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[PS4/PS5/PC/Swith/Stadia/Xbox One/Xbox Series] Samurai Shodown - News

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1. Gameplay:

Samurai Shodown is a 3D fighting game with a 2D flat combat system that uses many elements from previous games in the series. He shares similarities with The King of Fighters XIV and SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.

The controls consist of four buttons: weak, medium, strong strokes with weapons and kick. By pressing special combinations, the character can perform captures, counter attacks, interceptions and evasions. The anger meter is back in the game. It is replenished after each damage suffered by the character. A fully populated scale gives access to new skills. After gaining a full scale, the player can activate anger mode, which increases the character's strength for a while and opens up the opportunity to disarm the opponent. During the activation of the fury mode, an explosion occurs, pushing the enemy away and opening it to attack. After the end of the fury mode, the player is deprived of the opportunity to use the scale until the end of the game.

Each character has a super special move, which deals very powerful damage when hitting an opponent. However, it can only be tried once during the entire game.

The game uses a trainable artificial intelligence. The player can create his own ghost. The AI will watch the player's actions and then try to copy them. In a battle with his own ghost, the player can discover the weaknesses of his tactic.

The bloody finishing moves that were missing from previous titles in the series have returned to this game.




2. Plot:

Samurai Shodown takes place in the time period between the Samurai Shodown V and Samurai Shodown, and has been cited as a reboot of the series.

The game takes place in 1787, during the Tenmei Era of Japanese history. The entire country is beset by a terrible and looming evil. Fire, ruin and famine ran rampant throughout Japan. Meanwhile, as these events unfold, a sinister cloud envelops the air with a foreboding sense of dread. Shizuka Gozen, the deceased spirit of a young woman who is possessed and trapped in Yomi (labeled Eternity in the game itself) threatens to destroy Japan. Warriors from all across Japan and beyond the ocean, driven by their own needs and desires, converge to investigate these evil forces and vanquish them.


3. Characters:

Samurai Shodown features a base roster of 16 playable characters, with extra ones available as paid and free downloadable content. Newcomers and guest characters are marked in bold.


3.1 Base:

3.1.1 Charlotte:


3.1.2 Darlin Dagger:


3.1.3 Earthquake:


3.1.4 Genjuro Kibagami:


3.1.5 Galford:


3.1.6 Hanzo Hattori:


3.1.7 Haohmaru:


3.1.8 Jubei Yagyu:


3.1.9 Kyishiro Senryo:


3.1.10 Nakururu:


3.1.11 Shiki:


3.1.12 Tam Tam:


3.1.13 Ukyo Tachibana:


3.1.14 Yashamaru Kurama:


3.1.15 Yoshitora Tokugawa:


3.1.16 Wu-Ruixiang:


3.1.17 Shizumaru Hisame (free post-launch downloadable character):


3.1.18 Gongsun Li (free post-launch downloadable character; guest character [Tencent's Honor of Kings]):



3.2 Season Pass 1:

3.2.1 Rimururu:


3.2.2 Basara Kubikiri:


3.2.3 Kazuki Kazama:


3.2.4 Wan-Fu:



3.3 Season Pass 2:

3.3.1 Mina Majikina:


3.3.2 Sogetsu Kazama:


3.3.3 Iroha:


3.3.4 Warden (guest character [Ubisoft's For Honor]):



3.4 Season Pass 3 (current season):

3.4.1 Cham Cham:


3.4.2 Hibiki Takame (coming soon; guest character [SNK's The Last Blade 2]):


3.4.3 ??? (coming soon):


3.4.4 ??? (coming soon; guest character [Arc System Works' Guilty Gear]):




Samurai Shodown has received generally favorable reviews, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions earning a Metacritic score of 81, 78, and 75 respectively. Den of Geek gave the game 3.5 out of 5 stars, and commented that Samurai Shodown "is a fighting game that’s incredibly solid in its core gameplay and looks swell enough, but it sadly feels like it’s lacking because there’s little else to do." The Mercury News called the game a solid revamp for the series, and noted that SNK upgraded the visuals and was as challenging as ever. In their review of the game, GameSpot called the game a great reboot that captured what made the original fun and unique, while also drawing attention to the fact that the single-player experience was somewhat lacking. IGN praised the game's fighting mechanics, and noted that there was an extraordinarily tense style of fighting that is unlike just about anything else in the genre in the current fighting game climate. The PlayStation 4 version was the fourth bestselling game in Japan during its first week of release, selling 16,662 copies. On July 4, SNK reported that first-week shipments plus digital sales totaled 40,606 units.

