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 Main purpose of this thread is to jot down some fictional writing experiments to help me practice with writing my own fictional setting, even if it means writing up things that do not belong to me.






 The agent and her closest partner were being loomed upon by otherworldly titans, yet they weren't as incomprehensibly horrifying and twisted as most in their encounters. Gentlemen and ladies in fine suits and dresses bore their smugness on the smaller humans, this all reeked horribly of excess extravagance. The woman couldn't help admit that she was actually frozen from fear just being graced by the very presence of these people for as their power matched their vanity; why either one of them could simply wipe all evidence of the duo from space and time with but a mere thought.


 Yet, these giants were content on toying with the two just to inflate their own egos like bullies at a play yard.


 "Hmph, who are these measly transients dwelling in such a trivial realm?" scoffed the male giant who carried himself with a suave voice that matched his luxurious appearance. "What makes you believe you're worthy of our splendor?"


 "Listen here, I believe this is all a misunderstanding," utter Robinson as he tried to retain composure the best he can, bottling in his inner fear of what he's being confronted with. "We've come here by accident in a mission to conduct our investigations, so, allow us to make our way. There is no place for petty insults here."


 These people thoroughly disgust me. Is this what humanity will eventually transcend into; exiting causality to enter Vanity, trivial banter, complacency and getting drunk on power. No... humans like us know better, we've came this far and we'll never descend into something like... them. They have to be the biggest narcissists in the entire Universe and this is saying it all while meeting Father Time and Mother Nature themselves!

 Unfortunately, various members of the Admiration Association shot glares at the two agents, especially towards Diantha as a few picked up on her thought traces. Then, they all erupted in laughter, making a mockery of the lesser humans.


 "Hah, these charming little children..." begin a snark-filled snort by a fur-coated woman in a ball gown with alluring red, holding a face of amusement and scorn towards the two humans. "Are they trying to lecture us? How cute!"


 "Is that so?" followed the Homo Aeternus man from before in his own prideful snark. "My, I suppose you'll have us reconsider our so-called 'crime,' right? You'll be having us grovel at your knees begging for mercy. So scary! Know your place, infantile insects! Scram back to your nests!"


 Another explosion of insulting howls filled the space to take more shots at Diantha and Robinson... who were both clearly taken by frustration of this awkward ordeal.



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 Hesitance and silence that met the kitsune girl were the only signs that she needed; to her, it was clear that the specter's mind was muddled in confusion and dismay.


 "Just who are you and why come here of all places?" demanded Mingxia, her eyes piercing with that of her adversary. "I'm not going to let you pass just like that!"


 Folding her arms, Higanbana glared right back at the kind of welcoming she didn't ask for.


 "C'mon, weren't you the one who sent out that signal?" the kitsune replied, returning an equal amount of aggression. "Perhaps there are other things dead about you..."


 The ghost girl's face wrinkled, her lips and eyebrows in particular were furrowing in as those words hit her right in the heart, piecing them together as rather a shameless insult.


"Shut up! Only an idiot like you would intrude in a dangerous place like this without giving me a heads up!"


"Yeah, okay, but an idiot would also not inform the search party of who called them here to begin with either. Right?"


 "Perhaps we're both idiots, but I don't care anymore about trivial technicalities like these. Anyway... I'm the guardian of these ruins here and I'm indeed the one who call..." the ghost girl halted in the tracks of her own speech when the realization struck her, letting out a gasp where her tune change. "Wait... party? So, those people I defeated back there were with you?"


 Higanbana didn't let out a word, letting a smugly smile do the answering.


 "I'm sorry about this misunderstanding, I'll admit that I let my desperation get the best of me there. So, now what?"


 "We go find them and group together, we're here to set you free from that curse! We've researched into a ritual that'll do the job and even have a source that may lead to the maker."


 "Yo-you... really..."


 Teardrops puddled the floor below, and before she knew it, Higanbana witnessed Mingxia collapsing onto all fours, concealing her face as her head hung down. A hiccup or two slipped out, sniffling as if she had found salvation; this was the miracle she yearned for the longest time. The kitsune did what she thought was right and knelt next to the ghost, slipping both arms around the little girl from behind and tightened a hold on her. Hugging tightly, Higanbana caressed her spectral head in attempt to bring comfort.


 "You were never this happy for the longest time, huh? Things are going to change. Now... are you ready?"


 Mingxia lifted her head as her eyes met with the kitsune, shaking to affirm the offer.


 "... Y... y-yes, I am. We're gonna bring back everything and make that demon pay for all the suffering he's inflicted upon me and my people!"


 The two shone a smile at each other, an expression of mutuality for a common cause as a new partnership formed. Wasting not another instant, Higanbana helped Mingxia up onto her feet again as the two stood together now looking ahead.


 "C'mon, let's go!"



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 One of the more prominent types of technology in my setting since the story mostly follows high level magicians anyway.




Metaphorical Item: High-end magical tools of metafictional nature in the form of pure abstractions representing a figurative idea. This kind of symbolic construct applies a rhetorical correlation in accordance to its phrasing. A metaphorical item is constructed from pure thought, putting those notions together to create a figure of speech so powerful that they thoroughly influence and even rewrite Creation fundamentally.

 An example of a metaphorical item would be the idea of a 'tonfa-gun'; it is a symbolic weapon a magician must think about, they must imagine themselves wielding an analogy used to represent both 'tonfa' and 'gun.' A magician applying some abilities of this specific thought-weapon would be thinking about themselves 'swinging' with or 'shooting' from the very word picture that means 'tonfa-gun.' This leads to them having to imagine committing a tonfa strike or shooting bullets that are not really there, yet can have literal effects. In addition, this metaphorical tonfa-gun can force the meaning behind its primary metaphor upon meaning itself (i.e.: the concept of justice has been 'struck" or 'shot' down, damaging credibility behind social laws for equity).



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 Not remotely as hardcore like metaphorical items, but still a pretty cool and deadly nonetheless... it's also part of me working more extensively on the Chronosphere, which I will eventually elaborate on.



Light Cone Arm: Standard issue arms found among all Chronogear members, this sophisticated temporal technology comes in the form of an exotic particle accelerator gun capable of firing a chronon burst. Each shot is programmed on an informational level to manipulate probabilities across the Universe that enhances their performance. Through warping cause and effect, each shot bypasses space to hit a target instantly within its effective range, phase through matter to strike specific weak spots and choose to either induce temporal stasis or instantly kill regardless of a target's resistance. In addition, by bending time symmetry, Light Cone Arms effectively have infinite ammunition.


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 More tech porn for you guys. I really should do another short story write-up however.



D.I.M.E.: Short for 'Dimensional Information Mapping Engine,' it is considered the pinnacle of S.U.I. transportation technology in the form of a metallic sphere etched with circuit-like lining on its surface, essentially being an astronomical information calculator that computes the very mathematical structure of reality itself. Once installed into a designated vehicle or structure, the D.I.M.E. transforms the recipient into a dimensional vessel capable of mapping out and traversing the Universe across virtually all space and time. In addition, a D.I.M.E. vessel also becomes its own miniaturized spacetime displaced from the rest of causality.


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 Greetings, everyone, Nep Heart here doing something different yet again. For anyone reading, this is my own attempt at a character review, more specifically one at the request of @Alchemist of Atlas and a sort of return favor of doing one for me in the previous post.  I'm going to keep this (relatively) short and try to put as many thoughts I can about each part of the profile. Also, I'll be focusing entirely on the character herself directly, so, no writing feedback or anything of the sort.


 Anyway, let's start.






Name: Joanna Janson

Age: 34

Occupation: Scientist/Engineer/Teacher

Birthplace: Sweden

Gender: Female

Height: 180cm

Weight: 65kg

Birthday: January 17

Sign: Capricorn (Sun) / Virgo (Moon) / Scorpio (Ascendant)

Ruling Elements: Wind/Light/Earth/Darkness

Species: Valkyria/Magus

Eyes: Black

Hair: Blue

Appearances: https://i.imgur.com/F6ywfIU.png




 I'd make comments on how Atlas' women tend to be tall, but given she's Scandinavian, this actually is surprisingly "normalish" height for her ethnic background.


 If you're wondering why horoscopic signs are even listed in this profile as well as nearly all of Atlas' character profiles, they're what determine natural born attributes correspondent to the property bestowed by each sign. It's primarily inspired by one of his most favorite fictional series, a long-running one at that, known as Saint Seiya. Ruling elements operate under a similar logic, but rather function more like guidelines on what a character's power could potentially develop as and grant an affinity where harnessing one's birth element makes self-development become significantly more efficient... in a way, ruling elements remind me of magical Origin from the Nasuverse.


