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Made some adjustments to the forums layout. 




•  [ STAFF HQ ]  became [ STAFF HEADQUARTERS ]  

•  [ TRAVEL STATION ]  moved to the staff area 

•  [ FANFICTION ] became [ WRITING & FANFIC ]  

•  [ GAMING ] became [ GENERAL GAMING ]

•  [ GENERAL ] inside what is now general gaming, became [ MISCELLANEOUS ]

A few of these have been irking me for a while now.  Pretty sure I got all of em, and a few new ones in one swoop.

There may be minor changes here and there as it settles in.



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This years bound to fail holiday surprise from me is a pretty major visual update to the forum discussions theme.
The original, pre-change is now selectable in the bottom themes menu.
Oddly, despite looking bigger because of the avatars, the new theme is a little more compact spatially.






It's going to stay set as the site's default theme until January 1st.
At that point, if too many people are reviled by it we'll have a public vote as to whether to keep it the default or just make it selectable.


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I overhauled the forums layout. There were too many nested sub-sub-sub forums, rarely used forums, and other unnecessary containers. So I'm in the process of untangling everything, and sorting it out to be more easily accessible. Almost all available forums are now visible from the front page, and the logic of the layout is much cleaner. It's still a work in progress that will span the next couple of days, but the major work is done. Take some time to explore and see for yourself.

Here's a list of merges and deletions:

• There are no longer container forums at the top of each section. The top forum of each section now has content. 

• The News forum was deleted. Offsite releases now go in the sub-forum Offsite in the Releases section.

• The Fawn was moved to Special Events, and the archived news to The Docks sub-forum in The Warehouse.

• The Characters Warehouse, Stages Warehouse, and Screenpacks Warehouse from Collections were combined with the Resources Warehouse to make The Warehouse.

• The Pokemon sub-forum was merged with its container forum Nintendo, due to lack of use.

• Mugen Discussion was renamed to Mugen Lounge which now contains the sub-forum called Video Sharing.
• The Video forum in Member Galleries was merged with Mugen Cinema to create the Video Sharing sub-forum in the Mugen Lounge.

• SNK Edits & Capcom Edits sub-forums were merged with their container forum Edits in what's now The Warehouse. 

• Resource Requests and Completed Requests were merged with Content Requests.

• The Lifebars and Hitsparks sub-forums and their container forum Screenpacks were all merged into the main Releases forum where chars and stages are.

• The Patches and Palettes sub-forums were merged into their container forum Edits which was renamed to Edits & Add-ons in the Releases section.

• Site Overview was merged into its container forum Introductions.

• The Screenpacks collections was renamed to Motifs.

• The Tutorial Library's main questions sub-forum was moved into P2P Help and renamed Mugen Coding.

• The Tutorial Library's sub-forums, Tutorials and Code Snippets remain in the Creation Lab under the original name Tutorial Library.

• A sub-forum named Site Related was created in P2P Help for questions regarding the workings of the forum itself.

• Ikemen Dojo was overhauled. The Forge was renamed to Releases, and the Ikemen Wips sub-forum was renamed to the Wip Forge.
• The Dojo's League sub-forum was hidden until and if it becomes useful.

• The Hangouts, Member Galleries and Travel Station were essentially merged to create the Communities forum.

• The Writing & Fanfic sub-forum was renamed to Roleplay & Fanfic due to the popularity of role playing.

• The Fawn may wake up from hibernation soon, but in a different form. We'll see how it goes.

• Character of the Month was renamed to X of the Y. If someone has a better idea please let me know.

• A Role Requesting sub-forum was created in Staff HQ. It will be updated soon.

• A new view is available for the front page. Click the blue buttons next to Start a Topic. The images are not final, and suggestions are welcome.


That's most of what I could get done today. Expect more changes over the next couple days as the reorganization / pre-spring cleaning process continues. Any suggestions anyone has to help make the layout cleaner and more focused are more than welcome. Hope you guys like it so far.







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18 minutes ago, gui0007 said:

Oh, so it's begun! Hope that the things get right in this reorganitzation of MFFA. :)

Yep it's under way. Changes I've wanted to make for a while, finally just doing it.
Lots of stuff getting developed in the background too that I can't wait to share.
Great to have you on G-Mod staff finally!

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On 2/2/2021 at 8:16 PM, RobotMonkeyHead said:

Great to have you on G-Mod staff finally!

Seriously What took him so long? He should have been a mod since I ran the place!


Its funny that all of this reconstruction is happening, because I literally visited a couple days ago, and Thought man this place is messy (Knowing I left it that way) I contacted up ole MonkeyHead and he was in the process of fixing it.

Go figure. Destiny entwines us all.

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Yea you're so right about Gui too.

That was crazy tho, right when I was in the middle of organizing you got a hold of me and were like "sooo the forums all nesty and messy, did you think about cleaning it up a little?" 

So what do you think of the new layout?
Any recommendations, or would you say its up to code?

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There will be some updates to the profile options taking place on Monday. A couple fields will be changed, and this will cause the information you currently have in those fields to be deleted. So after Monday you'll have to re-enter that information if you want it on your profile. The updates are:

• Gender
The gender field will no longer be a dropdown with male, female and not telling. It will be changed to a text input field where members can enter their own text. Again, this will delete all information currently in that field, so if you want your gender specified in your profile, you'll have to do / redo that after Monday. 


• Interests

The interests field will be changed from an expanding text input to a regular text input to match everything else. Again, this will delete all current data in that field, so if you have something in it you want to save, you have till Monday.

• Username on Mugen Sites
A new section will be added, titled Username on Mugen Sites. This will include many popular Mugen sites around the community, so members here can know who you are when they find you on other forums.

• Network Names

None of your existing names will be deleted in this section. But the sections name will be changed to Other Network Usernames, and a few new fields will be added, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok.

• Profile Fields

None of your existing information will be deleted in this section. But the section's name will be changed to Main Profile Tabs.

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I couldn't help but notice upon my return to Mugen that a lot of sub forums were no longer on the main page and some stuff seemed like it would be difficult to find. It's already looking nicer with these improvements. I remember making palettes for the palette section back in the day, glad to see it back. (Or at least easier to find).

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@FarHarborButchergreat to hear. Yea there's been a lot of reorganizing done over the last handful of days. Step one was pulling as many sub-forums to the surface as possible. There are still a few buried here and there but it's no where near the labyrinth it was lol most of em are visible on the main page now. And a few of them got merged to help simplify even further. Now it's on to details like taking care of some of the uglier page tops, and the "site overview" stuff. Good to hear the works showing :) 

If you ever decide you want the Palette related role lemme know

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Brand crispy new mad science has arrived!!!
A new theme is now available which allows you to chat in Discord while roaming the forums!
Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on Themes, and select "Abyss (with Discord)". 


The top banner and nav bar will change and you'll get a Discord icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen.


Click that to open up a Discord chat window. You can close the Discord chat by clicking on the X in it's lower right hand corner.


Banner designed by@TheArcadeStriker for the 2019 banner contest.

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