The game was nominated for "Best Fighting Game" at The Game Awards 2019, and for "Fighting Game of the Year" at the 23rd Annual D.I.C.E. Awards, and won the award for "Game, Franchise Fighting" at the NAVGTR Awards.

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Achievements/Trophies Part 1 of:


1Mb88a57.pngSamurai Shodown: Earn all trophies in the game.

Trophy acquired when taking all the previous ones. Exclusive for PS4 and PS5.


2M4455b8.pngNew Blood: [Story] Clear with any character.

(see Indefatigable for more information).


3Mfcaafa.pngVersability: [Story] Clear with four different characters.

(see Indefatigable for more information).


4M5acac2.pngIrresistible Force: [Story] Clear with 12 different characters.

(see Indefatigable for more information).


5Mab863e.pngIndefatigable: [Story] Clear with 16 different characters.

To acquire this achievement/trophy, you have to finish the story mode with the 16 base characters. Shizumaru, Gongsun Li and the season characters don't count. To make it easier, you can put the game on the easiest difficulty and set the round number to 1. See Purifying Force for tips on how to defeat the final boss.


6M697dbd.pngPurifying Force: [Story] Defeated the boss.

Defeat the final boss in story mode with any character on any difficulty.

The final boss of the game is Shizuka Gozen, a depressed woman who awaits for one of the sixteen characters to suppress the hatred and anger flowing from within her. Her attack patterns, along with her damage output, resemble those found in traditional SNK bosses in the early '90's until 2010, a trope commonly known as SNK Boss Syndrome among fans of other SNK fighting games.


Shizuka's attacks, as well as tips on how to counteract against them, can be found in the list below:

* Shizuka uses fans, which serves as her main weapons and the attacks she will use with them are as follows:

1- She will slash downward or with a sweep attack while using them, be sure to block while standing when she does the former and the latter can be avoided by either jumping or blocking it while crouching.


2- She will use three spinning fans as projectiles against her opponent, which will be aimed straight towards you from either below, middle or high above the player. If the fan projectile is high up, do not jump to approach her and stay grounded while it's active; otherwise, be sure to block or dodge the fans that are aiming either below or straight towards you in the middle.


3- She will also use the fans that are floating around her as projectiles that will attack you in three different ways:

3.1- They will fall down from either the left or the right side of the screen, which functions in a similar, yet different manner to that of Yukiko's Maragidyne from the Persona 4 Arena series and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Be sure to block them as soon as you see them fall down towards you;

3.2- She will aim them diagonally towards you in a 45 degree angle. This can be avoided by either jumping over them or by blocking;

3.3- She will fire a volley of fans from the sky that deal multiple hits against you, as with the first attack, you will need to block them as you start to see them appear above you.


4- She also has another technique where her fans will grab the player as it drags them above ground. This can be avoided by jumping away from it before it grabs you.


5- In the second round, she gains a new attack where she combines two of her fans to form a spinning blade that stands right in front of her. This can be avoided by jumping over her when she uses this attack or by blocking but don't attempt to perform just defenses when this attack is active.


** She has two weapon flipping techniques that she will use in the second round: One that takes the form of a laser, and another attack that acts similarly to K's Hyper Chain Drive from The King of Fighters XIII and XIV. You will simply need to block them, but don't attempt at multiple just defenses or dodging against them, as the timing for these is strict and you can still get hit from these attacks.


*** When Shizuka claps on her hand drum, she will summon swords that function similarly to the fans that attack the player downwards or with a sweep. During this phase, the swords attack in a very distinct pattern so be sure to either block while standing or crouching depending on the position of the attack or time your dodges accordingly but keep in mind that one of her downward sword slashes is an overhead, meaning that you will need to block while standing.


**** Her Super Special Move has her shooting an arrow directly towards you, this can deal a massive amount of damage against you if this is not blocked or dodged properly, so be sure to avoid this attack at all costs.


Whenever you attack her with standard weapon attacks, special moves and weapon flipping techniques, she will cease her attacks and become open to any incoming damage that can be dealt against her you can also use super special moves in the second round of the fight after dealing some more damage to her while she's at orange health. It's also not advised to use Rage Explosion unless she is low on health during the second round of the fight and once that condition is met, use your character's weapon flipping technique to your advantage while in said state to put her in a dizzy state one last time and finish story mode with the character you are playing as.


7M623400.pngNot Even a Scratch: [Story] Clear after using a Continue.