 By the way, you'll notice her occupations are likely going to be very prevalent in the remainder of the review, so, I'll skip it on this segment for now. 






Often regarded as one of the brightest minds in Earth that rivals Liana Eisenmenger and Brunhilde Meister Wagner in intellect, Joanna is a firm believer on using all resources she has under her disposal in order to maximize the potential of her inventions; it’s thanks to this belief that Joanna devotes on having the best performance at the lowest usage of space as possible.


Joanna enjoys having a sharp tongue whenever she interacts with anyone, but that doesn’t mean the Swedish scientist can’t be an accessible and fun person to hang around with once people get to know her, often considered a big sis for those who have met her. For Joanna, trust means everything, therefore, she shows no regrets towards those who chose to betray her. Joanna will treat the people she interacts with depending how they behave with their similars, so a relationship with the beautiful scientist will depend on the attitude taken by those who attempt to interconnect with her.


There's a trait Joanna is widely known for, and that’s her laziness based on her refusal to become a workaholic; her past with her father is often mentioned as a big factor for Joanna having this stance. No matter how important is the job or who’s her contractor, Joanna always subjects other people to her time if they want her services. While the Swedish admits she takes advantage of her capacities in order to slack as much as she wants, those who have had a close approach with the scientist are aware her word is her bond; these claims are backed up by bringing works and inventions that excel in quality, which is the most important asset for a science woman like her.




 Just so you know, "bright" is a pretty big understatement in context, but otherwise won't be very obvious without actually knowing her achievements. She basically pushes a single country several thousands of years ahead of its time technologically speaking... but you'll find out more of what insanity Joanna is capable of in the segment below. In short, she basically makes the greatest minds of our world look like newborn infants in comparison.


 Here, we also have someone who is sarcastic and opinionated, which makes her sound unpleasant at first, but then you learn she practices the Golden Rule; she treats people the way she expects them to treat her. It's obvious that Joanna does not give a damn about imaginary rules that do not benefit her and, frankly, why should she? With all that said, her seemingly negative aspects are more than compensated with one who is loyal, honest and just wants to have fun that make her sound pretty cool to hang out with.


 I can actually relate with that and the fact that Joanna's lazy... smarts and talents are such hard work, no wonder I've been delaying some of my own projects!


 Overall, science heroes/heroines are some of my favorite character archetypes and Joanna fits it like a glove.





Powers and abilities


Sonic Smartphone


The pinnacle of Joanna's work. This gadget is a nigh-endless powerful purpose tool employed for any of Joanna's needs. Her Smartphone controls machinery through its applications and commands recognized by this cutting edge artifact thanks to its capacity to adapt to technology regardless of era or precedence; while Sonic Smartphone is capable of tinkering with Archetype Detonator, out of respect for Liana Eisenmenger, Joanna doesn't meddle in her business.


Her smartphone is also equipped with a wide array of applications that include, but are not limited to copying energy-types and powers, imitating the core essence of Seidr that bypasses Seidr-made resistances. Sonic Smartphone is extremely resistant, made of Voltinum with the full potential of Malphas, so it's nigh impossible to destroy except by Joanna herself; either, by her own power or through self-destruction she can trigger anytime. Should the smartphone be stolen, it will be teleported back to Joanna’s hands thanks to the device recognizing her as the only authorized owner. It’s also worth mentioning that Joanna’s Sonic Smartphone is not operated with electronics, but rather, with optronics.


There are however, two applications that stand out around Joanna’s collection; these are:


Lucifer Application


Lucifer application is a powerful black hole that can devour galaxies on its own; its hazardous nature makes its use beyond regulated levels a last resort. As a safety measure, this application can only be used by Joanna herself, there's no other way Lucifer application will work otherwise.


Lucifer Application consists of 3 phases: First is drawing in several galaxies via electromagnetic manipulation; next is compressing those galaxies into an infinite density that collapses all matter into a black hole through gravity manipulation; last part of the process is banishing the singularity into a dimensional void.


Gales of Crimson World


Realizing maintenance of St. Elena’s training facilities could become expensive and bothersome, Joanna came up with a better idea. She worked for two days in the creation of a new application for her smartphone that creates a dimension where people could carry with their training. Time and Space don't exist; this is attributed to a similar way in how astral projection works; only rules of mind and concepts dominate and replace rules of space and time.


Gales of Crimson World is only accessible by Joanna when she commands it via her smartphone earning itself a reputation of being impregnable. The application can also be used as an offensive or defensive mechanism creating dimensional portals that absorb attacks, then dematerializing them into abstract concepts when stored inside effectively becoming part of this dimension; alternatively, Joanna can enter so she stays safe within the dimension. Even though there is no distance due to having no space, Gales of the Crimson World contains an infinite amount of abstract systems that substitute space.


The process followed by Gales of the Crimson World to function as a “training facility” is that its user(s) must enter into a meditation state achieved through number notion. A number is an abstract entity, therefore, its user might give that number a property that materializes concrete phenomena. In shorter terms, through meditation and numerical harmony, any event or object can be described by thinking on the correct equations and it will instantly become a reality. Thus any matter (or other space time event) can be created out of pure mathematics if its quantum possibility can be modelled.


Mjolnir's Hammer


Granted with the ability to use (and be immune to) Wind and Lightning, Joanna can cast their power thanks to her hierarchy as a Fjyölkyingi. In addition to flight and being able to survive in space, Joanna’s advantage as a hybrid is that she can use pure Spectrum instead of Seidr to use her abilities. This is useful for powerful mind games, thanks to not being the same source due to Joanna forcing changes in the weather, by influencing the premise art  of “target”.


As the one who controls Wind and Lightning through the exercise of the premise art of “target” on both: the concrete (physical representations derived from forms) and the abstract (forms that give existence to physical bodies) Joanna can do the following:


The Crimson Gale (concrete)


Crimson Gale is the most powerful Wind Seidr asset in the world, as such, it's often believed only the magus class can use this powerful ability. Those who obtain the Crimson Gale are said to control wind at will. Crimson Gale wielders can apply gases that work as a powerful medium to channel their powers through, as well as becoming another alternative fuel source.


Joanna’s affinity with Light allows her to summon natural gas that acts like an electric web able to capture and suspend its opponent in the air at the right spot. This makes light and electricity run inside the opponent, producing internal wounds.


The cardinal gales (concrete/abstract)


Joanna is able to use the wind and command it in order to push, pull, swing, trap and cut her opponents with a simple motion from her hands when. Each of these commands are named after fantastic creatures of the norse myth. Fafnir (push), Jormungandr (pull), Sleipnir (swing), Alberich (trap/capture), Fenrir (cut) that will meet its mark.


In the case of the abstract, Joanna can tamper with the metaphorical personality of “drive of an action”, this means she will alter the momentum, impetus, initiative, ambition and effort of her opponent based on any of the above winds. For example, Alberich will prevent the opponent’s drive for action until it sets itself free from the binds of Alberich.


Conquest of Thor (concrete)


Joanna, a magus of the highest caliber, is bestowed with the power of using electricity at will, regardless of direction and distance; that also includes the use of barriers, imprisonment, teleporting, control of the electromagnetic spectrum. The lightning summoned with Conquest of Thor is so powerful, it can run through several galaxies.



 ... Aaaaand this is exactly what I had in mind when I say "brilliant" is an understatement. Just a cursory glance over Joanna's devices basically tells you that she's like a Time Lord!... only without the time travel focus, but she definitely took cues from Arthur C. Clarke there in that regard.


 On a related note, it's interesting that the theme to all of Joanna's powers and inventions make references to Norse Mythology. Well, Joanna is Scandinavian and that is where the mythos derived from after all. I always appreciate those kind of corresponding thematic references like these, it gives an additional layer of depth for the character.


 I think it's safe to say that this is one lady you don't want to cross her bad side because she'll be an absolute menace with all this stuff at her arsenal... everyone in Babylon is lucky that Joanna's on their side.






If there’s a true passion Joanna has kept with zeal, is her love for science, but there was a time that love turned into hatred. She was raised by her mother most of the time; her father on the other hand is a scientist who was away working almost all day. Joanna was gifted with a genius intellect, but once her father realized Joanna’s potential, he took hands on her education. For several years, Joanna could never enjoy what it felt to be a child, teen and a young adult.


Her father not only was overly demanding with Joanna, he was also taking advantage of his own daughter’s intellect for his own benefit; such behavior made Joanna develop a hatred for what she once loved. Continuing with controlling Joanna’s life, her father forced her to join the best university in Sweden dedicated to sciences, engineering and TV, disregarding Joanna’s protests. Little he knew this marked the beginning of Joanna’s path for her own independence.


