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Cools.Roy By PizzaDarius (Released!)

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One of the Recent Characters from RakugaKids. But this one is made by PizzaDarius using NGI's Captain.Cat.Kit as a template - but it is NOT a spriteswap. Enjoy for your collection!

(Sorry for the misleading titles!)


Link (NEW):


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>Claimed to be made by Ngi, authorfield says Pizzadarius25, is actually a spriteswap of Ngi's Captain Cat Kit

Next time, please at the very least check the authorfield before claiming it's made by someone in particular.

Even aside from that, this character has multiple issues, namely a super that kills in 4 hits and a grab super that barely does anything at all and does less damage than even a basic attack, a projectile special that shoots hitbox-less smoke meaning it does no damage whatsoever regardless of which version you use, and the normal throw doesn't even line up its animation properly owing to the fact that, again, it's a spriteswap.

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Look, I played Rakugakids. Every character in that game doesn't have 2 supers that do damage. Look at NGI's Captain.Cat.Kit. I thought it would be cool to import this other character from Rakugakids and make him like he actually did in Rakugakids. And how is it a Spriteswap? I just used Captain.Cat.Kit as a base. Trust me. I did finish him. I did my best. Okay? So I'm sorry if you dislike this. Where did you find this anyway? Gamebanana? Go here for the Finished version: 


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16 hours ago, PizzaDarius said:

And how is it a Spriteswap? I just used Captain.Cat.Kit as a base.


That doesn't excuse a complete lack of attribution to NGI in your author field, and even besides that, this character still retains multiple of the problems I mentioned, including but not limited to a super that almost-instantly hits the opponent if they're on the opposite end of the screen and does massive damage, a useless lasso super that comparatively does little-to-no damage whereas even a basic heavy attack does more for no meter cost, a regular combo being able to kill the opponent in only two or three strings even without using any sort of super which makes it incredibly annoying to fight, the throw being improperly timed/aligned, and no intro whatsoever. Source-accuracy is one thing, releasing a character that's still flawed and incomplete while refusing to acknowledge the problems is another.

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