During story mode, lose one or more times, to continue and end the game. Works with any character and in any difficulty. See Purifying Force for tips on how to defeat the final boss.


8Mf6b5b0.pngIs that All You've Got?: [Story] Clear without using a Continue.

During story mode, finish without using continue. Works with any character and in any difficulty. To make it easier, put the game on the lowest difficulty and the number of rounds to 1. See Purifying Force for tips on how to defeat the final boss.

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Achievements/Trophies Part 2 of:


9Mb69da7.png World's Greatest: [Battle] Finish Gauntlet Mode with any character.

Gauntlet Mode is similar to Survival Mode. In it you must defeat all 16 initial characters and the final boss, in sequence and without using Continue. Take a character that you have more affinity and play on the defensive and attacking whenever the opponent lets his guard down. I remember that the latest updates put the Guard Crush mechanic, in which it is possible to break the opponent's defense after some strong attacks. See Purifying Force for tips on how to defeat the final boss.


10Mc9d9dd.png Back from the Dead: [Battle] Win 5 successive victories in Survival Mode.

Survival Mode is similar to Gauntlet Mode, but here you face several opponents at random and infinitely. The more opponents you defeat, the greater the difficulty. To release the achievement/trophy, it is enough to have 5 consecutive victories in the same match.


11M84e2ab.pngGale of Fury: [Battle] Extend the timer by at least 150 seconds in Time Trial Mode.

Time Trial mode is similar to Survival Mode, in which you must defeat several opponents in a row to increase the counter. You lose if you are defeated or time runs out. Each type of movement (special, disarmament, etc.) and how the game ends (quickly and perfect, for example) increases the time counter. To get the achievement/trophy, just add 150 total seconds in time in the same match.

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Achievements/Trophies Part 3 of:


16Sbf77e0.pngStone-Cold Killer: [Dojo] Fight a ghost match.

(see The Demon for more information).


12Mb00c27.pngRage Personified: [Dojo] Defeat a ghost character 10 times.

(see The Demon for more information).


13M4f58aa.pngFlesh Eater: [Dojo] Defeat a ghost character 50 times.

(see The Demon for more information).


14M06fa3c.pngThe Demon: [Dojo] Defeat a ghost character 100 times.

One of the new modes featured in this installment of the Samurai Shodown series is a Dojo mode, where players fight against either another player's ghost fighter or any one of their own ghost fighters from the countless fights they've fought in.


The two modes that are found inside the Dojo, both of which are described below:

1- Ironman Challenge: A special battle mode where you can select to fight between 10, 50 or 100 ghost characters in a row. If you have ghosts already saved to your game data, you can fight them again in this mode, but otherwise, you will fight against ghost characters created by SNK depending on how many unsaved slots you have.

2- Ghost Match: A battle mode where you can fight against ghost characters, be it one from another player (if you are connected to the internet), or your own. You can also select from either one of four options in this mode:

2.1- Pick Up;

2.2- Rankings;

2.3- Saved Ghosts;

2.4- My Ghosts.


As the trophy description says, you will need to defeat any player's ghost character (including your own) at least 100 times. You can speed up the process by setting the number of rounds in Ghost Matches (found in the game's options) to 1. All ghosts defeated in Ghost Battle (be it your own ghost or another player's) and the Ironman Challenge will accumulate towards your progress when going for this trophy, but you can continue fighting the same ghost as many times as you want. You can also check how many ghost battles you have fought in, as well as your wins by going onto Database => Overall Records => Dojo => Dojo Records (Your wins are determined by a fan next to the portrait of the character you played as; it should also be noted that player ghosts created by SNK (which are only fought in the Ironman Challenge) are not included in these records, but they still count towards the trophy regardless).


15Mde6be9.pngKagemusha: [Dojo] Receive your first ghost.

To register a ghost, you will first need to complete the match from start to end and press triangle (PS4, PS5) or Y (Xbox One, Xbox Series) once you open up a pop-up menu with four post-match options. Whether you win or lose the fight does not matter when going for this. You should go for this naturally when going for The Demon, provided if you win any match against a ghost before receiving it from the player whose ghost you've fought.

For more information on Ghost Battles, please refer to The Demon.


17Me5b336.pngAt Peace with Oneself: [Dojo] Defeat your own ghost.

To fight against your own ghost, you will need to head to Ghost Battle inside the Dojo and select My Ghosts, this will open up a screen showing the characters you have played, along with the number of rounds they have fought in.




The "My Ghosts" screen.