Joanna ended up meeting with a woman who eventually became a great friend of hers at college; that woman is Homura Hisako; a woman who sympathized with Joanna due to having a similar fate than her. Hisako changed Joanna’s life that consisted of relaxation and not allowing education and work ruling over her life. Hisako grew up to become a positive (though peculiar) influence for Joanna, but there was a person who didn’t approve of Joanna’s change of direction through her friendship with Hisako: her father.


Joanna and her father got into a heated argument regarding her relationship with Hisako that culminated with Joanna letting go of all her repressed feelings towards her father, calling him a tyrant and an exploiter who never loved her. Realizing how far he went with his actions, Joanna’s father tried to make up for the damage inflicted on his daughter to the point of attending her graduation, unfortunately for him, it was too late to patch things up with Joanna. The Swede girl no longer recognized him as a father figure, he was dead for her.


Years later, and thanks to Hisako’s recommendations, Joanna got a job at the Sagitta TV as their engineer; it’s from this point that Joanna developed not only her capacities as a woman of science and technology, but her work policy surfaced making it clear for Sagitta TV’s de facto president, Seto Setsuko that Joanna subjects to no deadlines, but assured the CEO she will get quality and effectiveness from her work; a standard that has maintained ever since.


One day, her powers as a magus arose; while Joanna did in fact train on her own to control her late bloomed powers, she was constantly struggling with keeping it on check; therefore, she approached St. Elena institute to meet with principal Amanda Drexler in order to have a better handling of her powers. Joanna already had an interest to provide backup to the institute, but sought for a chance to have a better grasp of her powers as a magus. While Amanda had never tutored a magus before, she agreed to help the Scientist; Joanna in return works for Amanda in both teaching and maintenance of the facilities, while still sticking to her work policy.


Joanna proved to not only be a proficient learner, but also expand her creativity. Amanda theorized Joanna’s creativity was crippled by her father that prevented the Swede to reach her real potential. The rest was all done by Joanna herself, managing to not just fully manage her Seidr, but becoming a magus of the highest order in just a few years. The fact Joanna was able to fully discover her potential at an institute that originally served for espers became a large factor for St. Elena to open its gates to non espers.


Her experiences inside St. Elena made Joanna achieve a new goal: Harmonize Seidr and technology; have them become a collective instead of bitter polar opposites. This, of course, has marked her as a target for elimination by the traditionalist nation of Mahoukratsia. There’s also the existence of a rival of hers in the shape of the Amoral Scientist Murai Ikki.







 The earlier paragraphs of Joanna's backstory would have never made you guess that she ultimately became something she once hated if you didn't read about the other stuff on the character prior. Goes to show people can have a big change of heart if you just expose them to the positivity of what they've once perceived as negative. In Joanna's case, it's quite extreme as she actually became the best at what she once couldn't stand.


 Seidr, a reference to Norse Mythology as I pointed out prior, is Alchemia's closest approximation to magic with key differences aside from the typical tradition of the concept and Joanna seems to be almost as good in it as she is with her scientific disciplines. This unintentionally brought her in conflict with the resident traditionalist mage who's opposed of Joanna not only being a a non-magical genius who can use magic competently, but doesn't like the idea of marrying the two ideas because she's obviously jealous and doesn't want to become obsolete. Basically, Joanna spits in the face of the admittedly cliché arcane vs science conflict... refer to Arthur C. Clarke's Third Law.


 With this character review done, I hope everyone enjoyed the read.

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 Another piece of notable magical technology of metafictionally cosmic proportions in my setting on a similar level to metaphorical items.




Mnemonic Device: Magical constructs in the form of suggestive characteristics and details used to embed memories onto other entities. They take advantage of the cosmic wellspring and store bank of ideas flooding from the transcendental void of Origin where all thoughts and memories access; these are the very memories of Creation itself. Through forcing 'memory retention' upon things, this abstract technology is capable of 'reminding someone or something about specific notions' and thus manipulate how the very cosmic framework 'believes and thinks of that specific someone or something.' This effectively manipulates entities from individual objects and events up to entire realities by 'convincing' Creation that they possess properties that they didn't originally have.


An example of a mnemonic device would be the Memento Mori. A reminder weaponized to force the concept of 'death' upon anyone or anything simply from the very act of interacting with the symbolic armament. Targets affected by this weapon of pure thought are imbued with an 'inescapable demise'... they are completely stripped of all protections from defeat, death, destruction and erasure. In other words, by forcing something to 'remember that they will die,' they become highly susceptible to finality with no chance of recovery or victory. This also implies one hit by the Memento Mori is destined to any demise even if the target were to be completely outside the influence of fate altogether.



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 This magical technology explains why a lot of the metafictional cosmic abstractions can communicate with virtually anything. It also implies that they gave rise to the concept of spellcasting and magical rituals.




Word Spirit: The primordial language is the most pristine form of communication in all Creation, expressing words which tear down subjective boundaries as all meaning is understood in their most objective intention possible. That is to say the meaning behind an idea is beyond the need of translation as words expressed through Word Spirit are completely unfiltered and ubiquitous, conveying a universalized definition that carries the same purpose regardless of delivery or reception. If something were to express the meaning of "strength" in Word Spirit and their intent of speaking that word meant 'ability to exercise innate force,' then it will always be understood exactly as that regardless of perspective. Furthermore, Word Spirit is a language that spiritually connects, therefore allowing communication even with inanimate entities.


The principle behind why Word Spirit works like this is because of how enlightenment works. Accomplished by accessing the very soul of language, one harnesses the universal ideas behind their meaning much like how magic generally does — in this sense, Word Spirit is a magical language. Word Spirit can be uttered in any form whether it be speech, writing, thought, signals, imagery, the possibilities are limitless. However, it should be noted that such a pure, transcendental language in its truest essence can only be accessed reliably by those who possess supreme authorship as it is beyond the grasp of narrative and dimensions.


 At the most rudimentary level, Word Spirit has the power to author entire 'stories' as well as add to or rewrite pre-existing 'stories' from the mere action of communication. Word Spirit at more advanced levels have more profound influence as expressing just the right words and intention behind them can manipulate Creation itself to varying degrees from individual objects to entire worlds dependent on the extent one's skill and knowledge can take them. So, if one with sufficient enlightenment and practice in Word Spirit were to say 'return to where you came from' to a person or item, that command will forcibly banish the object being addressed back to where they were at prior from against their own power.


 It is said Word Spirit has the potential to be powerful enough to elevate cosmic order and crumble empires, it is even said to be responsible for singing everything into Creation.



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 Speaking of which, I do need to make profiles for Father Time and Mother Nature... at least I've gotten the Grim Reaper's out of the way.



Amaranthus: Taking the form of a lustrous, crystalline gomphrena globosa, it is actually a reality regulator designed as a Universal lynchpin. Invented by Mother Nature, it has the power of perpetuity much like the everlasting beauty of the dimensionally transcendental biomechanical device itself. Thus, it enforces the laws of space and time across all possible worlds to guide them along more stable lines, greatly mitigating effects which bend the natural order.


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Try penetrating this. 



Anthropic Firewall: Among S.U.I.’s most powerful technologies, it is a dual-layered forcefield of 4th dimensional nature that encompasses the entirety of their territory as a virtually impregnable national defense. The first layer molds the very fabric of space and time into a self-repairing field that blocks outside forces from being able to enter, warding off time travel, teleportation and even withstand a bombardment from most weapons of cosmological destruction. The second layer is even more intense, a forcefield that analyzes information for every single spatial and temporal point from past, present and future in order to filter out unwanted presences that do manage to get through the first layer by either banishing threats to the farthest reaches of the Universe or erase them from space and time altogether.


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 Finally did another short story write-up after a few months later.






It was one of those. The ones where nothing much seems to be happening at the moment, yet you've exhausted your motivation to actually do anything about it. That slow and lazy slog sapped away at the kitsune girl's energy as she sat along a curbside lounging with the rest of her gang. Slouching forward from the sheer weight of this excruciating boredom, the kitsune girl groaned as her frustration grew... then she huffed out a sigh. Shifting her sights, she eyed her two companions around her before staring off into the distance not too long after. Sometimes, she has to wonder how they can keep themselves so occupied when there is something big, something grand and epic to do; she can't see how people can regularly settle for less.


"Ughhhh, I'm so bored!" Higanbana exclaimed, almost tipping towards pulling her hairs. "I hate waiting for things to happen, and most of all, waiting for other people so things can happen! We need to stop agreeing to this kind of thing!"


