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1-- Introduction to the Site


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•  I'm new here, what do I do?


If you want to do anything other than read and download stuff, then the first thing to do is create an account. There's a Sign Up button in the upper right corner of the site. Once you've done that you'll be allowed to join in discussions, react, share content, post status updates and participate in events that are open to all members around the site.

Once you have an account, the first thing to do is set up your profile. That's part 2 in the Site Overview topics list, and you can read / skim the other steps at this point to get a basic idea of how the site works. While you're putting it all together it's a good idea to check out the sites Guidelines too. They explain the rules and consequences in detail.

After you get that taken care of, it's on to the fun stuff. You can start by introducing yourself in the [ INTRODUCTIONS ] forum. Take a look at other peoples introductions if you're worried about how to go about it, but it's really very simple. It's just a way to say hi and let everyone know you're here so you can start meeting people.

After you've made your introduction, start exploring the site. Take a look around, see how everything works, and check the Site Overview if something is confusing. And remember, you can always check back in on the Introductions forum and welcome other new members. It's a great place to meet people because a lot of new members there are looking to make connections. 


•  I registered and introduced myself, now what?


The easiest thing you can do to get settled in is just explore the site, but keep on the lookout for discussions that interest you. Feel free to comment, react and follow them using the Follow button if they interest you. That way you'll be notified of activity on that thread or forum.

That's really what keeps this place going, as simple as it is. People sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings on subjects of mutual interest and making friends. So if you read something you like, let em know, jump into a conversation, share, have a good time. That's what happens here, we're not just a Mugen assembly line.

At this stage, I'd also recommend going back and forth between discussions / status updates, and the [ SITE OVERVIEW ] sub-forum and the Guidelines until you're really familiar with everything.


•  Ok, I've read the site overview, and gotten involved in some discussions. What's next?


At this point you're probably ready to start exploring other activities on top of just discussions. There are quite a few options available to you. Here's a few to consider:

Apply for a Member Role
Consider learning to create Mugen stuff. Palettes and portraits don't require much technical skill for example
Start earning awards. Visit the Award Clubs section to learn how

Earn some rep by answer questions in the [ P2P HELP ] forum. People will appreciate it!
Set up your followed content to easily keep track of the content you enjoy
Take part in some special events like voting for Character of the Month, or the writing for the Monthly Judgement
Join an Ikemen Tourney and play Mugen online against other forum members in a seasonal tournament.
Start a Collection in the [ COLLECTIONS ] forum or one of its sub-forums


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