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The Kid by fhqwhgads7


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This was made by fhqwhgads7 a long time ago, but I didn't see it here, so here's the download... if anyone wants me to take this down for whatever the reason, just tell me. Anyway, The Kid is a one-hit wonder; he dies the second he gets hit. His only regular attack is his gun, which does little damage. His special attacks summon items from to attack for him, but these can also kill him, so be careful! Anyway, enjoy The Kid!

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umm basing from the comment The Kid is like the total opposite of a cheap char? hmm interesting...

this character dies in one hit if anything hes challenging to play as rather than beat rofl. hes from a fangame called I WANNA BE THE GUY which is hard as fuck to beat. and they made this character accurate to how he is in the game lol. one hit kills you no exceptions thats about it.

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