Suddenly, Li's eyes made a opening. Slowly, but surely, her attention now captured as those lids previously sheltered her within her usual retreat into that idyllic otherworld that is her mind during meditation. She turned to her kitsune companion as her eyes now sparkled, leaning her body towards her. She then chirped with a bright curiosity...


"What's wrong?"


"Just trying to cope with this utter slog. It's testing my patience frankly. Where's Haruhana off at anyway?"


"Oh, I caught her talking to the locals passing by trying to strike a deal of some sort. Probably about fashion?... You know she loves that kind of thing."


Higanbana made a quick turn towards the direction she last saw their shrine maiden ally, catching her encircled by a small group of xian women in what she perceived as mindless words being thrown about... as well as her own name being thrown into the chatter.


"Hey, I heard that! Stop talking abo-"


The kitsune's words were cut off by a tap she felt from behind. She let out a gasp, one that brushed aside her initial frustration as she was now being taken by an eager thrill. There, she would meet again with their scroll companion after it seemed like forever; that in itself would be the biggest relief yet.


"Oh, Aya, you're back! That's great, what did Fai say?"


"Everything went without a hitch!" burst the scroll girl in glee. "I've been approved by Huang Gong Royal Library~!"


"Alright, way to go!!! I have so many ideas I want to plan out now!"


A twirl and and then a punch into the air in unison, the kitsune and scroll took to the streets in a festive rhythm that captured the eyes of a few on-goers. It also captured

that of Haruhana, her face mixing mild amusement and annoyance at the goofy display.


"Huh, those two are acting like idiots again. I suppose that means good news then."



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 Totally not inspired by The Elder Scrolls.




Memetic Engine: Among the most highly intricate and powerful metafictional structures reflecting the collective ideology of the society that constructed it. Magical devices of immense scale, a memetic engine spreads influence across the Totality of Creation itself and is said to manipulate the cosmic foundation of narratives by filtering archetypal ideas themselves. A memetic engine works on memes — elements from cultural or behavioral systems that are spread through communication — which therefore infect other systems to create a sort of interconnected web of thought sharing the same ideas; thus, the memetic engine is able to reinforce meaning on an unprecedented level.

 A prominent exemplification of a memetic engine is the Yamato-Damashii. The people of Yamatai hold great value in the concept of 'purity' that founded and built their society to become one of the most powerful civilizations in all Creation, which in turn empowers their symbolic machine with their beliefs... the engine itself is made solely from their understanding of and strive towards cosmic truths. The very rules and customs that have established their society become fundamental laws of Creation as a whole. Without the Yamato-Damashii, it is said that Creation could slowly collapse into nothingness as it gets overrun by taint.

Usually, once a memetic engine is built and activated, it becomes integrated as an intrinsic necessity to the Totality of Creation itself.



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 Haven't posted here in weeks, here's another cosmic piece of technology in the setting. I may attempt another short story next involving Bansigan.



The Loom: A metaphysical tapestry owned and extensively used by the Fates, it is device used to interlace the very fabric of space and time themselves. The Loom is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the entire Multiverse, designing and manipulating threads that define all foundational concepts of each and every single one of the uncountably infinite dimensional layers at once. It is said those who have access to the Loom hold absolute power to do essentially whatever they please over the Multiverse as they become more real than its entirety.


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 As a friend described it, "An intricate, yet still concise way to describe a concept that occurs in a lot of fantasy and sci-fi."




Mystic Diagram: A powerful inscription consisting of integrated symbols which represent a desired intention, a complex magical device used to accomplish high level functions based on the combined meaning behind the illustration. The basic principle behind these kind of devices is that each individual symbol has to convey a purpose and be put together in such a way that their sum expresses an even greater purpose, enabling the mystic diagram to actualize results. The most common application is inscribing mystic diagrams on surfaces to imbue them with new capabilities or improve already existing ones.

One of the many cases of a mystic diagram would be the sigil, symbolism expressing the will of one's interpretation of the world. So, if a sigil were to proclaim protection over a target area, then the sigil will have power to banish and negate hostile forces from that chosen place. More specifically, remove target threats described by its interconnected symbols.



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Here, have a wholesome short story featuring clock.




Concentrations of lighting decorated and scattered across the dim skies, peeking from over the clouds to greet the rolling hills with a pleasant shine. Mist enveloped half the scenery loaded with checkerboard patterns fashioned with random patches of turf, a forest lying farther across the other side of a shallow creek. This world was completely fashioned with analogous clockwork from clock arm grass and trees, pocket watch clouds and stars and even grandfather clock mountains over the horizon.


Tucked between the river and forest knelt a small clock girl hunkering before small shrubbery, palms clasping at it. The her chilly eyes glued at what appeared to be some sort of... mechanic insect? A shiny brass beetle of seemingly mechanic nature like what one would find while tinkering the innards of a classic pocket watch was struggling to gain a foothold on the vegetation as its wings were out of order. The clock girl persisted to guide the helpless critter with only her hands, plucking at its spindly legs to further ground its posture.


"There... you're free again..."


A calm, cold pitch worded with a face equally devoid of obvious feelings, yet her heart felt warm. One could argue that this seemed trivial next to otherwise high-rising work as a "Clock Keeper, " one with a reputation that commanded respect, yet also garnered disdain. Why bother? Well, she had a personal conviction that when she means she's out for the well-being of others, not even an otherwise "measly bug" was out of the question. It's not too common to be privileged with Bansigan's softer side after all.




The alarm clock sitting on the girl's helmet went off with a screeching ring, an alert set her bursting off deeper into the forest where a shrill cry magnetized her attention.




She weighed her sights upon a small clock girl, one even smaller than Bansigan herself, with the same unfeeling coldness she had prior. Her thoughts drifted off staring down at the helpless child let out more waterworks complementing her frightened wails. The clockwork guardian stretched out a palm menacingly at the pained child, bringing chills down the latter's spine almost as if reaching to strangle her. Then, that hand cast over the victim's wounded forearm to bring it anew. The child ceased from sadness, smiling at Bansigan. The Clock Keeper beamed down a warm pleasure in return and took the child's hand.


"Please follow my lead..."



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 Decided to post an OC crossover between two original settings, this time a full story as opposed to my usual short stories. Expect a lot of slapstick ahead.




Title: Kranks & Kalamity
By: Nep Heart
Summary: Kyoko meets a little guest... her day is about to become ugly and it isn't going to get any better from there.




 The bright Sun greeted the city below as it shone its rays of happiness. Rays that brought hope and thrills of a new day for the denizens that were looking forward to summer fun anticipating them. Of course, a glimmering vacation season wasn't without its unforgiving heat baking those who came unprepared for what to expect from it. Darting across the skies was a not-so-fortunate mage who was the few in the crowd of nobodies that didn't own the privilege of a paid vacation that everyone else took for granted... she was a nobody among nobodies. Nevertheless, pay is pay and the woman had to make meets end in this dog-eat-dog world.


 "Fuck... the Sun is ridiculous..." Kyoko muttered, keeping her voice down to the best of her effort so as to retain professionalism. Last time she swore in public got her a nasty scolding from the boss. She wasn't going to risk that again, not without finding herself on the streets. She's got things to look forward in the weekend like the very few friends that she has, if such a phrase can even barely apply to her in the first place. Maybe she should try working on that temper. "You know what? I'm gonna sneak in a little break to catch a bite and a nice, cold drink. A little relaxation can't hurt, right?"


  Settling on her decision, Kyoko made a wide swivel towards Earth to meet up with a dispenser shack aching to offer her some decent eats. Classy? Well, no, not for someone with that kind of budget, but it is what it is — cheap, convenient and it surely would keep the delivery mage full for a while. The woman bought what she came for in mind, a lunch meant to cool her off and keep that watering mouth nicely drenched; a submarine sandwich, a footlong and a tall mug of cola. Yes, she only thought about stepping into a temporary heaven once she started chowing down, a brief lapse of bliss where she could shield herself from the rest of this miserable world.


 'Can't wait to get another dreaded workday over wi-huh?'


 Absolutely unbelieveable! Kyoko's meal vanished before her eyes like some sort of parlor trick! But where did it go? Kyoko soon was going to find out once she zoomed in on the source.




 "What's this?" a flabbergasted delivery mage was taken affront, wiping her eyes to make sure they weren't just simply fooling her. What sat there on a bench before her was a little girl cladded in a kimono and sporting bushy twintails grubbing on food. Kyoko's food, the very same she shelled out her own wallet for! How dare that brat swoop in like a flagrant vulture to swipe things other people work hard for. Furthermore, that humming the little girl made while she feasted; it only served to boil Kyoko's blood as it was the kind of joy meant to clearly mock the woman's misfortune. She simply couldn't just stand for this, she had to speak up against this nonsense, "Hey, kid! That isn't your sandwich."


