTH, it looks like you just took a screenshot of Sonic Says, then changed the hue to make him green.


-S3 suddenly turns into S2 when Electricuted


-No Animations for Frozen/Electrocution despite having the sprites


-Horribly recolored Mania sprites, shades for some sprites are still dark blue.


It feels really janky overall.

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If you convert Green Sonic to WinMUGEN (Like I did) you end up crossing paths with his actually functioning AI.



The AI will constantly spam projectiles, as well as it's Hypers whenever possible, while also spamming the run, making him extremely annoying to deal with if you are not using a fast character.


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