As the trophy description says, you will need to win a match against your own ghost for the first time in order to unlock it. You should be able to unlock this naturally when going for The Demon but keep in mind that you won't be able to unlock Kagemusha, as you can only receive another player's ghost after winning or losing a match against them.

For more information on Ghost Battles, please refer to The Demon.

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Achievements/Trophies Part 4 of:


18Maa800b.pngWarrior Pilgrim: [Online] Fight a Ranked Match.

Just play a ranked match with any character. Winning or not, you unlock the achievement/trophy.


19Mace4b7.pngClosing the Distance: [Online] Play one Casual Match.

Just play a casual game with any character. Winning or not, you unlock the achievement/trophy.


20M27aeeb.pngTriumphant Teamwork: [Online] Fight a Team Battle.

Just play a team match with any character. Winning or not, you unlock the achievement/trophy.


21M3c26fe.pngApt Studant: [Tutorial] Complete all lessons.

Just complete all the lessons in the tutorial. It doesn't have to be in order, you can skip the ones you are having difficulties with and come back later.


22S9df54f.pngEndless Riches: [Gallery] Unlock 15 movies.

(see Seven Great Treasures for more information).


23M9f3a42.pngSeven Great Tresures: [Gaallery] Unlock 25 movies.

Much like other SNK titles (eg KOF XIII / XIV and SNK Heroines) before it, Samurai Shodown features movies that are unlocked naturally when playing through the game's story mode that can be unlocked for viewing in the game's gallery, such as mid-game intermissions , character prologues and endings. The list of movies that are featured in the game, as well as how to unlock them, are listed below:


1- Opening (Available by default);
2- Prologue (16 movies; one movie will be unlocked at the start of each story mode run whenever you start it with any character);
3- Mid Battle Cutscene 1 (Complete Stage 3);
4- Mid Battle Cutscene 2 (Complete Stage 6);
5- Boss Intros (Complete Stage 8);
6- Boss Transformations (Defeat Shizuka's first phase in Stage 9);
7- Boss Defeats (Complete Stage 9);
8- Epilogue (16 movies; one movie will be unlocked at the end of each story mode run per character);
9- End Credits (Plays immediately after any character's epilogue);
10- Ending (Plays immediately after the credits).


There are a total of 36 movies; 35 of which are unlockable, but in order to unlock this trophy, you will need to unlock at least 25 of them, which means that you will need to complete story mode with nine different characters. An example of a movie gallery section with a movie that has yet to be unlocked can be seen in the following screenshot:




An example of a movie category inside the movies gallery. Images that are darkened with a lock icon and red slash mark on it are those that have yet to be unlocked.

This will also be unlocked naturally when going for Indefatigable, as well as Art Aficionado if you are unlocking all unique congratulatory artworks for each character by completing them all without continuing, as well as one extra playthrough where you will need to use a continue.


24S39d00e.pngArt Aficionado: [Gallery] Unlock 17 pieces of Artwork.

In Samurai Shodown, the game's artwork pieces come in the form of congratulatory screens instead of illustrations and artwork made by current and former illustrators at SNK.

Whenever you complete Story Mode without using a continue with any one of the game's sixteen characters, you will unlock a new artwork that has them congratulating you for completing the game as that character. However, if you do use a continue, regardless of the character you are playing as, then you will unlock the generic congratulatory artwork instead. An example of the artwork menu (found inside Gallery) can be found below:




A screenshot of the artwork gallery. Images that are darkened with a lock icon and red slash mark on it are those that have yet to be unlocked.

You will need to unlock all 17 pieces of congratulatory artwork in order to unlock this trophy. You can thankfully make this process easier by using the settings found in the Indefatigable achievement/trophy.

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Achievements/Trophies Part 5 of:


25M239418.pngCut Clean in Two: Defeat 10 opponents with heavy attacks.

In Samurai Shodown, heavy attacks are done by pressing circle18x18.png (PS4, PS5) or B (Xbox One, Xbox Series) while you are either standing, crouching, jumping, or stepping forward to attack the opponent. These attacks deal a great amount of damage if the player attacks their opponent from a distance and can be useful in ending matches quickly.

As the achievement/trophy description states, you will need to defeat ten opponents using heavy attacks in order to unlock it. You can also attempt this trophy with Decisive Finish to finish the match as fast as possible while only using heavy attacks.


26S51d928.pngBackbreaker: Defeat 10 opponents using a Special Move.