 Those words failed to budge the little girl a single inch, the sandwich nearly disappearing a second time as it traveled bit-by-bit into her tummy. Kyoko was further enraged from her words falling on deaf ears, more so once she caught sight of the scavenger kicking her legs in joy. Those dead eyes, the impassive face... Kyoko was a bit confused for a moment at the emotionless look on a girl who was clearly enjoying the suffering she's causing, but in the end, her temper won out.


 "Hey, brat, can't you hear me?! That is my lunch!!! Can't you get your damn parents to buy food for you?!"

 Again, Kyoko's words went astray as the little girl plopped right onto her little bare feet and trailed off towards the streets, the five-finger discount snugged in her arms. What little remained of Kyoko's patience was giving in, shooting a leer at the small thief now lodging the delivery mage's hotdog down her throat. "Alright, you damn brat, I've had it up to here with you!" Kyoko marched towards the little girl to hook a firm hand onto her shoulder to keep her from moving away any further.


 Unbeknown to Kyoko, this would be her first big mistake of the day...


"Hyaaaaaahhh!!!" the little girl whimpered, a cry of distress blared throughout the otherwise casual urban avenue. It carried a tone of child-like innocence to it, almost as if a warning to Kyoko that she clearly overstepped her boundary. How embarrassing. How absolutely embarrassing; the scene told its own story, a story about a woman assaulting a child! "S-stop that, you're hurting me!" sniffled the girl.




 "Yo, lady!"


 A gruff, masculine voice directed its way towards Kyoko. She turned her head to find herself confronting a tower of bulging muscles teeming from head to toe sheeted by a good amount of fat, it was a disgruntled construction worker looming down on the woman. He cracked his knuckles, echoing intimidation down Kyoko's spine as she read the raw strength his body alone conveyed. She swallowed her breath as her outburst died, apprehension rising in its place now that anxiety raced through her thoughts. She had to justify herself.


 "Oh, h-hey there...! L-l-listen, it's n-n-not what it looks like! You see, I was trying to ge-"


 Kyoko's words were blocked in their tracks once the giant cleared his throat. He grunted before shifting his sights onto the little girl. A frown drew upon his face — sadden... hurt... he couldn't stand seeing someone so small and young be bullied like this.


 "Little one. Is that lady bothering you?"


 The kimono girl let out a soft nod to affirm the sympathizing giant's question. A soft and emotionless "Mhm..." was all that escaped her throat.


 "W-what!? Just what the-!?" Kyoko's jaw dropped to the floor, her eyes popping wide open at the outrage happening right in front of her. She knew full well that this is a misunderstanding and that little brat weaponized it to her own favor. "Listen, this is a mistake! Don't you understand this damn brat is framing me!? Why the Hell are you taking her si-"


 Those pleas for mercy were knocked aside the moment those massive hands fit for a gorilla lurched out at the woman and dragged her in. Soon, the two found themselves in a cloud of dust kicked up from the giant wailing all over the unfortunate delivery mage, fists meeting the woman's body like a jack-hammer wielded by a raging hurricane. After what seemed like an eternity of suffering, the dust settled and revealed a pretzel — It appeared the construction worker twisted the delivery mage into that particular shape — a pretzel bruised with black and blue all over. The burly titan walked away calmly with nothing more than a friendly gesture at the little girl he was convinced of rescuing.


 "Here, pretzels are better when they're salted..." the kimono girl produced a salt shaker from out of nowhere and hovered it over the pretzel mage, showering sodium all over her. Salt... that was exactly how Kyoko was feeling at the moment. "Stay salty, my friend..."

 With that, the little girl resumed what she was intending to do prior, leaving the contorted delivery mage mangled all alone.




 A few hours had passed and the Sun was now taking center sky; noon made its arrival. Kyoko, still filled with frustration at what transpired earlier, whizzed across the clouds to her next destination as work resumed. The mage's stomach growled at her in demands to be fed... well, this wouldn't have been a problem if that bratty thief didn't steal the very thing that could keep an empty stomach happy. That'll have to wait later in the day, what with work being the priority at the moment — after all, food does cost money, Kyoko can't argue against that.


 "Hmmm. okay, yeah, I think this should be the right place."


 Down below awaited a considerably large house that looks as if it were decorated by school kids who had more than their fair share of toys and sweets. A sleek and beautiful sports car especially captured Kyoko's fancy in particular. This miniature luxury screamed rich to the mage. "I hate the way my life turned out. I'm stuck in this damn dead end job and whoever these snobs are live up the life for less than half the effort!" muttered a venomous rant from the throbbing mage, having recovered from a brutal meeting with a giant's fists... thankfully, healing magic saved the day after all that passed.


 Plunging from the skies towards her destination, Kyoko parked her broom at the front yard and walked towards the door, lugging a box in her arm. The delivery mage hung her tongue out in visible disgust as she couldn't help but cringe in envy as her eyes were assaulted by more luxury, all which reeked the stench of pampering and joy. That experienced made the journey towards the front door a longer and more painful hassle than it needed to be, but she finally made it. Sitting the package down at the front door, Kyoko pressed a button to ring the doorbell; it rung a J-Pop tune, which only further disgusted the grumpy woman.


 "Open up, I got your package ready for..." Kyoko eyed her catalogue to confirm. "Siya!" She glanced aside uncertain at what she just uttered. 'Huh. No last name? Man, do the rich really think they're special!'


 The grand door pivoted away to reveal its host. A familiar host. No, this... this has got to be a curse. It's her! Kyoko can already tell her day isn't going to get any better from here.


 "You again?!" lifted the delivery mage's voice, taken back in shock and anger. Said anger was started to resurface much like earlier. Of all times, why now? "Listen, don't pull anything funny again, brat! I swear, shouldn't your parents be here to receive their package?"

 Those deadpan eyes intensified in the little girl, that rather hostile hello prompting her to pluck out a card from the folds of her kimono hem. There, it showed itself to Kyoko as clear as day; it was an ID card. Kyoko put on a pair of glasses and took a good squint at the information to take a nice skim at. It suddenly hit her...


 "No fucking way! No fucking way!" Kyoko nearly collapsed in disbelief. "So, you're not a child! Fucking Hell, you're almost as old as me! Is this a prank?"


 "Can I have my package now...?"


 Kyoko was on the verge of tearing her hair out before she made her best efforts to collect composure. A sigh fell through, showing the little girl documents to leave her signature on so she can go about her business. That had to be the most awkward transaction she's ever made during her whole career. Turns out delivery really does suck as a job.


 "Tell me something, twerp..." the delivery mage was convicted to get more answers. "How the Hell did you become so rich and what kind of rich asshole goes around stealing from a minimum wage worker?"


 Siya tilted her head aside, index finger resting along her lips with an innocent air. "Meaning...?"


 "This big ass house, the fucking sports car, the fact you smell better than me and probably have everything you've ever wanted all tucked away in that house of yours. Don't tell me you rob banks too!"


 "Video streaming..."




 "I stream food videos on a 1 million plus subscriber channel that I run... because I like food..."


 "What the fuck?! So, you're rich because you get paid for what you enjoy?!"


 "Isn't that what you're supposed to do in life...?"


 A short answer, it was all that was needed to strike a cord in the green-eyed woman trembling with an active volcano inside her wanting to erupt at any moment.


 "Now, if you'll excuse me..." Siya swiped her package and retreated back into her den. Before the door could shut, the little girl announced. "By the way, I'm going to render my pretzel video in the meantime..."


 Kyoko gave off a dismissive gesture, "Yeah, yeah, whatever you sa-wait just this minute!" That realization struck her hard. Pretzel? That means... Siya recorded their last encounter! Knowing her, she'll definitely keep it as incriminating evidence against the delivery mage and that would be the end of the road for her already miserable life! Kyoko pressed forward to knock frantically on the door. "Listen in there! Don't you dare show anyone that! If I had enough money, I could get a lawyer on you!"


 Siya retorted from the safety of her fortress. "Okay, but I can get a better lawyer than you..."


 Kyoko's palm met her face in defeat; there's no arguing against that. "Smartass..."


 Dejected a second time today, a groan fell from an even grumpier mage who mounted her flying broom and made way into the sky.




