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Onodera Ren from Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter UPDATED (v20/01/2021)

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Hello, I recently got ahold of this character again for an IKEMEN project, and I forgot how outdated this is, therefore I decided to update her to more current standards of my characters.

Reintroducing Onodera Ren, this weird lady from Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter. Truth to be told I knew nothing about her really and I just made her because I thought she was cool. She was made about 8 years ago, when I was starting to grow up of my MUGEN baby phase.

Here's a bit of a more detailed description of her features:
    -All her moves, even ones that were taken off the game.
    -Dodge, Dash, Backdash, Quick Guard and Dodge get-up adapted from the game.
    -Details taken from the Crimson Alive game, but with my own touches when it comes to gameplay
    -All Normal Moves, All Special moves, Two EX Moves (One of which was cut from the game), Various Super moves (One of them suffered a similar fate).
    -And other things you'll see.
    -A bunch of palettes thanks to Zemilia... he even made more than 12... so go pick whichever ones you like.


Her gameplay consists of some heavy rushdown coupled with extremely punishing juggle combos, almost boss character esque.


UPDATE 21/01/2021 Changelist:


-[SYSTEM] Redone the way Ren's projectiles are limited, so the combo counter won't reset between projectiles. As a result she gains a couple of buffs as well given the better projectile
contact detection:
    -[ADDED] Ren can now cancel into meter moves from: QCF+X, QCF+Y (now on contact rather than just on hit), Y+Br.
    -[FIXED] Improved super cancel rules for Slash Wall.
-[BALANCE FIX] Removed dampening from the remaining projectile meter moves.
-[FIXED] Can properly switch stand to crouch and viceversa in chains. Corrected all mistakes with the chaining.
-[FIXED] Should be able to do ANY normal, special and super from a dash, timing to cancel dash revised.
-[ADDED] Forward Dashing dodge, doing so will increase the rolling distance.
-[FIXED] Properly aligned the Air Blocking animations.
-[FIXED] Can no longer mash buttons to get out of the ground faster. Added roll teching from the original game, however it's been restricted to be done just before getting up, input window
    is 3 frames, has vulnerability frames. See more below.
-[FIXED] Roll cannot pass through opponents from the moment Ren is actually vulnerable, all of the rolls now turn to face the opponent at the vulnerable window.
-[ADDED] Ren's backdash has 7 frames of startup invincibility given how slow as molasses it can be. (it's also uncancellable)
-[REMOVED] QCF+Y no longer has any limits given to it, go crazy if you can even find an use to this move.
-[BALANCE FIX] First hit of 5Y no longer pushes back, range greatly increased, removed a few frames of advantage as a result. Priority on first hit increased,
    Priority on second hit decreased, damage reduced (30x2 -> 25x2).
-[ADDED] High Jumps like in the original game.
-[ADDED] Effects added in Beat Rave and landing, also for super jump. Added some more missing voices (getting hit voices and on QCB+X).
-[CHANGED] Completely reworked the hitbehaviors on Flower Scythe to work more like the actual game. Damage adjusted.
-[BALANCE FIX] Slash Wall: Damage increased (31xN -> 40xN).
-[ADDED] Fire effects that stick to p2 on any fire move.
-[BALANCE FIX] Life reduced (1000 -> 850)
-[BALANCE FIX] QCB+Br in the air has its damage increased like the other meter moves.
-[BALANCE FIX] Frame data and Animation Timings revised for QCF+X. Hitstun reduced by about a quarter of its original value, readjusted animation timings to keep a more consistent pace.
-[ADDED] Character portraits of this character included in Portraits folder, if you need them.
-[BALANCE FIX] Ren's QCB+Y is NO LONGER GRAB TYPE, you can no longer punish rolls or specific types of armor on reaction with this move. It will still only hit once however.





DOWNLOAD: Click Here!


Stay tuned for more!

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