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KFM-Ultra v1.4


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- Sprites have been edited to resemble postal dude (color separation is also included).
- LvL2 Madness and LvL3 Rules of nature hypers have been sligthly edited.
- Oponents can no longer have invicibility when they get trapped in kfm-ultra's LvL2 Petition counter hyper.
- 3 New hypers have been added (Check the list of hyper attacks).
- Alpha counter has been added (Check the tech stuff section in this .txt file).
- New portrait has been added.
- New throw attack has been added (Check the tech stuff section in this .txt file).
- AI has been updated.
- New palettes have been added.
- Width has been fixed on bunch of throws/throw hypers.
- Bunch of bug fixes.





Note: As you probably know, this character is not optimized for mugen 1.0. Mugen 1.1b is recommended. Also the character is not compatible with zoom stages.

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