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【JtheSaltyy Thread 】: (CvS2) Khan (3/18/21)


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I’ve decided to also make a thread documenting my releases in MFFA as well, since, back when I was healthy, posting my releases in here contributed to the exposure I had for those few months, so coming back and posting regularly on MFFA might help me get more feedback/exposure on my work and others who want to download the content I make (even though there’s not that many). It’ll be convenient, I’ll just say that.

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CEO of KOF MUGEN has been released. Refer to the top post for the video and download link.

Just a warning that this character has a ton of flashing lights and loud noises. If you are epileptic, this might harm you.
He is meant to be a joke character, so expect to see a lot of janky stuff with him.

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Shingo is now released. Refer to the top post for the video and download link.

This is a major update for all my characters. Most of them recieved many bug fixes, hitbox fixes, velocity fixes, etc.
The big new thing they all received is grooves. You can either have them enabled or default them to a single groove.

If you want to see exactly what I changed, I will leave a link to a changelog text file here since it's too big to download

This has been a wild ride these past few months for me, I'm feeling SO much better than I did even a couple weeks ago. I just want to thank you all for supporting me thus far, I'll be keeping up the content for you all and for myself as well. Even if these creations don't get noticed as much as others or fly under the radar, I am still proud of what I do. As always, feedback is encouraged and appreciated. I hope to be posting here more often then not. Stay epic everyone.

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