 Finally, everything was cooling off as that torturous workday passed by and the refreshing Moon took place of the once blistering Sun as nightfall made its arrival. There, Kyoko trudged onward back to her apartment feeling as if she had achieved victory simply for surviving the most brutal day of the summer. She felt weakness overtaking her worn body as she dragged each foot along the ground, each weighing a ton. A ton worth of aching and depression signifying that this reward would only be brief. Her breath felt even heavier as it fell through in affliction before she could barge into her personal adobe. Termites crawled along various surfaces, holes along many parts of them visible for all to see, the wallpaper torn apart, leftovers scattered across corners of the floor; her room was in shambles. However, she's seen it a million times before that she just barely cares anymore at this point. 'At least buy a replacement drywall for the one punched through earlier in the week to vent out frustration' she thought to herself.


 "I'm home at last..."


 Kyoko decided to celebrate this victory she knew will be lived short by throwing herself onto her mangled mattress in the far corner of the floor and flipped through the television with a scratched up remote, taking solace in binging late night programs and leftover deliver pizza she could access whenever her heart desired — judging by the cathode-ray tubes, her quality TV time wasn't going to have the most beautiful sights and sounds to explore compared to just about anyone else who owns a television — it didn't really matter, Kyoko got what money could never buy; peace and quiet bought from what little dignity she had left.




 Then, the very next day came as the early morning sunshine intruded into the once dark quarters of Kyoko's poverty-stricken sanctuary, another dreaded workday is all the mage's hazy mind could make out as she was barely coming forth into the world. "Ughhh, wish I could just sleep in!" mewled the grumpy lady as she mustered enough strength to struggle onto her feet and prepare for work. Then, her mobile device resting on the dinner table across rang. It's probably her asshole of a boss coercing the mage into another bout of overtime, but at the same time, it's not the kind of pressure she'd stand against if she could rake in a little extra moola. She made the dare and pick up the phone.


 "Hello, Kyoko Whitefield speaking," she assembled a calm and collected tune, a façade covering up her true mean and nasty nature. "May I ask who's this?"


 Well, Kyoko had one part right; her boss called... however, not for reasons she came to expect. It was then she came to discover the worst — she knew she'll have to spend the rest of the day online in a job hunt — Kyoko was... fired. Her main source of income went up in smoke, she was no longer wanted and no good news was going to salvage this calamity. "Excuse me? Why are you kicking me out of the job? After all those years of excellent service, you just let me go like this? This is bullshit!" More information came up in the conversation when the notion of 'pretzel video going viral' cropped up. That little brat actually did it — Kyoko's entire life was going down into the dumpster, not even a job search is going to fix this.


 "I-I... I understand..."


 The mobile phone slipped out of Kyoko's weakening grasp before she dropped onto her knees, her face glowing red hot as a torrent of indignation was close to exploding from her shriveling lips. "That damn brat took my life away from me!!! It didn't have to be this way!!! Just why! WHY!!!!!" Another hole in the drywall blew open once Kyoko's furious fist met it. Maybe she should take a walk to the park to clear her mind out, it was clearly a mess now.




 Although another thrilling summer day brought people from all walks of life into the great outdoors of what little greenery there was tucked away in a tiny corner of the concrete jungle, Kyoko relished the personal isolation that her mind armored her with while taking a jog around central park. It helped a little bit in easing tension she had to endure for the last 24-hours prior, the very act stimulated her worn muscles in the little opportunity she had for a proper workout routine... maybe that was one thing she had over that tiny monster. 'At least I'm not fat like that damn brat' she monologued a thought to herself.


 Kyoko may have spoke of the Devil because a familiar little imp came into view. It was Siya! No doubt that monster was up to no good to appear a third time in front of the agitated mage. "Motherfucker...!" The jobless mage stampeded towards the little girl, finding her entertaining little kids with generous offerings of toys and food. Kyoko could only think of the worst, anger of a 1,000 Suns wasn't apt at emphasizing her hatred for Siya. 'Oh no you don't, brat! You're not claiming any more victims, especially not little children!'


 Kyoko's mad charge caught the attention of Siya, who beamed her signature stoic gleam at the grumpster. "Why, hello there again, Krunky..."

 'Krunky?! Oh, that's it!?' Kyoko closed in with an attempt to tackle Siya into the pavement only for the little girl to stand in the way of the kids she was interacting with, arms spread out at her sides with the willingness to serve them a protective barrier against the berserker. Everyone watching could find terror in the children's eyes as shivers went down their spine, their livelihoods at stake. "Kids! All of you! Get away from that monster, she's up to no good agai-Ooouuphhh..."


 The jobless mage collapsed onto her knees after Siya knocked the wind out of her, a hook thrown into the woman's solar plexus. Kyoko coiled into fetal position, clutching onto her abdomen as agony coursed through her very being, a price paid for underestimating Siya's deceptive ability of self-defense... and throw a punch more proper than Kyoko herself could ever commit. Yeah, she can't deny that maybe that little girl not only could outwit the mage, but beat her in an unarmed clash if they were to ever fight again. "Auurghhh... fuck me!"


 "Freeze right there, this is the police!"


 'Fuck me again!' were the thoughts that ran in Kyoko's head.


 Soon, the redheaded bull eyed a handsome swordsman stationed right at her side, a familiar face looming down. She was next to the feet of her lifelong love; Ray Wilson. However, Kyoko wasn't going to be greeted with hugs and kisses this time. Oh no. Instead, she got to kiss an electroshock from a blade connecting with her flesh. The police officer could only look down at his now former love with disappointment... pity... his heart shattered at confronting the unthinkable.


 "Kyoko Whitefield..." he paused, hesitant to look into the woman's face any longer. Why, looking her in the eyes had now became a shameful act after what he learned. "I can't believe this. What possessed you to become so horrible?" He clutched his chest, heart broken in two. "You're not the women I know anymore..."


 'Fuck me a third time!' Kyoko felt like kicking herself because a curse had to befall her at this point.


 "Ray, I... allow me to explain everything here," barely gathering enough courage to defend her position. "That girl in the kimono you see over there is not a kid, but a damn grown-ass criminal! She framed me and is savoring every moment of my pain! You're the only person I can trust left, you have to believe me!"


 "I apologize, Kyoko, but you were about to endanger the lives of those younglings the little girl over there had to defend against you. Do you realized what you're doing? Why, look around you now!"


 ... And a good panoramic view around the park said everything the police officer punctuated. The park-goers were all steaming with vexation from the distasteful show that Kyoko put up for them to see. Faces that convicted Kyoko for her heinous act that no amount of mental gymnastics would cover up.


 "I"m... I'm arresting you, Kyoko Whitefield. Come..."


 "It was at this moment..." Siya whispered. "That she knew she fucked up."


 Kyoko froze where she is, slumping forward on the verge of insanity. Then.


 "Hmhmhmhm... heheheh... hahaha-AHAHAHAHAHA!!!" That sudden burst of insanity overtaking Kyoko's remaining rational thought pushed the crowd away, scared and confused at what is going through her now broken mind. "You idiots! The whole lot of you, can't you see?! I was framed by that little girl over there!" Kyoko wagged her finger at Siya, the woman's face contorting as did her sanity. "She's a grown-ass woman! She owns a damn luxury house! She drives a fucking sports car and makes millions on social media for simply acting like an internet clown! Can't you see, can't anyone with a common sense see it?! She's well aware of what she's doing, the innocence is completely fake and you should all stop falling for it!!!"


 "Ky-o-ko..." a dispirited Richard made a stride forward before the crazed witch snapped at him.




 Kyoko crumpled completely, dropping to the ground motionless and silent. Richard had no choice but to put the animal down this time. He didn't want to come to this, but he just couldn't let it go any farther. As a police officer, it was his sworn duty to protect the people. "It was for the best of everyone here" a weak voice barely escaped Richard's throat. "I'm sorry if I had to do this..."




 The end of the month was dawning in Kyoko's new life; locked up behind bars and hidden in the shadows away from the rest of the world to do her time. Admittedly, given the circumstances a few weeks back, this lifestyle was an ironic improvement — free food, free water, a chance to earn some money however little it may be, useful therapy sessions, fun group seminars to ease boredom and most of all... she didn't have to see that accursed Siya for a long time, if ever again. Except...


 "I can't believe I'm saying this, but this feels like paradise"


 A voice echoed from the very end of the hall where Kyoko turned her sights to. "Hi, Krunky... long time, no see..." The apocalypse feels a little too soon now. The worst, most despicable sight found its way to Kyoko, her eyes making out the gates of Hell itself; Siya is back. The little girl stretched an uncharacteristic Cheshire Cat smile onto her face that betrayed her otherwise dead and soft tone. "Did you miss me...?"


