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Double Dragon Arcade Stages + Bonus Stage

Lord Batros

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(^^^^^^^^ Not Very Good At all, Sorry)

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& Your Bonus Stage( Shinobi)

Posted Image


Double Dragon Slum Part 1 - http://www.mediafire...z3c5kg9wduz3cq1

DD Slum Part 2 - http://www.mediafire...apo1oa7bhxatuas

DD Slum Part 3 - http://www.mediafire...6gd6v861lwd05jj

Black Warriors Stage - http://www.mediafire...6wd8kpk3uujh47y

Black Warriors Boss Fight - http://www.mediafire...eg1ot7wbelca0ox

DD2 Black Warriors Stage - http://www.mediafire...49kohrx6zml72an

DD2 DoppleGanger Fight - http://www.mediafire...cg30bccrkhwgn13

Bonus Shinobi Stage - http://www.mediafire...t6vvh845ysji9hk


ill be honest, i threw most of these together in the span of about an hour , done for the Fun & hell of it, not perfection of it ..... :bringitout:

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