Another common trope in fighting games are special moves, which are attacks that require specific inputs in order to perform them. Some examples of special moves in the game include Haohmaru's Cyclone Slash (PS4, PS5 lss.pnglsse.pnglse.png square18x18.png/Triangle18x18.png/circle18x18.png) or (Xbox One, Xbox Series lss.pnglsse.pnglse.png X/Y/B) and Kyoshiro's Twisting Heavens (PS4, PS5 lse.pnglss.pnglsse.png square18x18.png/Triangle18x18.png/circle18x18.png) or (Xbox One, Xbox Series lse.pnglss.pnglsse.png X/Y/B).

Additionally, there are attacks that are enhanced whenever you are on Max Rage or Rage Explosion, such as Genjuro's Lightning Wings (same command as Twisting Heavens) and Shiki's Exodus Stream (same command as Cyclone Slash); these attacks have different properties and deal more damage when compared to doing them normally. Some special moves like Nakoruru's Kamui Rimuse (PS4, PS5 lsw.pnglss.pnglssw.png square18x18.png/Triangle18x18.png/circle18x18.png) or (Xbox One, Xbox Series lsw.pnglss.pnglssw.png X/Y/B) are two parters that require an additional command to perform it (PS4, PS5 square18x18.png/Triangle18x18.png/circle18x18.png) or (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/Y/B in Kamui Rimuse's case).

As the achievement/trophy description says, you will need to defeat ten opponents using special moves in order to unlock it. This can easily be done in versus with a second controller so be sure to deal a good amount of damage against them before executing the special move of your choosing. You can also check each character's move list by going to the command list when pausing the game and select the character you are playing as to see what their special moves are.


27M3cf6e1.pngUp in the Air: Defeat an opponent for the first time using a Weapon Flipping Technique.

(see Flesh of Steel for more information).


28M8df744.pngFlesh of Steel: Defeat 10 opponents with Weapon Flipping Techniques.

A unique staple to the series since its inception, Weapon Flipping Techniques are special attacks that not only deal a good amount of damage against your opponent but they will also make your opponent unarmed by stripping them of their weapon. This can be done by inputting (PS4, PS5 lss.pnglsse.pnglse.png L_1.png) or (Xbox One, Xbox Series lss.pnglsse.pnglse.png LB) while you are in Max Rage or in Rage Explosion, which will empty the rage gauge if the move makes contact with the player's opponent; if it's done from the latter, then the player will lose access to the rage gauge and rage explosion for the remainder of the match after it attacks the opponent.

As the achievement/trophy description says, you will need to defeat an opponent ten times using Weapon Flipping Techniques. Before attempting this, I highly recommend putting the opponent on orange or red health before executing the attack to defeat them.


29M92cb0d.pngHerculean Strenght: Defeat an opponent for the first time using a Super Special Move.

(see Simple Serenity for more information).


30M3b8c23.pngSimple Serenity: Defeat 10 opponents with Super Special Moves.

In Samurai Shodown, Super Special Moves are attacks that can deal a great amount of damage against your opponent. They can be executed by inputting (PS4, PS5 lse.pnglsw.pnglssw.pnglss.pnglsse.pnglse.png R2.png) or (Xbox One, Xbox Series lse.pnglsw.pnglssw.pnglss.pnglsse.pnglse.png RT) but keep in mind that only be used once per match so use it carefully.

As the achievement/trophy description says, you will need to defeat your opponent using Super Special Moves ten times in order to unlock it. You can easily do this with a second controller in versus mode by dealing damage against the second player until they reach red health, then perform a Super Special Move to complete the match.


31M5a3a18.pngIn a Flash: Defeat an opponent for the first time using Lighting Blade.

(see Perfectionist for more information).


32M8d1d41.pngPerfectionist: Defeat 10 opponents with Lighting Blades.

One of the new mechanics introduced in this installment of Samurai Shodown is the Lightning Blade or Issen. These attacks are executed by tapping (PS4, PS5 L2.png) or (Xbox One, Xbox Series LT) while in Rage Explosion mode (refer to Blood Boiling for more information, and when the player makes contact with the opponent whilst speeding towards them, the background will turn red, while the characters will become black and white, as seen in the following screenshot:




The damage of your Lightning Blade attack is dependent on how much time you have remaining in your gauge whenever you activate Rage Explosion. It should also be noted that Lightning Blade will also end Rage Explosion as soon as it is used, preventing you from using enhanced special moves or weapon flipping attacks for the remainder of the match.

As the achievement/ trophy description says, you will need to use Lightning Blade to defeat an opponent ten times in order to unlock it.

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