 "S-S-Siya!? Oh God no, save me! SOMEBODY SAVE ME!!!"


 Siya, her well-established deadpan look resurfacing, stretched her arms out at Kyoko to present a gift wrap. "I've brought you a present so that you can be happier in your new home... I hope you lik-"


 "No, get away from me! Get away from meeeee!!!!!" The jailbird lapsed into a pit of insanity not unlike a few weeks back, howls of anguish booming throughout the facility as she was consumed by despair, her body suddenly disobeying her. Again and again, Kyoko hammered her face into the wall without relent with no hope of return.


 Siya lifted her shoulders dismissively before her close-out words. "And that's a wrap..."



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Why is MFFA's text format so garbage? Can't even support something as simple as BB coding.


 Yes, another crossover fic revisiting a former acquaintance's rather... questionable narrative and he was quite an asshole. That's putting it lightly. Enjoy as my cute ghost girl goes Doomguy all over its ass. : )






Title: Shining Tribulation
By: Nep Heart
Summary: Mingxia has unfinished business .. and this time, she has her sights set on Midnight Waltz.




 Brimstone and fire swept around in all directions as far as the eye could see, choking the lofty ether with smoke that could barely contain an eerie scarlet paint. A literal Doomsday on Earth allowed nothing but horror and suffering to thrive; these deplorable sounds and sights were no stranger to a lonesome presence. Then, she took the first step onward to trek through the rotten graveyard whose smells were equally foul — any ordinary mage would have been evaporated the very moment they set foot here, but this one... she wasn't anything like those flimsy excuses this brand of humanity fostered. The very same humans who have failed to protect their own world as they were too busy basking in complacency, bringing just as much revulsion to the guardian as the demons themselves. Wanton revenge would aptly describe the furious tempest brewing deep inside her deceptively serene shell, clenching her hands around each of the cursed armaments that have seen her through many battles.


 Enter Mingxia's tale of loathing and bloodlust that will soon befall Haecia.





Wasteland of Haecian Outskirts


 "If nobody wants to help, then I'll do it myself..." muttered a downcast expression. She then cried "I'll put an end to this once and for all!"


 Calmly descending further into gloomy hideaway, Mingxia would soon have company with some guests; a garrison of towering demons armed to the teeth with an assortment of weapons spanning across all known eras of mankind. Already, nearly the entire collective was splattered all over the place before they could even scout the origin, decorating their locale with unrecognizable salsa. The remainder burst into a fit of horror — they could barely register what was going — before turning to the little girl. 


 "Aye, a child from yonder?!" one of the demons made deriding snort. Him and his fellow Hell fighters surveyed Mingxia from head to toe; her elegant and sporty dance attire was reminiscent of the nearly extinct Chinese barely serving to conceal her great brawn that only a warrior would own; this was further enhanced by her dual weapons.  However, they soon began drawing more emphasis on Mingxia's size... they couldn't help but realize just how tiny she was in their eyes. How can they feel intimidated by a overdeveloped gremlin coming at them with a pair of twigs? "This shall be easy pic-," silence and butchery soon arrested the demon troopers' very lives as they, too, were ambushed by a spray of metal.




 Mingxia moved ahead as quiet as the wind, soon to vanish into the smoke. This, of course, was only the beginning of the guardian's journey once another garrison of demons made their appearance, a group significantly larger than before stationed around a slaughterhouse. The guardian ghost wasted not a single moment to gun down every fiend on sight as she aimed to leave behind more paste in her vengeful wake, the foes struggling to mount their own counterattack against this ruthless salvo. "There, that's the child over there!" cried the head of the fleeting force who may as well join the other helpless lemmings in walking off a cliff. Together, their voices brought them the unyielding strength they needed... or so they thought, "United, we can crush the mouse! ATTAAAAACK!!!"


 Unfortunately for this legion, they weren't going to fare any better with their crazed charge being swatted away effortlessly by a casual swipe of the guardian's hand. The Hell troops were easily smashed against the walls of their stations from air pressure generated by Mingxia's hand alone, leaving them vulnerable to a single massive gunshot that blew them away. The smoldering aftermath left a gaping crater behind where the demons once were as they were completely torn asunder, ripped apart particle by particle and even further down as the destruction reached the very core of their being. Nothing remained.




 A hush allowed Mingxia's actions to speak on her behalf — she had no interest in games, planning not to spare a single infernal soul — this utter cruelty was enough to make the likes of the Devil himself quake in his boots. The guardian made sure she would come after him, too, and speak of the Devil himself!




The Devil's Castle in Hell


"Curses!!!!" Julian's roar tore through his fortress, paralyzing even the mightiest demons with dread. Flames and molten rock coursed around his great body conveying his rage that swallowed nearby demonic servants into oblivion itself. It took him a bit to calm his fires, but Julian ultimately came into terms with the unpleasant news once carried by his now dead herald, "So, it's a mere human decimating my forces? What in all Hell were the Federation officials thinking?!?!?!" He buried a fist into a wall as his rage was about to explode again. "Nevertheless, they shall think twice if they believe they could double cross the Prince of All Lies!"


 Emerging at her father's side, a slender and graceful woman of considerable opulence stood by the evil presence. Her nerves were shaking from the unthinkable; someone who's not God being a threat to her All-Mighty creator. It was a ridiculous notion as there was next to none who could remotely challenge the Devil, the only reasonable explanation would have to be the One-True God Gaia. The princess gathered the courage to bring up a question, "Father...?"


 Julian cast a crafty gaze upon his own royal daughter, raising a curious eyebrow, "Yes, my dear?"


 "It stands the reason that this is no human," answered Erin.


 "Hmmm? Interesting, I must admit I had a similar theory as well," mused the Devil. "You also suspect the same, correct? That we may be dealing with-"


 "A direct incarnation of Gaia herself."


 "... It's as I've feared then. If God wishes to bring judgement upon me, then a fight we shall bring!"


 Erin's heart fluttered from those encouraging words, clutching onto it with dignity and hope that demonkind will not only continue to subjugate God's favorite creations, but also continue to hold the universe in their iron grip. Her mask of grace collapsed once a sinister grin took over, exposing the dark taint underneath. "Yes, father, we must."





Haecian Interdimensional Hub


 Mingxia happened upon a vast contrivance that loomed before her — the Gates to Hell — her entry is where she could finally finish the job in putting an end to the demons. By the time she was here, the demon population that once flourished was completely wiped from the face of all Haecia for none could stand a chance against this seemingly god-like machine. Not even so much as a scratch could be made because the reality was clear as water; they couldn't faze her nor could they even touch her. Mingxia was an unstoppable force of nature who singlehandedly muted Haecia at an unprecedentedly blinding rate — something centuries of warmongering and billions of hapless fools failed to accomplish.


 "This matches the description I've read about," murmured Mingxia sheepishly, swallowing her breath. "Baichao... Dailan... I promise that the suffering will be over. I promise!"


 In a single strike, the cold and metallic door proved no match for Mingxia's tonfa bringing it down with laughable ease to make way for the swirling pool ahead. The guardian hesitated briefly with a deep breath before pushing forward, stepping inside to enter the very thing of human nightmares. It was then where Mingxia would be received into an even more ghastly landscape that put Haecia to shame, the ugliest and most vile visage never meant to be witnessed that brought sheer retch to the guardian. The pit of the damned where souls are forever to be tormented by its demonic denizens ever-so-gleeful to play the butcher who eagerly awaited the for next delivery of live meat. Mingxia's body tensed with elevating rage.


 "Where's the Devil?!" the specter screamed to the very top of her lungs, burning in rage. "Show yourself so I can end your miserable existence!!!"


 She cocked her dual tonfa, coming in guns blazing to mow down scores of demons no different than a brushfire having its way with a forest. Inch-perfect bullets consumed every vile swine in their path, a hurricane of death reducing millions after millions to bloody shreds. This time, the demonic legion were... genuinely frightened? A simple leer from the ghostly protector sent them running for the hills, their tortured victims free to clear out of the vicinity. "You're going nowhere!" boasted the little girl as her dual tonfa-guns gathered energy. Try as hard as they may, the legion were unable to get away; it was Mingxia's magic coming into play as the more they try to run, the more their destinations were that much farther away from reach; they weren't escaping her dominion over distance.


 "Why can't we move?!?!"


 "She's coming for us!!"


 "How are we going to get away!?!?"


 "Please spare us, child!!"


