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Rayman by Eliphas and Hyperhazz (01/21/2021)


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This Rayman feels more like an alpha... There's so many problems going on with this character:


- Those CLSNs and hitboxes look very janky and have too much priority. Some retain KFM's original collision boxes.

- Walking backwards has no CLSN

- Shouldn't the assists have a CLSN box?

- QCB, y triggers an invalid state due to the author's mistake on not removing the command from the CMD

- Misaligned hitsparks 

- Ly's and Betilla's projectiles share with Rayman's Afterimage colors when performing an EX move

- EX moves give back power

- QCF, b has a ridiculous amount of hitstun, and easy to trigger an infinite when power bar is filled

- Lockjaw Grab could either use a SelfAnimExist, or the correct gethit anim. Most characters disappear on that frame when grabbed

- Golden Fist's chip damage is just absurd


Better styled? No. At least not yet. Don't get me wrong, the sprites are great, but Rayman himself plays like ass...

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