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No jokes, it's for real. 
For my April Fools release, the King of Muay Thai healthy breakfast. A whole new update on...







Q: Why Cornflakes Sagat?
A: Exactly six years ago, this legendary meme became a MUGEN character.
So i decided to do a whole new take on him. And i like some cornflakes too. :v

Q: What was updated exactly?
A: Most of the sound stuff and very few FXs now are based on the modern POTS Style.
I fix his Level 3's Cornflakes Cannon that wasn't work at all. Now works properly. Still have issue after you hit the opponent with Cornflakes Shot.
Also i add a new and proper big portrait for him.
He still challenging, but i nerfed him a little and limited some crazy stuff like some of his intentional infinities.

Q: Any new update in mind?
A: Maybe in the meantime.

 Special mention and Thanks!
 - Elecbyte, for creating the MUGEN engine!
 - Master Gouken, for the original version of CF Sagat!
 - The DreamSlayer, for his CVS2 sprite rips.
 - Etg, for his MVC2 hyper combo finish rips.
 - Alchemist, for his SF4 rips.
 - Kung Fu Man, for the "cheese kill" code.
 - Byakko, PotS, DivineWolf, Cybaster and Jesuszilla, for coding reference, sound stuff and FX.
 - Capcom and SNK, for the epic CVS2 game.
 - MUGEN forums and groups, for the support and friendship.
 - and YOU for downloading the Cornflakes King!

More details and the whole movelist in the "New ReadMe.txt"
Happy April Fools everyone!


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