 Their pleas for mercy, a desperate orchestra of terrified screams, fell upon uncaring ears. Mingxia had no intent for them that didn't involve a brutal, murderous end. "Goodbye..." An immense light engulfed the land when she fired upon them with her dual weapons; by the time it had dissipated, only simmering smoke remained. The ghost guardian, only nodding in assurance that she had utterly wiped them out, continued her tranquil march towards the heart of the demons' realm. There will be no stopping her.


 Along her journey to the castle, Mingxia would stumble on some of the greatest demon warriors to ever live, somehow escaping from the bloodshed. They were bent on blocking her path as their glares would attest. "Hmph, a little girl? I think I can handle this on my own then," Relias planted his giant sword into the dirt, grunting with contempt. "She's mine!"


 "Just die already!" Mingxia words were laced with venom.


 "Tch, whatever," Noa cracked with boredom. "Two on one? One on one? Does it really make a difference in the grand cosmic scheme of things? Feels like a waste of effort if we're all gonna die in the en-"


 Mingxia's patience had dried up already, bringing a premature end to the Pride-Sloth duo before another word could escape their mouths. She made a twist on this kill; rather than gun them down, the ghost opted to letting her distance magic do the talking this time — Relias and Noa suddenly vanished as they were compressed into micro black holes. "Move out of the way!" While still ignorant of making light of Hell's legends, the girl had a hunch that she needed to keep on her toes lest the demons prey on another distraction like this again.




The Devil's Castle in Hell


 A sprawling chamber stood before Julian with his eyes fixed on cauldron sitting at the very center, a magical soup of intermingling fluids. Next to him stood the succubus princess Erin tied up by her own apprehension before breaking through with a weak smile at what was to come. That is to say the time was coming for her specifically. The Devil was cocksure about this, his smirk brought gloom to the future Devil. Her moment to become the Devil was on the horizon.


 "Father, are you sure about this?" Erin was just simply not on board with Julian's whole 'like father, like child' thing being pushed onto her. "Can't we just kill her from the safety of our palace to make it harder to be tracked down?"


 "Nonsense, my dear~! For once you step into the mixture, you shall, too, acquire the powers to rival Gaia like myself! Two omnipotents are better than one!"


 "That doesn't make sense, how can there be three all-powerful beings if omnipotence entails to all-in-one?"


 "Erin, don't question your father! Do as I say and jump into the pool if you want to save demo-"


  Julian's words were cut off upon seeing his precious baby being reduced to swiss cheese, what remained of the body swelled and popped like a pimple. A torrent of indignation, absolute indignation suffused the Devil with nothing more than the desire to squash the perpetrator. "No, my precious! How dare you take my daughter away from me?!" He bellowed a roar that shook Hell itself to its very foundation as he has had enough, that little girl is going to die even if it means taking everything down with him. Hell. The planet. The stars and galaxies around it. The world is going to suffer his dark wrath to exact revenge for Erin.


 "Like you've done to everyone else including me?" sneered Mingxia in Julian's presence, the two staring each other down so fiercely that the throne room itself started to crumble. Hate in its most unfiltered form beamed between the two in what was about to become not only the final showdown, but the fate of the universe at hand. "Spare me your crap, I'm finishing this here and now." She aimed both armaments to the embodiment of darkness himself, primed and ready to fire.


 "Then so be it, little one!" His body rumbled before exploding; a mountainous dragon covered in charcoal hide made itself known with the castle roof being no more. "Behold, for I am the evil across the entire universe there is and ever will be! I am the evil in every heart, the whisperer of lies and deception, the ho-GRAAAAAAUUURRRRGHHH!!!"


 Face wrinkling from the boring lecture, Julian's grating speech quickly wore down what little restraint Mingxia had left from taking free shots at him. "Enough with the poetry!" she screamed, lunging straight for the monster's legs with unparalleled speed as she only showered her target with more bullets and pain. It was working, the beast howled an audible agony before falling to its knees... however...


 'W-what?! I can't move!'


 Swept in by disbelief, Mingxia dropped onto all fours from an imperceptible force overtaking her. She could feel her heart curdling as she tried to the best to fight off whatever entered. Mingxia used her remaining strength to pick herself back up, but it was useless; she felt weak and crippled, the first time ever throughout the entire hunt... Doubt crawled up her skin, but she clung on to courage to see herself through this predicament.


 "I did say I am the evil in everyone's hearts, did I not?" chaffed the Devil, twirling his draconic mustache in all its dastardly glory. An evil laugh burst from the black dragon. "Hehehe, that includes yours, foolish child."


'No, no, no! This can't be happening!' The little girl floundered about ineffectually as she now experienced darkness consuming her vision, weakness slowly binding every fiber of her being. 'If I fail now, all of this will be for naught...' Tears rolled down Mingxia's cheeks that brought a cold-blooded grin on the dragon's snout, seeing victory crystalize before his very eyes. She could only express more hate, "I-I... I'll ki-UMMPH!!!"


 The immense dragon tail lashed at Mingxia, sending her soaring straight through layer after layer of thick castle walls until she landed into lair of obscenities — a porno collection? Surrounded by confounded thoughts, a brief image swam through her head before moving on to more pressing issues. It was a stupid thing she could be dwelling on when her life was on the line, but the implication simply refused to miss her. 'What a simp,' is what came into mind in that moment.


 "Get out of there, not a single soul is permitted to intrude on my secrets!" screeched the dragon, further ravaging the castle to crash into the 'secret lair' of his. Why, who'd want everyone to know of his dirty little secrets? After all, he himself knew Hell's slaves were the meat to the bones of their red light district. Not only that, but Julian knew he preferred them... extra tender. "Stay still so I can get you, child!"


 He poked his hole through the burrow only to find Mingxia was nowhere to be found. Impossible! How could she have scampered away so easily when the Devil was wrapping her in his very darkness. Her will should have already been his by now!


 "Show yourself, coward!"


 A voice sounded right behind Julian, "Over here!" The dragon made a hefty drift to zero in on the source with a puff of pitch black flames. Nothing, she was still nowhere to be found in spite of pinpointing where the voice had come from. Then, a prod tickled his belly... that was where she's at! How dare that girl make a fool out of the Lord of Lies?! "Why you...?!"


  "For someone who claims to be the whisperer of lies and deception," Mingxia did as the dragon requested, drawing his attention to her presence near his own left legs... it's just not the kind of attention that he wanted.  He discovered a pool of crimson with Mingxia's arms soaked in red, "You get deceived very easily." Vascular webs ripped through the dragon's flash like a razor sharp fishnet as did his pulsating heart to follow suit, trailing after the movements of the girl's hand.


"Aaaaaaurrrghhh!!! Damn child!!!" the dragon's wails were unable to convey the indescribable agony overtaking his entire body. "H-how did you-?!"


 "Stop calling me a child already..."


 Mingxia backed off from the demonic beast with her guns meeting, interlocking across each other. Julian's head erupted in a crimson fountain with confetti of meat, soon his entire body ignited before joining his head in the same fate. No trace of Julian could be spotted once the gruesome pyrotechnics have subsided. The Devil along with the rest of demonkind have been slain.


 If Mingxia was under the power of Julian's dominance before, just how did she recover to deliver the stealthy finale so suddenly? It's interesting; the guardian understood what he meant by 'the evil in everyone's hearts' and this inspired the simple solution by distancing her will from his evil so as it would never reach her. To follow up, Mingxia regained strength to distance her presence from where Julian could actually detect her in order to mislead him. Finally, the grisly conclusion arrives once the girl rend Julian asunder by distancing various points of his body until he no longer was — in short, triumph came to her with some quick and clever trickery with the power over distance itself along with a good dose of subterfuge.


 "It's over. The demons are all gone..." Mingxia lifted her head with a heavy sigh of relief, eyes glued to the bloody red horizon where the roof used to be. "However, I'm still far from finished! I have yet to get back everything I lost and I'll chase after the solution no matter what! This... the death of these fiends simply cleared one of my greatest hurdles in life. Nothing is going to stop me now!"


 ... With that, the guardian marched onward into the horizon to tend to business, leaving what was once Hell a desolated bowl of fiery dust that no longer could reign terror on others ever again.



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 Posting more of my setting's technological ideas, this one in particular is standard issue ammunition among Mistress Mida's robotic army. TFW philosophical based damage.



Deadlock Munitions: Abstractions forged purely from logical paradox that have had their meaning weaponized, taking on the form of munitions of pure thought. The very idea of 'bullet' or 'explosive' are realized into a target's very existence — they are spiritual attacks which bring about conceptual damage through the circular argument of 'recovery is only possible while in good shape.' Thus, injury, destruction and death dealt by these munitions cannot be undone on a fundamental level unless the logical paradox is solved.


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